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About Cable TV in Anchorage, AK

Getting through the cold Alaska evenings is a lot easier when you can relax by the glow of your cable television. If you live in this region or an outlying suburb, you can find a plan that has everything you need. Use our cable provider listings to find your perfect cable plan.

One of the top names in cable television is DirecTV. This company's channel lineup is similar to what you'll find with other providers. Depending on the package you choose, you get access to 315 or more channels. If you have a football fan in your house, DirecTV has one major benefit: the NFL Sunday Ticket. With the NFL Sunday Ticket, subscribers can watch NFL games live every Sunday during football season. Just bring the wings and pizza!

Another popular option for those living in the Anchorage area is Dish TV. This option is available throughout the city and in many outlying communities. When you subscribe, you automatically get access to high definition channels free. This feature is perfect for those looking to get more out of their high definition television. You can also use The Hopper Whole Home DVR, which is convenient for homes with multiple connected televisions. Dish TV subscribers can choose from over 330 different channels.

Some cable providers in the Anchorage area have extra bundles to consider. These bundles include channels in different languages, family friendly channels, or premium movie channels. When you contact local cable providers, ask for more information about extra channel packages they offer.