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  • Charter Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

    1-888-438-2427, 1-866-472-2200

    Best For: Existing Customers, General Inquiries, Customer Service Concerns, Adding Services

    Looking to bundle TV, Internet, and phone for an affordable price? Give Charter Spectrum a call. Charter bundles offer a terrific value with plenty of HD channels and a fast Internet connection. Use either of these Charter Spectrum phone numbers to reach a customer service agent for assistance or to add services to your existing account.

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  • Charter Spectrum Technical Support and Bill Pay Phone Number


    Best For: Existing Customers Technical Support, Pay Your Bill

    Having a problem with your Charter Spectrum Services or need to pay your bill? Dial this phone number to speak to a Charter agent for technical support or billing questions. You’ll be asked to supply your account number before proceeding through the voice-activated menu. Paying your bill or resolving technical issues is just a phone call away.

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  • Charter Spectrum Business Phone Number


    Best For: Business Customer Service, Existing Business Accounts, Business Technical Support

    Existing Charter Spectrum business customers can contact this phone number and receive help with bill pay, technical support, general inquiries, and customer service concerns for business accounts.

    Press 1 for business service.

  • Charter Spectrum Moving and Address Change Concierge


    Best For:Existing Customers, Address Change, Moving Services

    Moving to a new address and planning to bring your Charter Spectrum services with you? Contact Charter at this number and a helpful representative will assist in moving your services to your new home.

    Press 1 to connect with an address change concierge.

Before You Call

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There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand to help your call to Charter Spectrum go as smoothly as possible. We recommend having the following items in front of you before you dial.

Your Account Number: Log into to find your account number and additional ways to contact TWC. Business Class customers can access their account information and online services here:

If you have a recent bill, the account number is usually in the upper right hand corner of the bill. To see a detailed explanation of your bill along with help videos and plenty of resources, visit Charter's Understanding My Bill Support Page.

The Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number: You may be asked this question for the purposes of confirming your identity and to verify you have permission to manage the account you are calling about.

Billing or Service Address: If you are looking to set up or move service, it’s helpful to have the exact address to ensure the representative can assist you properly.

Paper, pen or note-taking device: Keep something on hand so you can quickly jot down confirmation numbers, names, and phone numbers.

Other Ways to Contact Charter

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There are plenty of ways to contact Charter Spectrum online. Use any of the following links to get support with customer service concerns, technical support, billing questions, and more.

Virtual Assistant: Pose your question to Charter’s virtual assistant. If they can’t help, they’ll transfer you to live chat with an agent. Charter's Virtual Assistant

My Account: Sign in online to access your account and view a wealth of resources from the Charter Spectrum Support Library. Charter My Account Login

Online Bill Pay: Pay your bill online by logging into and letting Charter take care of the rest.

For specific instructions about paying your bill online, visit your My Account page here:

Online Support Center: Come on into a Charter Spectrum store to get assistance with equipment, scheduling appointments, or adding new services for existing customers. Use the Store Directory below to find the Charter Spectrum store location nearest you. Charter Spectrum Store Finder

Charter Closed-Captioning Assistance: If you need assistance with closed captioning, this handy reference guide is available online. There are also phone numbers indicated at the bottom of the page that will route customers to an agent who can help. Charter Closed Captioning Guide