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Five Christmas Movies To Put You in a Good Mood

Ho ho ho!? More like ha ha ha! Check out these funny flicks that embrace seasonal chaos to provide some much-needed laughs.

Let’s face it: Christmas can make you leave you feeling overwhelmed. Crowded stores, finding the right gifts, choking down office potluck casseroles with a smile on your face, and getting grilled over cups of eggnog by family members about your life choices.

One thing you can do is hit play on a funny movie. Pop some corn, kick back, and have a laugh at the wacky things that can happen during the happiest time of the year. To help make things easier for you, we’ve picked out a selection of Christmas comedies that will inspire some chuckles.

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Elf (2003)

Let’s face it—we’re so used to Will Ferrell doing wacky stuff that just looking at him, even when he’s doing nothing, inspires a laugh. Put him in colorful attire and shoes with the upward curling toes for the starring role of Buddy, and it’s impossible not to release at least a giggle. Buddy was adopted and raised by Santa’s elves. When he discovers that he wasn’t born into the Christmas-oriented kingdom, he goes to New York City to meet his biological father, Walter (James Caan).

Elf—written by the also-hilarious Jon Favreau—places buddy smack dab in the middle of the Big Apple during a hectic time of year. Meaning? New York City folks—including Buddy’s newfound pop—are busy, cynical, and ill-prepared for a goofy, cheery Elf. Does goodness prevail? It’s a holiday movie, what do you think?

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Just Friends (2005)

Ryan Reynolds, as Chris Brander, goes from high school geek to record executive chic after graduating from high school in New Jersey and moving to Los Angeles. When his holiday flight to Europe makes an emergency landing in Jersey, he comes face to face with high-school bestie Jamie Palomino (Amy Smart) who kept him in the “friend zone” despite his mad crush on her.

Now, he’s armed with new abs and a fabulous new career but still finds himself stumbling and fumbling while trying to win Jamie over. Also with him is rock star Samantha James, who he was accompanying overseas for work. Anna Farris plays James, and if you have her comedic chops in question, this is the movie to watch. She is wickedly funny as she completely embraces the character’s simultaneously egotistical and clueless personality.

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Gremlins (1984)

Set during the Christmas season, It’s all good intentions when a down-on-his-luck inventor buys an extremely cute furry creature called a mogwai from an antique shop in China. He returns home and gives it to his son Billy (Zach Galligan) as a gift. Billy calls it Gizmo—and yes, it is so cute it spawned a plush toy version still sold today. He takes good care of his new buddy, including following the rules not to expose it to light, feed it after midnight, or get it wet.

While Billy doesn’t break the rules, his clumsy friend Pete accidentally spills water on the adorable fuzzball. Water makes things grow, right? In this case, it spawns five more mogwai right from Gizmo’s back, and let’s just say that they are nowhere near as sweet. This new, reptilian breed of mogwais starts hatching rapidly and wreaks havoc on the town as Billy and his bae Kate (Phoebe Cates) try to rein them in.

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A Christmas Story (1983)

This movie is so synonymous with the holiday season; it would feel like committing a Christmas crime to watch it any other time of the year. Peter Billingsley stars as young Ralphie in this holiday favorite set in the 1940s.

All he wants is to find a Red Ryder BB gun under the tree—he’s pretty obsessed. It’s a wild and chaotic romp filled with memorable moments, like a child’s tongue getting stuck to an icy pole after he takes a lick on a dare. It also reminds us that not all department store Santas are feeling the warm and fuzzy vibes of the season.

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A major award: A Christmas Story airs every year on TBS for 24 hours beginning on Christmas Eve. TBS is available to stream on numerous live TV streaming services. If you are looking to pick one out, check out Best Live TV Streaming Services, where we give you the rundown on top providers and what they have to offer.

The Family Stone (2005)

The five Stone-family siblings—played by an all-star cast including Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams— gather at their childhood home to spend Christmas with their parents (Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson). Oldest brother Everett brings his girlfriend Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker), who is significantly more uptight and snobby than this laidback, east coast clan.

The movie mixes in some sadness with the Stone’s matriarch being sick but uses the family’s tight bond to keep spirits raised. A lot of the humor comes from watching every single person try to see how long they can attempt to be friendly to Meredith while she drops one offensive comment after another. Things get extra twisty when she calls her sister Julie (Clare Danes) to come help cut the awkwardness—especially when the Stone family loves her more than Meredith right off the bat.

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