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AT&T Troubleshooting Guide

Learn some quick fixes to help keep your AT&T Wi-Fi, internet, and TV service humming.

You’ve got 99 problems, and AT&T internet and TV outages account for two—we feel you. In the case of AT&T service, we can help, but you’re on your own with the other 97.

We’ve done the research and come up with some easy fixes for everyday AT&T internet problems and TV service issues. For more complex problems, we’d suggest calling AT&T customer support (or maybe even Jay-Z).

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Troubleshooting your AT&T Wi-Fi

Is your AT&T Wi-Fi not working? Wi-Fi problems are the most common source of internet frustration, second only to incessant rating requests. Here are some quick Wi-Fi fixes that deal with your network connection, minor modem and router bugs, and that ole chestnut: your password. (If you like what you read, please leave us five stars.)

Check your network connection

Wi-Fi problems are the most common source of internet frustration, second only to incessant rating requests. Here are some quick Wi-Fi fixes that deal with your network connection, minor modem and router bugs, and that ole chestnut: your password. (If you like what you read, please leave us five stars.)

Reboot your AT&T modem and Wi-Fi router

“Have you tried turning it off and on?” is more than just a meme—it’s one of the best tips to reset a sluggish modem/router (or gateway, as AT&T calls it) to working order.

Basically, by rebooting your gateway, you encourage it to fix any minor bugs that might be slowing down its performance.

Unplug your modem/router from its power source, wait 60 seconds, then reconnect the power. Like rebooting a computer, restarting a modem/router is routine maintenance that should happen more often than you think (like every month or so).

Find your AT&T Wi-Fi network name and password

Logged out of your Wi-Fi and can’t recall the password? Or worse, you don’t remember which Wi-Fi network is yours amongst the neighbors’?

If you changed none of the credentials that came with the modem/router when installed, the login and password could be labeled on the device. If you did rename your Wi-Fi network and/or came up with a new password, log in to your AT&T account for a refresher (hopefully, you remember your account credentials).

Troubleshooting your AT&T internet service

Slowed speeds and dropped connections are signs of AT&T internet service problems outside of your Wi-Fi network. It’s not you, it’s them.

Take an internet speed test

Ever wondered if you’re getting the internet speed AT&T advertised? Take an internet speed test. Depending on the type of connection (DSL or fiber-optic), speeds can vary during heavy neighborhood traffic hours, so run tests at different times of day.

Pro tip: Keep in mind, Wi-Fi will usually deliver lower speed numbers than a direct Ethernet connection to your device. The age of your device can also slow your speed, as older gear operates with lower-quality Wi-Fi receivers. Unfortunately, tech is a never-ending game of ABU (always be upgrading).

Factor those, do the math—is your download speed dramatically less than what you were sold on? It might be time to find a new internet provider.

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Reset your AT&T internet gateway

If you’ve already tried the power off/on trick with your AT&T modem/router or gateway, you can perform a full reset. This will wipe any custom settings, like your Wi-Fi network name and static IPs, but they can be restored after.

A full reset will clean up performance issues like rebooting your modem/router does and give you added security protection by disrupting malware and switching up hacked passwords.

How to reset your AT&T router

  1. Press and hold the gateway reset button for 10 seconds. Less than 10 seconds will just reboot it.
  2. Wait for the gateway’s indicator lights to come back on.
  3. When all lights are green, the reset is complete.

Restart your internet-connected devices

Like turning your modem/router or gateway off and back on, rebooting your internet-connected devices can also clear up connection issues.

Restart (and update, if necessary) your computers, laptops, tablets, phones, TV streaming devices, and whatever else you may have connected to the internet. This will refresh systems and clear caches, freeing up more computing power.

Confirm an AT&T internet outage

You can check to see if AT&T service is down in your area through the myAT&T app (Android and iOS) on your phone (because, of course, no internet). If you don’t want another app, you can also look up outages through AT&T’s outage page.

Troubleshooting your AT&T TV device

Your DIRECTV STREAM device is internet-connected, so many of the tips listed above will also apply here. Yes, even kitty-gnawed wires.

Check your cables and connections

Does your signal keep dropping? Are you unable to watch your favorite channels? Are you slowly having a mental breakdown because your TV ain’t working? (We kid.)

Check the HDMI cable between your TV and the DIRECTV device first for a solid fit. If you’re using an Ethernet cable to connect the device to the internet (which we recommend when possible, as it’s a more reliable connection than wireless), check that next.

Also check the power cable. It’ll be more obvious if that’s not connected properly, as nothing will turn on, but you might as well be thorough.

If you’re using DIRECTV STREAM as an app through a third-party device (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), apply these same steps to that streaming device.

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Reset your DIRECTV STREAM device

It really does work for everything because home electronics, like your TV device and gateway, all need a good cleaning now and then to get them running properly again.

You can restart your DIRECTV device by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in. You can also run network diagnostics through Settings.

You also might want to restart the internet modem/router or gateway at the same time, just to make sure all connections are simultaneously refreshed.

Troubleshooting your AT&T TV app

Watching DIRECTV STREAM on the mobile app? You’ll be better off with the latest updates installed (ABU can also stand for always be updating) to optimize your viewing experience.

Update your DIRECTV STREAM app

Your phone or tablet will probably update the DIRECTV STREAM app automatically, or at least tell you it’s time to download the new version. Hit the Android or iOS store and install away.

Uninstall and reinstall your DIRECTV STREAM app

If the app seems especially uncooperative, it might be best to uninstall it entirely and perform a new install. Don’t forget to restart your phone or tablet, as well (we know, so much rebooting).

Check your parental controls

Can’t view certain content on DIRECTV STREAM, either through the DIRECTV STREAM device or the app? You may have parental controls activated.

How to activate parental controls

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on Parental Controls
  4. Set up a four-digit pin number
  5. Activate (or deactivate) the parental restrictions

And remember: Parental Controls don’t carry over between devices; each one has to be set up individually.

None of this helped? Time to contact AT&T customer support.

Your technical issues may be above our pay grade, in which case we’d recommend getting in touch with AT&T customer service directly at +1-800-288-2020 or through the provider’s support contact page. We have more info about making contact on’s AT&T Customer Service & Support page.

AT&T troubleshooting FAQ

Who do I call when my AT&T internet is not working?

You can call AT&T customer service if you’d like to speak to someone about your internet problems. Visit our AT&T customer service guide to quickly get in touch with a live agent.

Why is my AT&T internet not working?

Your AT&T internet could be down due either to an in-house issue (bad cable connections, impeded Wi-Fi, slow devices, etc.) or AT&T network problems (heavy neighborhood usage, complete outages, etc.).

How do I reset my AT&T TV device?

You can reset your DIRECTV STREAM device by pushing the red button on the side or by unplugging the power cord for 60 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Is AT&T having an outage?

You can check on AT&T service outages through the myAT&T app (Android and iOS) on your phone, or on AT&T’s outage page.

How do I fix my AT&T TV or internet service?

Restarting your DIRECTV STREAM and AT&T internet devices is usually the quickest way to restore service to its proper functionality. Performing regular updates will also help keep your TV and internet service running smoothly.