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How Can I Bundle Cell Phone and Internet Service?

Save money every month with a cell phone and internet bundle.

Internet service providers (ISPs) everywhere have been launching new cell phone services—including Cox Mobile and Xfinity Mobile. You can bundle these mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services with your internet or TV plans to consolidate your bills and save money each month.

Are these deals worthwhile? Or should you stick with the name-brand cell phone providers? Whether you’re getting cell phone service for yourself or your entire family, read on for everything you need to know about MVNOs and bundling cell phone service with your internet plan.

Interested in cell phone and internet bundles?

Check out our best cell phone and internet bundle guide to learn more about the best internet and cell phone bundle deals. Enter your zip code below to see internet providers in your area.

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What is an MVNO?

If you’ve recently gotten a mailer from an internet provider, you’ve probably seen MVNO services like Xfinity Mobile or Spectrum Mobile. These MVNOs are the brand name for cell phone plans from their affiliated ISP.

If you switch to an MVNO, you’ll still get standard cell phone features (5G access, mobile hotspot service, and large data caps) you’d find on larger providers. In many cases, you’ll get nearly the same level of service—MVNOs use Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile’s cell phone networks, so you won’t have to worry about signal drops or coverage problems when you switch to an MVNO.

Cell phone and internet bundle prices

Most ISP-affiliated MVNOs require you to have internet service before you sign up for a cell phone plan. But once you set up your internet and cell phone bundle, you’ll pay less for cell phone service than you would with a larger provider.

Pro tip: Interested in a cell phone and cable TV bundle? Unfortunately, you’ll be out of luck, as MVNOs like Xfinity Mobile require an internet plan to get cell phone service. However, you can still get a cell phone, TV, and internet bundle and conveniently pay for your services on one bill.

For example, let’s compare four basic and premium cell phone plans from Xfinity Mobile and Verizon. Each pair of plans has similar features, but Xfinity Mobile can offer lower rates because it’s exclusive to Xfinity internet customers.

Best cable ISP cell phone plans

Plan Price (one line) Service type Details
Xfinity Mobile By The Gig $15.00/mo. Basic
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Verizon Wireless Unlimited Welcome $65.00/mo.* Basic View plan
Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Premium $50.00/mo. Premium
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Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plus $80.00/mo.* Premium View plan

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Cell phone and internet bundle plans

With an MVNO, you pay less for cell phone service. But do you get more? Let’s break down what comes with an MVNO’s cell phone service.

Data caps and “unlimited” data

All MVNO cell phone plans have data caps that work similarly to internet data caps. Every month, your phone gets a set amount of mobile data. Once you hit this monthly cap, you pay a small overage fee or deal with slower mobile internet speeds. Your cell phone uses mobile data whenever you browse the internet without Wi-Fi.

Many MVNOs advertise “unlimited” data plans that aren’t truly unlimited. You typically get a generous 30 GB or 50 GB data cap on these plans. With basic MVNO pay-per-gig plans, you might have a smaller 1 GB or 5 GB data cap before you hit restrictions and overage fees.

There isn’t a gigantic gap between major providers’ and MVNOs’ data caps. Major providers have unlimited plans with similar 50 GB data caps, but they often also offer plans with actually unlimited data for an additional fee. If you simply need cell phone service, a smaller data allotment is fine. But you’ll want an unlimited plan if you’re streaming Spotify or scrolling Instagram daily.

Bringing your cell phone over

iPhone 14 smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone
Pixel 7 smartphone

Thankfully, you don’t need to trade in and rebuy your family’s cell phones if you switch to an MVNO. MVNOs like Optimum Mobile are compatible with the latest Apple, Google, and Samsung smartphones. If you’re using an older or overseas smartphone, MVNOs have compatibility tools that let you know if your device is compatible with its network.

Traffic priority on MVNOs

MVNOs are competitive with major providers, but traffic prioritization is one of MVNOs’ main disadvantages. Traffic prioritization refers to how cellular carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile direct internet traffic. If a cellular tower experiences high traffic, certain phones stay at the front of the line and get fast download speeds, while lower-priority phones temporarily slow down.

Unfortunately, MVNO traffic generally falls into the second category. Some MVNOs allow you to increase your traffic priority for an extra fee, but you’ll be subject to lower prioritization in most cases. Even worse, MVNOs are often cagey about their prioritization policies. They typically say your internet speeds may dip if you’re in a crowded arena but won’t outright say their traffic’s deprioritized.

But is traffic prioritization something that should worry you? Well, it depends.

Traffic prioritization depends on the cellular traffic in your area. You likely have consistent internet speeds in a rural or suburban area, but if you attend basketball games or go to the airport in a major city, you’re more likely to experience prioritization issues. Plus, traffic prioritization policies vary widely between MVNOs.

If budget is your biggest concern, traffic prioritization may be something you can live with. But if you rely on your smartphone daily, make sure you know your MVNO’s traffic prioritization policies before you sign the dotted line.

Cell phone deals

If you’re looking for new Xfinity Mobile or Spectrum Mobile deals, you’re generally not going to have great luck. MVNOs sometimes offer temporary line discounts or small trade-in bonuses, but in most cases, you won’t get much beyond cell phone service.

By comparison, major cellular carriers aggressively gild the lily to bring in customers. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile regularly offer add-ons like $1,000 trade-in bonuses, free streaming service subscriptions, and gift cards. You still pay more for cell phone service on these carriers, but if you’re already paying for streaming services or interested in add-ons, these carrier deals could move the needle.

Is bundling cell phone and internet service worth it?

Cell phone and internet bundles are ISPs’ latest gambit to keep customers around, and there’s a lot to like about MVNOs. MVNOs don’t have all the bells and whistles that major providers have, but they do one thing extremely well: offer basic phone service at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in cheaper cell phone service and already use an ISP with cell phone plans, we recommend giving cell phone with internet bundles a second look. Check out our best cell phone and internet bundles guide to learn more about providers like Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, and Optimum Mobile.

Bundling cell phone and internet service FAQ

Can you bundle cell phone service and internet with AT&T?

You can bundle cell phone and internet service with AT&T. AT&T Internet customers can get $20 per month off of their internet bill when they add an unlimited wireless plan.

Does Verizon bundle cell phone service and internet?

Verizon offers cell phone and internet bundle discounts of up to 50%. You can get a bundle discount with Verizon Fios or Verizon Home Internet service.

Can I bundle cell phone and internet?

You can bundle cell phone and internet service. ISPs like Xfinity, AT&T, and Optimum offer cell phone service for an additional fee. When you sign up for internet service, you can also add these discounted cell phone plans to your account.

Can you bundle cell phone, internet, and TV?

You can bundle cable TV, internet, and cell phone services depending on your provider. No providers have cable TV and cell phone bundles, but you can still add cable TV to an internet and cell phone bundle for additional savings.

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