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Home Internet for Metro Guide

Metro phone customers can now add home internet service to their plans.

5G home internet is the biggest trend among cell phone providers these days, and Metro is the latest carrier to join the party. As with its corporate sibling T-Mobile, Metro offers customers home internet service through its 5G mobile data network. But is it worth cutting the cord to go fully wireless?

Whether you’re a Metro customer or interested in changing providers, let’s break down the biggest facts about Home Internet for Metro.

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Home Internet for Metro plans

Plan Price Max download speed Max upload speeds
Home Internet for Metro $40.00/mo.* 72–245Mbps 15–31 Mbps View Plans

*Requires Metro phone plan, $24.99 gateway purchase, and AutoPay. $45 for the first month.
Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Metro’s one-size-fits-all internet plan shares much in common with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service. As with T-Mobile, Metro offers identical download and upload speeds on paper, although you’ll pay less for Metro compared to T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

But Metro makes subscribers jump through a few more hoops to get internet service:

  • For Home Internet for Metro, you’ll need to be a Metro phone customer.
  • You must purchase a 5G gateway (an internet modem) for $24.99.
  • Internet service usually costs $45.00 per month but goes down to $40.00 monthly with AutoPay.

Home Internet for Metro’s availability in your area heavily depends on T-Mobile’s local 5G coverage. Like other 5G internet providers, T-Mobile has rolled out 5G home internet coverage on a city-by-city basis, so it might not be available in your town if you’re not near a primary or mid-sized city.

Home Internet for Metro vs T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Plan Price Max download speed Max upload speeds Details
Home Internet for Metro $40.00/mo.* 72–245Mbps 15–31 Mbps View Plans
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $40.00–$70.00/mo.** 72-245 Mbps 15-31 Mbps View plan

*Requires Metro phone plan, $24.99 gateway purchase, and AutoPay. $45 for the first month.
**Requires one line with T-Mobile Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus plan.
Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Metro’s been the budget counterpart to T-Mobile and this carries over to their 5G Home Internet offerings. On paper, both ISPs share identical internet speeds, but there’s a reason why Metro costs less per month than T-Mobile.

On providers like Metro, you may experience occasional speed slowdowns because of a network management tool called data deprioritization. This refers to how internet traffic from T-Mobile customers will go first in line compared to Metro. In practice, you likely won’t experience prioritization problems if you’re in a lightly populated rural or suburban area. But you might have to deal with speed swings if you’re in a downtown area with a lot of T-Mobile customers.

At the same time, Metro has its share of advantages compared to T-Mobile. For starters, you won’t deal with a credit check or action fee on Metro, and its cell phone plans are much cheaper than T-Mobile.

How does Home Internet for Metro work?

5G home internet services like Metro’s rely on the same 5G networks that bring internet service to your cell phone. You’ll simply install a Metro 5G gateway in your home to get internet service. This device bridges the gap between Metro’s 5G network and your home, allowing you to connect your TV, computers, and other devices to the internet.

Are you interested in learning more about 5G home internet? Check out our 5G home internet guide to learn more about the newest type of home internet technology.

Home Internet for Metro features

Every internet plan has extra features and add-ons beyond download speeds, and Metro is no different. Let’s break down the biggest facts and features for your Metro internet service:

Metro internet deals

New customers can get a $45 Mastercard gift card after their third month of internet service. And unlike cable internet providers, Metro’s flat-rate pricing means you won’t be stuck with contracts, credit checks, or annual price increases.

No data fees

Metro won’t charge you pricey penalties if your family spends too much time on Netflix. Metro has no data caps, although it reserves the right to slow down your internet if your household exceeds 1.2TB in a month.

Free Metro internet trial

Not sure if Metro’s right for your household? Try Home Internet for Metro free for 14 days—if it’s not for you, you can get your device payment back.

Is Home Internet for Metro worth it?

Metro’s 5G home internet service offers many of the upsides we like to see from 5G home internet providers: flat-rate pricing, no annual bill increases, and solid download speeds. But at the same time, Metro doesn’t necessarily roll out the red carpet for new customers since you won’t get commonplace deals like free hardware or fully unlimited data.

Unfortunately, the fact that Metro internet service’s only for Metro phone customers limits its appeal—we can’t imagine many people want to pay early termination fees from their cell phone and internet providers to switch to Metro. But that said, Metro can be a decent internet option if you’re an existing Metro customer or considering a jump to Metro. Metro doesn’t offer much beyond the basics, but if you simply need internet, Home Internet for Metro can be a great way to get affordable and fast-enough service.

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