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What to Watch This Week | March 6–12’s vivacious viewing recommendations for shows, movies, sports, and more on TV this week.

March marks three years of working from home for me (and probably many of you), so I’ve dedicated this month’s extracurricular True TV streaming television column to workplace comedies. It’ll take you back to the simpler times of offices, IRL meetings, and pants.

This week’s What to Watch picks include the returns of Perry Mason and Luther, the World Baseball Classic, the premieres of History of the World Part II and School Spirits, Korean thriller The Glory, and Canadian dramedy Moonshine. Where’s that remote?

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What’s premiering this week

Perry Mason (HBO)

Perry Mason | HBO, HBO Max | Drama

Season 2 premiere, Monday, March 6: HBO’s Perry Mason reimagining has been away for almost three years, but at least the break gave star Matthew Rhys the chance to cameo in Cocaine Bear—the chance of a lifetime, that is. The series, set in 1930s Los Angeles, follows WWI vet Perry Mason (Rhys) in his pre-lawyer days, working as a private investigator; the murder of an oil magnate’s son is the case for Season 2. Perry Mason is easily HBO’s best sleeper series.

How to Watch World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic | FOX | Sports, baseball

Coverage begins Tuesday, March 7, 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT: It’s all there in the title: The World Baseball Classic features 20 baseball teams from around the world, divided into the regional confederations of Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Play runs from March 7 to March 21, televised on FOX, FS1, FS2, Tubi, and FOX Deportes, kicking off with Netherlands vs. Cuba on FS1. For the full picture, check out our How to Watch the World Baseball Classic guide.

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What to watch on Netflix this week

Luther The Fallen Sun (Netflix)

Luther: The Fallen Sun | Netflix | Drama, thriller

Movie premiere, Friday, March 10: After five seasons, acclaimed British psychological crime thriller Luther is (maybe) wrapping up with a movie, The Fallen Sun. Idris Elba returns as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther from the 2010–2019 series, but now he’s stuck in jail as a tech billionaire serial killer (Andy Serkis) remains loose in London. Will Luther break out of prison and take him down? Seems more likely than Elba hanging out in a cell for 129 minutes.

The Glory (Netflix)

The Glory | Netflix | Drama, thriller

Season 2 premiere, Friday, March 10: In juicy Korean revenge thriller The Glory, young Moon’s (Song Hye-Ko) aspirations of becoming an architect were beaten down by a high school bully, forcing her to drop out. Years later, Moon is a teacher who discovers that her bully’s child attends her elementary school—break out the vengeance vision board, because it’s on. The Glory is the biggest K-drama hit since All of Us Are Dead, and all eight new episodes drop March 10.

What to watch on Hulu this week

History of the World Part II (Hulu)

History of the World Part II | Hulu | Comedy

Series premiere, Monday, March 6: Way back in 1981, the name of Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I movie implied a Part II, and here it is . . . just a little late. Like the movie, Brooks’ anthology comedy series will spotlight key moments in human history, with the constant players being Ike Barinholtz, Nick Kroll, Wanda Sykes, and Brooks himself. The guest cast features over 20 heavy-hitter comedy actors, and Hulu will stream episodes Monday through Thursday this week.

UnPrisoned (Hulu)

UnPrisoned | Hulu | Comedy, drama

Series premiere, Friday, March 10: Scandal’s Olivia Pope as a hot-mess single mom in a half-hour sitcom? Believe it. Kerry Washington stars as Paige, a relationship-less relationship therapist whose father (Delroy Lindo) moves in with her and her teen son after spending 17 years in prison. Inspired by the life of former Mad Men writer Tracy McMillan, UnPrisoned is the first comedy from Onyx Collective, and all eight episodes of Season 1 will stream on March 10.

What to watch on Paramount+ this week

School Spirits (Paramount+)

School Spirits | Paramount+ | Drama

Series premiere, Thursday, March 9: Teen Maddie (Peyton List, Cobra Kai) wakes up dead in her own high school, her spirit trapped on the school grounds along with those of several other students—yes, it’s another ghost show (they’re all the rage this season). With little else to do in limbo, Maddie begins investigating her own death with help from her fellow ghosts, a quirky collection of characters from various time periods. Two of eight episodes stream on March 9.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Paramount+)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | Paramount+ | Comedy

Movie, now streaming: Speaking of high school drama, when was the last time you watched John Hughes’ 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? High-schooler Bueller (Matthew Broderick) lies to his parents about being sick, drags his friends Cameron and Sloane (Alan Ruck and Mia Sara) into his school-skip scheme, steals Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari, and generally abuses a guy just trying to do his job, Principal Rooney (Jeffery Jones). See? Ferris is the villain here.

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W2W wildcards of the week

Moonshine (Freevee)

Moonshine | Freevee | Comedy, drama

Series premiere, Friday, March 10: When Lidia (Jennifer Finnigan) arrives from New York for her aunt’s funeral in Nova Scotia, she learns she’s inherited The Moonshine, a run-down family summer resort on the South Shore. This doesn’t sit well with her anger-prone half-sister Rhian (Anastasia Phillips), a lifetime local who thinks she should get the resort. Canadian import Moonshine is alternately sweet and scathing, an engaging dramedy with a beautiful backdrop.

95th Academy Awards | ABC | Awards

Special, Sunday, March 12: Just give all the Oscars to Everything Everywhere All at Once, its stars Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan, and directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert—we can wrap the 95th Academy Awards in 15 minutes and send host Jimmy Kimmel home early. Seriously, how are Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water even being considered in the same category as Everything Everywhere All at Once? OK, I’m done.

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