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Breezeline Review 2023: Plans, Prices, and More

From contract fine print to upload speeds, here’s what you need to know about Breezeline’s internet plans.

No-contract plans available

Price: $19.99–$59.99/mo.

Download speeds: Up to 100–1,000 Mbps

Upload speeds: Up to 10–50 Mbps

Data cap: Unlimited

Contract: N/A

Is Breezeline good?

Breezeline internet plans come with great introductory prices and fast upload speeds. But the internet service provider’s (ISP) second-year price hikes are gigantic, and its bundles are similarly expensive thanks to its high TV plan prices. Still, Breezeline’s contract-free plans provide some flexibility ahead of that scheduled price increase.

Breezeline pros and cons


  • Great upload speeds
  • Low first-year internet pricing


  • Expensive bundle options
  • Big second-year price jumps

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Breezeline plans and prices

Package Price* Download speed up to Upload speed up to Data cap Details
Basic $19.99/mo. 100 Mbps 10 Mbps Unlimited View Plan
Fast $39.99/mo. 200 Mbps 20 Mbps Unlimited View Plan
UltraFast $39.99/mo. 500 Mbps 50 Mbps Unlimited View Plan
GigaFast $59.99/mo. 1,000 Mbps 50 Mbps Unlimited View Plan

*For the first 12 months.

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Basic is surprisingly great for a starter internet plan, as ISPs rarely offer plans with prices below $20 per month—we rarely see internet plans at Basic’s price point that aren’t subsidized. 100 Mbps download speeds are nothing to write home about, but it’ll be more than enough for your household’s basic YouTube and Facebook needs.

Breezeline’s upload speeds, which range from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps, are also generous for a cable ISP. With Breezeline’s upload speeds, your household can handle multiple video calls and cloud file backups without missing a beat. For comparison, Xfinity’s upload speeds on its cable internet plans start at a piddly 5 Mbps and top out at 35 Mbps.

None of Breezeline’s plans have contracts or data caps either, so you won’t have to deal with any early termination or overage fees. You can also tack on a combo modem/router for $14.99 per month, which isn’t a great rate—most ISPs charge around $10 for equipment rentals. Typically, we recommend buying your own instead.

Compare Breezeline internet prices

Internet plan Breezeline Xfinity Spectrum
Starter $19.99/mo. (100 Mbps) $40.00/mo. (200 Mbps) $49.99/mo. (300 Mbps)
Mid-range $39.99/mo. (500 Mbps) $55.00/mo. (400 Mbps) $69.99/mo. (500 Mbps)
Fastest $59.99/mo. (1,000 Mbps) $79.00/mo. (1,200 Mbps) $89.99/mo. (1,000 Mbps)

Prices for the first 12 months. Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Breezeline’s first-year prices are also competitive versus the competition. You’ll be paying less during your first year of internet service compared to major providers like Xfinity and Spectrum.

The UltraFast plan provides more bang for your buck if you’re regularly downloading games or large applications. Depending on your region, Breezeline may offer Fast and UltraFast for the same price. This price match isn’t simply Breezeline doing you a favor—UltraFast has a larger second-year price hike—but we’ll never say no to a good internet deal.

But one of Breezeline’s biggest issues is its standard internet plan prices. Second-year price hikes are well-trod territory for internet plans, but even by ISP standards, Breezeline’s regular pricing is a doozy.

Package First-year price Regular price
Basic $19.99/mo. $59.99/mo.
Fast $39.99/mo. $79.99/mo.
UltraFast $39.99/mo. $99.99/mo.
GigaFast $59.99/mo. $119.99/mo.

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Most ISPs tack on an extra $10 or $20 price increase after your first year of service, but Breezeline doubles that across the board. You can potentially lower this price increase if you’re willing to haggle, but major ISPs like Verizon and AT&T have adopted flat-rate pricing for a reason: no one likes giant second-year price increases.

Breezeline internet and TV bundles

Bundle Price* Download speed up to Channels Notable channels Details
Basic Internet + Locals+ $49.97/mo. 100 Mbps 32+ NBC, ABC, CBS View Plan
UltraFast + Variety+ $134.96/mo. 500 Mbps 96+ USA, ESPN, HGTV View Plan
GigaFast + Family+ and Variety+ $164.95/mo. 1,000 Mbps 131+ DisneyXD, MTV2, SEC Network View Plan

*Prices for the first 12 months.

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Breezeline’s TV options include three channel packs: Locals+ ($29.98/mo.) contains only local channels like CBS, Variety+ ($64.99/mo.) offers basic cable channels like ESPN, and Family+ ($9.99/mo.) has even more family-tailored channels.

But if you want a Breezeline TV and internet bundle, expect to pay flat-out expensive prices.
To get TV service with your internet (Breezeline doesn’t offer standalone TV service), Breezeline requires you to stack the preceding channel packs onto your plan.

So if you want Family+, you’ll also have to pay for the Variety+ and Locals+ channel packs. This adds up to an additional $104.96 per month. For Variety+, you’ll also have to pay for Locals+, and your TV service alone will cost $94.97 monthly.

Even if you get a mid-range bundle like UltraFast and Variety+, you’ll still be paying well over $100.00 monthly. Bundles from competing ISPs typically break the $100 threshold only when they throw in premium channels like HBO.

Breezeline’s voice service is similarly expensive for a bundle option. The service costs $19.99 per month, and it requires a Breezeline modem that costs an additional $14.99 monthly to rent. Yeesh.

All in all, Breezeline’s expensive TV plans and voice service make bundling harder than it needs to be for most shoppers. We’d suggest sticking with Breezeline’s internet plans, but a Breezeline internet and TV bundle could be a fit if you’re getting service for older family members who’ll struggle with newer streaming services.

Interested in a streaming and Breezeline internet bundle?

You can bundle Max (formerly HBO Max) with your Breezeline internet plan during the checkout process (and thereby avoid Breezeline’s confusing TV plans).

Check out our streaming services guide to learn more about your cord-cutting options.

Breezeline availability

Breezeline is primarily available in cities across the Eastern Seaboard.

  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Florida

Final take

Breezeline’s great first-year prices are undercut by some spectacularly high bundle and second-year prices. But the Basic internet plan offers great value for a starter internet package, and Breezeline’s no-contract policy gives you valuable flexibility.

Our advice is to take advantage of Breezeline’s low priced and fast internet plans and avoid the TV plans. But make sure you have a gameplan for when your internet package’s first-year promotional price ends.

Breezeline FAQ

Is Breezeline Atlantic Broadband?

Breezeline and Atlantic Broadband are the same company. In January 2022, Atlantic Broadband changed its name to Breezeline.

What type of internet is Breezeline?

Breezeline is a cable internet provider. Breezeline offers internet plans with download speeds between 100 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps.

What is Breezeline?

Breezeline is a cable internet provider based in Massachusetts. Breezeline provides internet, TV, and phone service across 12 states including Connecticut, Ohio, and Florida.

Is Breezeline down?

To check if Breezeline is down, visit Breezeline’s Outages and Notifications page, Breezeline’s Twitter page, or call 1-888-536-9600.

When did Breezeline buy Atlantic Broadband?

Breezeline did not buy Atlantic Broadband. In January 2022, Atlantic Broadband changed its name to Breezeline.


To evaluate Breezeline’s service, we spent more than a week analyzing its customer feedback, prices, and download speeds. We also compared Breezeline to providers including Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity to see how the ISP stacked up versus the competition.

For more information on our methodology, check out our How We Rank page.

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