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What to Watch This Week | September 11–17’s perfecto viewing recommendations for shows, movies, sports, and more on TV this week.

The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards are happening on Tuesday, September 12 … what kind of awards show happens on a Tuesday? I don’t trust any awards show that takes place on a weeknight, especially not a “raucous” gala like the VMAs, but Tuesday is just unacceptable. Caveat: I haven’t watched the VMAs since 2007 when Amy Winehouse was robbed of the Female Artist of the Year award, so …

This week’s What to Watch picks include the return of Jennifer Aniston/Reese Witherspoon drama The Morning Show, Netflix flicks El Conde and Love at First Sight, the second season of Welcome to Wrexham, scenic thriller Wilderness, and WNBA Playoffs action. Watch harder!

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What’s premiering this week

The Morning Show (Apple TV+)

The Morning Show | Apple TV+ | Drama

Season 3 premiere, Wednesday, September 13: Apple TV+ flagship series The Morning Show may have lost Steve Carrell, but it’s gaining Jon Hamm as a thinly-veiled, Elon Musk-y character in its third season. Network head Cory (Billy Crudup) wants uber-rich tech bro Paul (Hamm) to invest in UBA’s streaming future (good luck there), while star anchor Alex (Jennifer Aniston) wants something else entirely from the handsome money man (hint: it’s sexy times). Two of 10 new episodes stream on September 13.

How to watch the WNBA

WNBA Playoffs | ESPN | Sports, Basketball

Coverage begins Wednesday, September 13: Leading the pack going into the 2023 Women’s National Basketball Association Playoffs are the Las Vegas Aces (32–6) and the New York Liberty (31–7), followed by the Connecticut Sun (26–12), the Dallas Wings (20–8), the Minnesota Lynx (19–19), the Atlanta Dream (18–20), the Washington Mystics (18–20), and the Chicago Sky (17–22). For all the ways to catch the WNBA Playoffs, check out our How to Watch the WNBA 2023 guide.

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What to watch on Netflix this week

El Conde | Netflix | Comedy, horror

Movie premiere, Friday, September 15: This just in: Chilean dictator Augustus Pinochet is still dead (that’s one for the SNL classic fans). Technically, he’s undead, leading a complicated unlife in exile as a 250-year-old vampire who’s finally ready to end it all. El Conde (“the court”) imagines some comically black consequences for Pinochet’s murderous regime during his life, using “the language of satire and political farce,” as filmmaker Pablo Larrain told the Associated Press. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles.

Love at First Sight | Netflix | Drama, rom-com

Movie premiere, Friday, September 15: Strangers Hadley (Haley Lou Richardson, The White Lotus) and Oliver (Ben Hardy, Bohemian Rhapsody) bond on a flight from New York to London, only to be separated amidst the chaos of Heathrow Airport upon landing. Love at First Sight is based on Jennifer E. Smith’s 2013 YA novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, but adds the twist of narration, provided by Jameela Jamil (The Good Place). Yes, Richardson gets a wardrobe upgrade from The White Lotus.

What to watch on Hulu this week

Welcome to Wrexham (FX)

Welcome to Wrexham | FX, Hulu | Reality, sports

Season 2 premiere, Tuesday, September 12: The show that actually made me care about soccer—sorry, football—last year is back for a second season of heartfelt hooliganism. New club owners Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and Ryan Reynolds (you name it) gave the underdog Red Dragons a new lease on life in Welcome to Wrexham’s debut season, and now the team is out to win a title and a league promotion—nothing too ambitious. Oh, and King Charles III drops by, too.

The Other Black Girl | Hulu | Comedy, thriller

Series premiere, Wednesday, September 13: Nella (Sinclair Daniel), the only Black woman who works at Wagner Books, is initially excited when Hazel (Ashliegh Murray), another Black woman, joins the publishing company. But, when Hazel’s professional star begins to rise, and Nella experiences foreboding, nightmarish visions, it’s clear we’ve stepped into something supernatural at the office. The Other Black Girl is the latest production from the Onyx Collective, and all 10 episodes stream on September 13.

What to watch on Prime Video this week

Wilderness (Prime Video)

Wilderness | Prime Video | Drama, thriller

Series premiere, Friday, September 15: British couple Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) are living their best life in New York City … until Will has an affair. As a romantic band-aid, he suggests a cross-country tour through America’s national parks, but Liv has another motive for the trip: revenge (there are plenty of ways to “accidentally” die in the wild). Appropriately, Wilderness features Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor’s Version)” as its theme song.

A Million Miles Away | Prime Video | Drama

Movie premiere, Friday, September 15: Based on NASA flight engineer José Hernández’s true-life story, A Million Miles Away traces Hernández’s (played by Michael Peña) decades-long origin story from migrant farmworker to working on the International Space Station. The movie draws from Hernández’s more elaborately titled book, Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut, and is also currently playing in select theaters, if you feel like leaving the house.

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W2W wildcards of the week

The Swarm | The CW | Drama, sci-fi

Series premiere, Tuesday, September 12: No, The Swarm isn’t about killer bees—that would be a preferable threat to mankind. This German production is about a mysterious wave of intelligence lurking in the ocean that’s turning sealife into killers out to eradicate humans topside. Considering the planet’s sea-to-land ratio, the odds are not good for landlubbers. The Swarm is based on Frank Schätzing’s bestselling novel and was created by Frank Doelger (Game of Thrones). The CW garage sale continues!

The Gold (Paramount+)

The Gold | Paramount+ | Drama

Series premiere, Sunday, September 17: In November 1983, a simple London armed robbery turned into the biggest heist in world history and eventually helped create large-scale international money laundering, among other new criminal enterprises. Six-part miniseries The Gold, which premiered in the U.K. in February of this year, is a slick true-crime bio-drama starring Hugh Bonneville, Dominic Cooper, Jack Lowden, Charlotte Spencer, and Tom Cullen, with two episodes streaming on September 17.

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