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5 BBQ Shows for the Summer

Ready to get your BBQ on this season? Watching hot grill action on TV also counts, so we’ve cooked up five of our favorite barbecue shows.

It’s summer barbecue season, but what if your residence can’t accommodate a grill? Or, no shame, it’s just too hot outside to be tending a fire? Here’s an easy solution: order some BBQ takeout and watch someone else flip the meat on TV.

We’ve cooked up five of our favorite barbecue shows to get you through the summer. Put down the spatula, pick up the remote, and crank the A/C—it’s grillin’ time.

BBQ in your streaming cue

To watch (and drool over) the shows we’ve highlighted here, you’ll need subscriptions to Discovery+ and Netflix, as well as access to Food Network, which you can find on a live TV streaming service.

BBQ Brawl | Food Network, Discovery+

Kind of like The Voice for pitmasters, master BBQ captains (Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell, and Jet Tila) guide and mentor teams of semi-pro grillers from all over the US of A. The ultimate prize is the coveted title of Master of the ‘Cue, and the winner also gets their own digital series on Season 3 of BBQ Brawl premiered on Monday, May 9.

The American Barbecue Showdown | Netflix

Netflix’s American Barbecue Showdown pits pitmasters of varying experience levels against each other, putting them through on-the-fly cooking style changes and other surprises. There’s also added focus on aspects like temperature and smoking techniques, and grilling tasks are on a shortened time frame—the pressure’s on! The winner is crowned American Barbecue Champion.

BBQ Pitmasters | Discovery+

BBQ Pitmasters is a barbecue competition series that ran for seven seasons between 2009 and 2015—the show eventually ended after 57 episodes of classic grilling. Instead of a single in-season competition, BBQ Pitmasters follows barbecue teams around the country as they compete at regional BBQ competitions. The Kingston Cup and $100,000 go to the champion.

Moonshiners: Smoke Ring | Discovery+

Instead of illegal hooch, the Deep South contestants of Moonshiners spinoff Moonshiners: Smoke Ring battle to be recognized as the best of the “underground world of barbecue pitmasters.” To get to the top of the meat heap and be named Smoke Ring Champion, grillers must impress Moonshiners’ Stephen Ray Tickle and “Hogfather” Tank Jackson.

Grill of Victory | Food Network

Food truck impresario Sabin Lomac hosts Grill of Victory, wherein amateur Tennessee backyard grillers compete for a prize far greater than a title or trophy: a customized outdoor kitchen and entertaining space complete with the pro BBQ grill of any meat flipper’s dreams. In the show, competing cooks must make breakfast, lunch, and dinner—all on the grill. Gotta love that prize.

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