Disney+ Not Working

To infinity and . . . nope? If your Disney+ service has gone down, we have some fixes.

Disney+ has rarely given us any headaches, but streaming services do go down. We’ve assembled a few troubleshooting tips and fixes just in case Disney+ problems harsh your Buzz Lightyear vibes.

Check Disney+’s status

Maybe Mickey tripped over a cord and Disney+ itself is out of commission. You can check through sites like Downdetector and IsItDownRightNow, or the Disney+ Help Center to see if the problem is with the service itself. Social media, like Disney+’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, are also good sources for updates.

Close and reopen Disney+

Try closing and then reopening the Disney+ app. Give it a minute or two (or five) if a quick on-and-off doesn’t do the trick.

Power cycle your device

Your streaming device, smart TV, phone, or computer might be the problem. Turn the hardware off for a minute, or longer, and then turn it back on. While that device is off, try Disney+ on another device to rule out, or confirm, a hardware failure.

Check internet connection

Are any other streaming apps malfunctioning? It might be device or internet connectivity issues. Run your other apps to see how they’re working; Disney+ might not be the one experiencing problems.

Then, run a power cycle on your internet modem/router (we recommend turning it off/on once a month even if you’re not having issues). Then, run a speed test to see if your internet has enough Mbps to keep up with the Disney+ app. Most streaming services say 3–8 Mbps is sufficient for streaming; we say 25 Mbps should be the household baseline.

Upgrade your internet connection

If you find that your internet speed is lacking, think about upgrading to a faster plan, or even a new internet provider if one’s available in your area. Inside your home, an easy install like a Wi-Fi mesh network or a range extender can deliver a stronger signal and more speed to your device so Disney+ won’t get stuck buffering or glitching.

Need more speed from your internet?

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Check for app updates

You expect apps to update automatically, but it doesn’t always happen. Check your device’s app store for any recent updates to Disney+.

Check for device updates

A new update to your device’s system that hasn’t yet been installed could be hindering Disney+. Go to your device’s settings menu and run any available system updates.

Clear device cache

If it’s running slowly, your device’s system might be getting overcrowded with data. Check the system settings and clear the device’s data and cache, if the function is available, to free space on the drive.

Uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app

If all else fails, start fresh by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Disney+ app. Only try this as a last resort, because you’ll lose previous settings and logins.

Disney+ error codes

Sometimes you’ll get an error code when streaming—but who knows what these numbers mean? Here are some of the most common Disney+ error codes.

Error Code 42, 76
Error Code 9
Error Code 83
Error Code 13, 75
Error Code 21
Error Code 31
Cause Solution
Slow/no internet connection Check internet connection
Logged out of Disney+ Log back in with credentials
Device incompatibility or internet instability Install Disney+ on a supported device; check internet connection
Too many devices streaming Disney+ Disconnect devices
Incorrect password Check or reset password
Can’t verify location Enable location services; disable VPN

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