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What to Watch This Week | August 22–28’s masterful viewing recommendations for shows, movies, sports, and more on TV this week.

Regarding last week’s big TV premieres: I’m going to give the critical edge to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law over House of the Dragon. It’s not that the Game of Thrones prequel is bad, it’s just that She-Hulk (and especially star Tatiana Maslany) is that good. But you don’t have to choose—check ‘em both out on Disney+ and HBO Max.

This week’s What to Watch recs include Ryan Reynolds’s reality-sports series Welcome to Wrexham, the Little League Baseball World Series Championship, the series premieres of Everything I Know About Love and Little Demon, the final run of Kevin Can F**k Himself, and Sly Stallone superhero flick Samaritan. To the TV box!

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What’s premiering this week

Welcome to Wrexham | FX, Hulu | Reality, sports

Series premiere, Wednesday, August 24: Two American actors buy a UK soccer team—no, it’s not a Ted Lasso sequel, but a new reality show starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (Mythic Quest). Welcome to Wrexham follows the comic pair as they navigate how to run a struggling football Welsh team and learn how to work as business partners. This sounds a lot like a Mac and Dennis episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right?

LLB World Series Championship | ABC | Sports, baseball

Coverage begins Sunday, August 28, 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT: The final two teams facing off in the 2022 Little League Baseball World Series Championship, the game’s 75th edition, remain unknown as of post time here in the Sports Den™. The newly-expanded LLB team roster—10 US, 10 international—is currently slugging it out on ESPN, ESPN2, and Longhorn Network; we’ll know who to bet on by Sunday (not that we’re betting, as far as you know).

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What to watch on Netflix this week

Mo | Netflix | Comedy

Series premiere, Wednesday, August 24: Comedian Mo Amer has appeared as “Mo” on two seasons of Hulu’s Ramy, and now Ramy Youssef has returned the favor by co-creating Mo for . . . Mo. As you may have guessed, Amer plays Mo (if the name ain’t broke, don’t fix it), a Palestinian refugee hustling to support his family in Houston while seeking US citizenship. All eight episodes of Mo drop on August 24. Amer’s next project? Starring in Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson, NBD.

Me Time | Netflix | Comedy

Movie premiere, Friday, August 26: With his wife and kids away, stay-at-home dad Sonny (Kevin Hart) doesn’t know what to do with his sudden “me time”—until his old friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg) takes him out for a wild weekend. Me Time seems like a movie assembled by buddy-flick algorithms, coasting on the tried-and-true charms of harried Hart and wildcard Wahlberg, but so what? A little physical comedy never hurt anyone (except maybe Hart’s stuntman).

What to watch on Hulu this week

Little Demon | FXX, Hulu | Animation, comedy

Series premiere, Thursday, August 25: Single mom Laura (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) just wants a normal Delaware life, but her ex, Satan (Danny DeVito), has other plans. He wants soul (not a pun) custody of teen antichrist daughter Chrissy (IRL daughter Lucy DeVito), but Laura is prepared to battle the forces of hell and high school to keep her from his clutches. Little Demon’s gonzo Rick & Morty vibe is no accident: R&M’s Dan Harmon is a producer.

Mike | Hulu | Drama

Series premiere, Thursday, August 25: Mike Tyson doesn’t want anything to do with Mike, an eight-part docudrama based on his life—maybe he should get together with Johnny “Rotten” Lydon and compare notes on Mike and Hulu’s Pistol. Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) plays the champion boxer, guided by the creative team behind I, Tonya. We’ll see if Mike is truer to Tyson’s real life than Adult Swim’s animated Mike Tyson Mysteries.

What to watch on Peacock this week

Everything I Know About Love | Peacock | Comedy, drama

Series premiere, Thursday, August 24: Based on Dolly Alderton’s bestselling memoir of the same name, Everything I Know About Love follows the party-hearty misadventures of four twentysomething girlfriends (Emma Appleton, Bel Powley, Marli Siu, and Aliyah Odoffin) living together in 2012 London. This Millennial mashup of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones’s Diary has been semi-praised by The Guardian as “fun, if utterly exhausting,” which sounds perfect.

The End is Nye | Peacock | Docuseries

Series premiere, Thursday, August 24: Speaking of fun, here’s science guy Bill Nye with an entire docuseries dedicated to the natural global disasters on our blighted horizon . . . yay? In the six-part series, Nye explains how we can slow down, stop, or—worst case—survive various impending apocalypses using science and a much-needed dose of humor (courtesy of series co-creator Seth MacFarlane, among others). All six episodes premiere on August 24.

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W2W wildcards of the week

Kevin Can F**k Himself | AMC, AMC+ | Comedy, drama

Season 2 premiere, Monday, August 22: The first season of Kevin Can F**k Himself introduced Allison (Annie Murphy, Schitt’s Creek), a housewife trapped in sitcom hell with doofus husband Kevin (Eric Petersen). When outside of her laugh-tracked dystopia, Allison plotted to have Kevin killed so she could finally escape—yes, this is capital-D Dark comedy. Kevin Can F**k Himself will end with Season 2, just as conceptual inspiration sitcom Kevin Can Wait did. Coincidence?

Samaritan | Prime Video | Action, drama

Movie premiere, Friday, August 25: With Granite City in the grips of a rising crime wave, teen Sam (Javon “Wanna” Walton) realizes that his weird garbageman neighbor Mr. Smith (Sylvester Stallone) is legendary superhero Samaritan, who supposedly died 20 years ago. Will Sam convince him to come out of retirement to save the city? Seems highly likely. Samaritan was set for a theatrical release in 2020, but, you know, some things came up.

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