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What to Watch This Week | August 8–14’s primo viewing recommendations for shows, movies, sports, and more on TV this week.

In my latest extracurricular streaming TV column, Content Shifter, I lay out some upcoming reboots that you may not be aware of. Criminal Minds, True Blood, and even Max Headroom are coming back to our screens—where’s my Sanford & Son reboot, Peacock?

This week’s What to Watch recs include a reimagining of A League of Their Own, the returns of Never Have I Ever and Resident Alien, Jamie Foxx vampire action-comedy Day Shift, new anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, and true-crime thriller Rogue Agent. Where’s that remote?

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What’s premiering this week

A League of Their Own | Prime Video | Comedy, drama

Series premiere, Friday, August 12: Prime Video’s TV adaptation of the classic 1992 Penny Marshall sports comedy A League of Their Own isn’t a remake—it’s a whole new (ahem) ballgame. The women’s pro league baseball team is still playing in 1943, but the story and characters (portrayed by D’Arcy Carden, Nick Offerman, and series co-creator Abbi Jacobson) are fresh and feisty. All eight episodes of A League of Their Own stream Friday, August 12.

MLB Field of Dreams | FOX | Sports, baseball

Coverage begins Thursday, August 11, 7:15 p.m. ET/4:15 p.m. PT: Need more baseball in your life? Here’s the 2022 MLB Field of Dreams game, live from Dyersville, Iowa (the setting of the 1989 Kevin Costner film). The Chicago Cubs will take on the Cincinnati Reds in the three-game series, the first of which will take place in an 8,000-seat, MLB-constructed ballpark adjacent to a cornfield. He dropped in for the debut Field of Dreams game last year, but will Costner return?

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What to watch on Netflix this week

Never Have I Ever | Netflix | Comedy, drama

Season 3 premiere, Friday, August 12: Mindy Kaling’s adorable coming-of-age comedy about Indian-American teen Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) navigating high school, love, and life is set to end with Season 4 next year—they grow up so fast. In the meantime, Never Have I Ever introduces new character Des (Anirudh Pisharody), an Indian American preppie from an elite private school, as well as some Gossip Girl–style digital drama sweeping the school.

Day Shift | Netflix | Action, comedy

Movie premiere, Friday, August 12: San Fernando Valley pool cleaner and single dad Bud (Jamie Foxx) has a unique side hustle to make ends meet: vampire hunter. As costar Snoop Dogg says, it’s all about “cuttin’ necks and cashin’ checks.” Day Shift is the directorial debut of former stuntman J.J. Perry, and he goes all out on the bloody action and profane quips (this is very much an R-rated flick). Day Shift also stars Meagan Good, Dave Franco, and Karla Souza.

What to watch on Peacock this week

Resident Alien | Syfy, Peacock | Comedy, sci-fi

Season 2 summer premiere, Wednesday, August 10: Why do networks keep splitting up seasons? Because they can—we petitioned the Mayor of TV, but he won’t intervene. Anyway: the second half of Resident Alien’s second season finds undercover extraterrestrial Harry (Alan Tudyk) trying to catch an alien-human baby that’s terrorizing the small town of Patience, which is complicated by the arrival of alien hunter/podcaster Peter Bach (Terry O’Quinn). Hilarity!

Password | NBC, Peacock | Game show

Series premiere, Tuesday, August 9: Why do networks keep rebooting old game shows? Again, because they can, and the Mayor of TV is here for it. The latest iteration of Password is produced by Jimmy Fallon and hosted by It Actress of the moment, Keke Palmer (Jordan Peele’s Nope). Celebrities helping regular folk guess secret words for big cash include Jon Hamm, Heidi Klum, Martin Short, Chelsea Handler, J.B. Smoove, and Meghan Trainor.

What to watch on AMC+ this week

Rogue Agent | AMC+ | Drama, thriller

Movie Premiere, Friday, August 12: Based on a true story, Rogue Agent tells the chilling tale of conman Robert Freegard (James Norton), who posed as a suave MI5 agent for years, kidnapping and extorting victims. Though she initially falls for the imposter, Alice Archer (Gemma Arterton) sees through his act and vows to take him down. Rogue Agent is a sexy, fast-paced true-crime docudrama with all the trappings of a spy thriller, sold convincingly by Norton and Arterton.

Tales of the Walking Dead | AMC, AMC+ | Drama, horror

Series premiere, Sunday, August 14: The Walking Dead may be ending this year, but the WDU (Walking Dead Universe) is far from done. Tales of the Walking Dead is an anthology series about different characters and situations in zombie land in each standalone episode, some even leaning comedic. Stars of the six-episode debut Tales season include Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, Parker Posey, Jillian Bell, and former Walking Dead villain Samantha Morton.

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W2W wildcards of the week

This Fool | Hulu | Comedy

Series premiere, Friday, August 12: Created by and starring comedian Chris Estrada, This Fool is his semi-autobiographical story of being a thirtysomething living with his parents in Los Angeles, still dating his high school sweetheart, and working at a gang rehab nonprofit (Hugs Not Thugs). This Fool is also co-produced by Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson, creators of the greatest Comedy Central series ever, Corporate—so, no pressure. All 10 episodes drop on August 12.

Secret Headquarters | Paramount+ | Comedy, fantasy

Movie premiere, Friday, August 12: When Charlie (Walker Scobell) and his school pals discover a secret, high-tech headquarters beneath his house, they deduce that his father (Owen Wilson) might be a superhero. They’re right: Dad is basically a suburban Iron Man, and they’re about to get caught up in a supervillain attack. Secret Headquarters is a kiddie-friendly superhero movie that was meant for theaters but wound up on Paramount+ instead (probably a good call).

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