McDonalds TVWith thousands of TV channels out on the air today, what could one more channel do? McDonald’s, the world’s largest chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants, is about to find out. The corporation has announced recently that they will be launching their own, McDonald’s TV channel. They’re really doing it. The McDonald’s channel will broadcast 24 hours a day with original content and various local news broadcasts, all in-store, so customers can watch custom programming while eating. The channel will be broadcast on 42″ and 46″ television screens placed throughout the millions of McDonald’s stores in the United States. In their pursuit of becoming a digital innovator, McDonald’s is making a bold move by airing news clips, short 20-minute content pieces customized for the channels, and various advertisements (including their own) on their new HD channel. With millions of customers going through the restaurant every day, the advertising and shows on the new McTV channel will get billions of viewers almost overnight. One of the key content producers for the new TV channel, Vimby believes this is a good move for consumers. “We believe there are so many screens in America that people are able to watch on and aggregate,” Vimby founder and reality TV mogul Mark Burnett said. “It’s more than sitting at home watching TV.” As consumers we have no choice but to ask: is this the future of TV? Are we at the point where the TVs that are becoming so ubiquitous will start being populated by location-specific entertainment? Who’s going to launch the next big network after McDonald’s? Photo source: