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What’s the Best Alternative to Optimum?

If you’re ready to leave Optimum, we’ll break down the benefits and downsides of Optimum’s competitors to help you find a new provider.

If you’re sick of the equipment fees and finally ready to jump ship from Optimum, we’ve laid out your best new provider options.

We think that Verizon Fios is the best Optimum alternatives, thanks to their excellent packages and transparent pricing. If your neighborhood isn’t covered by Verizon, we also recommend DISH, although you’ll have to install a satellite on your home to receive service.

Want to check out the competition for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about alternatives to Optimum TV and internet service.

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Our internet experts have spent thousands of hours researching and comparing every provider on this list to bring you the information you need to make a smart decision for your home.

For more information on these alternatives, check out our guides to the Best Internet Providers and Best TV Providers in 2024.

Best internet providers in Ashburn, Virginia

Best Optimum alternatives: an overview

Provider Pro Con Details
Best overall
Best-in-class fiber internet service Mixed availability in New Jersey and no fiber internet service in Connecticut Learn More
Xfinity A larger selection of home internet and TV plans Contracts and price increases after a year Learn More
DISH 3-year price guarantees and the excellent Hopper 3 DVR A satellite that’ll need to be installed on your home Learn More
DIRECTV Tons of sports channels Prices that nearly double after your second year Learn More
Frontier Excellent fiber speeds Slow and high-priced DSL internet plans Learn More
YouTube Sleek interface Fewer regional sports networks Learn More
Hulu Disney Bundle included Only 2 simultaneous streams Learn More
Philo Low price No local or sports channels Learn More

Verizon is the best Optimum alternative

Internet speed:
300–2,300 Mbps

Looking to ditch Optimum? Verizon Fios is your new best friend. It often tops our lists of the best internet providers because of the service’s excellent internet speeds, low prices, and lack of hidden fees.

Verizon Fios has stellar download speeds that range from 300–2,300 Mbps. And if you want to bundle, Verizon’s TV packages are also cheaper than Optimum’s plans.

If you’re an Optimum customer outside of Verizon’s Fios coverage zone, your only Verizon internet option will be Verizon’s DSL plans, which have molasses-slow 15 Mbps maximum download speeds.

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If you can’t get Fios in your area, give Xfinity a try

Internet speed:
75–6,000 Mbps

We’d recommend moving onto Xfinity if you need faster internet speeds or cheaper TV plans.

Optimum’s internet plans start at 300 Mbps for $40.00 per month, while Xfinity’s comparable plans offer 400 Mbps for $35.00 per month. Also, Optimum’s TV plans start at $35.00 per month, which is more expensive than Xfinity’s basic cable packages starting at $20.00 per month.

Xfinity has six internet plans compared to Optimum’s four internet packages, so you have more options if you’re tied to a hard budget and know what download speed (around 100 Mbps for a small household or more than 300 Mbps for large families) your house needs.

On Xfinity, you’ll also get freebies like an X1 TV box.

On some Xfinity packages, you’ll have to sign a 12-month service agreement, and you can’t break it without paying a hefty early termination fee.

Xfinity also has a 1.2 TB internet data cap on its lower-tier plans that’ll be a pain to deal with if your household regularly uses up a lot of data with daily video calls and 4K TV shows or movie streaming. Optimum doesn’t have contracts or a data cap.

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DISH is our favorite standalone TV provider

Channel count:

If you like Optimum’s internet plans, but want to look elsewhere for your TV needs, we recommend DISH as a long-term TV provider.

Compared to Optimum, DISH offers longer price guarantees (3-year ones compared to Optimum’s 2-year guarantee) and better TV hardware. DISH also earned our Editor’s Choice award on our TV provider rankings thanks to its excellent channel lineups and Hopper 3 DVR.

DISH’s Flex Pack is cheaper than Optimum’s entry-level Core TV plan, and it still includes basic cable channels including Comedy Central and TBS.

DISH requires you to install a physical satellite at your home, which can be inconvenient if you don’t want to run cables and a dish onto your roof. With Optimum’s Altice One cable box, you won’t need to deal with installations if your house already has a cable line.

DIRECTV is the best choice for sports fans

Channel count:

We’d recommend DIRECTV over Optimum if you’re willing to pay extra for sports channels. DIRECTV’s basic and mid-tier packages, which start at $69.99 per month, are only slightly less expensive than Optimum’s (starting at $75.00 per month), although DIRECTV charges extra for its DVR.

On all of DIRECTV’s packages, you’ll get a two-year price guarantee. However, DIRECTV locks you into a two-year service contract and nearly doubles your bill after the second year.

Frontier is great if you can get fiber service (otherwise don’t bother)

Internet speed:
500–5,000 Mbps

There isn’t a lot of overlap between Frontier’s and Optimum’s service areas, but in the areas with overlap, we only recommend Frontier’s fiber plans. Its DSL plans aren’t worth it.

Frontier includes a combo Wi-Fi router/modem with every home internet plan and doesn’t have hidden fees or a data cap.

Since its pivot to fiber, Frontier’s prices and speeds are actually pretty good. Frontier’s 500 Mbps plan is $44.99 monthly, while Optimum’s comparable fiber plan is $60.00 monthly. Frontier’s 1 Gig plan is $59.99 a month, while Optimum’s is $70.00 a month.

Some areas can get only Frontier’s middling DSL internet plans, which offer slower download speeds and higher prices. We don’t recommend those.

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Ditch cable entirely with YouTube TV

Live channels:

Since we like Optimum’s internet service better than its TV service, you may be looking for an alternative. If you don’t mind switching to live TV streaming, check out YouTube TV. It’s got a beefy channel lineup, snazzy interface, and is cheaper than Optimum’s Core TV plan.

Hulu is another good option for cord-cutters

Live channels:

If YouTube TV isn’t your speed, try Hulu + Live TV. In addition to 95+ channels and unlimited DVR, you’ll also get access to the entire Disney Bundle. That’s Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ put together, all on the same Live TV bill.

Philo is the best budget-friendly option

Live channels:

You don’t have to commit to Optimum’s high prices just to get your favorite live channels. While it’s not a good choice for sports fans, Philo still offers an array of popular channels, including Comedy Central, HGTV, and Food Network. And it’s only $28.00/mo., which is significantly less than most cable plans.

Which Optimum alternative is worth it?

Verizon Fios and DISH are our top Optimum alternatives because of Verizon’s fast internet speeds and DISH’s large cable channel packages. With either DISH or Verizon Fios, you won’t have to compromise with slow download speeds and you’ll have transparent billing that’s free of hidden fees that jack up your bill.

Ready to find an Optimum alternative?

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Alternatives to Optimum FAQ

What is the best alternative to Optimum?

We think Verizon provides the best service for the best price, and it’s a good alternative to Optimum. However, it may not be available in your area.

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