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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Review 2023

We spent a week researching T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, and here’s what you need to know about its plan.

Affordable internet

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Price: $50.00/mo.

Download speeds: 72-245 Mbps

Upload speeds: 15-31 Mbps

Data cap: Unlimited

Contract: N/A

Plan Price Max download speed Max upload speed Details
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50.00/mo.* 72-245 Mbps 15-31 Mbps Get T-Mobile Internet

*With AutoPay. Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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What is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is T-Mobile’s home internet service. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet uses T-Mobile’s 5G network to provide an internet connection to your home. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet costs $50 per month and has download speeds up to 245 Mbps.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet has great pricing and excellent additions like unlimited data, but your download speeds and connection quality heavily depend on T-Mobile’s coverage in your area. Before you ditch your old internet plan, we’d recommend using T-Mobile’s 15-day free trial to see how well T-Mobile 5G operates in your home.


  • Unlimited data
  • Excellent prices
  • No contracts


  • Inconsistent availability
  • Unpredictable download speeds
  • A phone bundle discount that’s limited to two plans

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet in my neighborhood?

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plans and prices

Plan Price Max download speed Max upload speed Details
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50.00/mo.* 72-245 Mbps 15-31 Mbps View plan
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with T-Mobile phone plan $30.00/mo.** 72-245 Mbps 15-31 Mbps View plan

*With AutoPay.
**Requires one line with T-Mobile Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus plan.
Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

T-Mobile keeps things simple with one 5G home internet plan. For $50 per month, you’ll get internet service and a free gateway device that’s basically a combo modem/Wi-Fi router.

One of T-Mobile 5G’s biggest advantages is its straightforward and affordable pricing. Unlike a cable internet service provider (ISP), you won’t have to worry about a second-year price hike, contracts, data caps, or equipment fees on T-Mobile.

But on the flip side, T-Mobile Home 5G doesn’t necessarily have the reliability of a cable internet plan. With home 5G, your internet speeds depend on a carrier’s 5G network in your area, and not all 5G coverage is built the same. There’s a reason why T-Mobile lists such wide ranges for its upload and download speeds. Will your download speed be 72 Mbps or 245 Mbps? It depends!

A product image of the T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway
The T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Gateway works similarly to a combo internet modem and Wi-Fi router.

If your house is in the right location, it’s possible to reach download speeds above T-Mobile’s average estimates. On social media, some online customers who live near T-Mobile towers have reported hitting speeds of around 300 Mbps, which will be fast enough for a whole family. But if T-Mobile’s local 5G coverage has weak spots, your service could suffer from spotty connectivity and inconsistent download speeds.

If your address can get internet speeds of at least 200 Mbps from T-Mobile, we’d recommend taking a closer look at T-Mobile Home 5G. But our recommendation gets a little dicier if your address gets less than 100 Mbps. At this speed range, you’ll run into slow internet problems if more than two people want to watch Netflix or download apps at the same time.

There’s still a lot to love about T-Mobile Home 5G, but we suggest using T-Mobile’s 15-day free trial period to ensure the service fits your household’s internet needs.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet deals

Current T-Mobile 5G Home Internet deals include a $20 monthly discount when you bundle at least one T-Mobile Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus phone plan with an internet plan, free gift cards, and more.

Check out our T-Mobile deals page to learn more about T-Mobile internet offers.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet vs. competition

Plan Price Max download speeds Max upload speeds Data cap Details
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50.00/mo. 72-245 Mbps 15-31 Mbps Unlimited View T-Mobile plans
Verizon 5G Home Internet $35.00–$80.00/mo. 85–1,000 Mbps 10–50 Mbps Unlimited View Verizon plans
Read Verizon 5G Home Internet review
Spectrum $49.99–$89.99/mo.* Up to 300–1,000 Mbps 10–35 Mbps Unlimited View Spectrum Plans
Read Spectrum review
Cox $49.99–$149.99/mo.* 100–2,000 Mbps 3–35 Mbps 1.25 TB
Read Cox review

* For first 12 months.
Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Verizon is T-Mobile’s biggest home 5G competitor, and both providers overlap in several areas. With Verizon or T-Mobile, you’ll get unlimited data and comparable pricing (especially when you bundle home 5G with a cell phone plan).

But with Verizon’s 5G Home Plus plan, you’ll get guaranteed minimum download speeds of 300 Mbps, which will be fast enough for an entire household of heavy internet users. T-Mobile’s 5G plan doesn’t offer similar performance guarantees.

With cable ISPs like Cox and Spectrum, you’ll have much faster minimum download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. These speeds will be a huge advantage over 5G if you’re regularly downloading large games or big files for work. Although T-Mobile’s 5G speeds are no slouch, they can’t compete with gigabit internet plans.

Interested in 5G home internet?

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But at the same time, you’ll be paying far more for Cox and Spectrum’s faster speeds. For example, Spectrum’s 300 Mbps plan costs the same as T-Mobile’s 5G plan, but after one year, Spectrum ends its first-year discount, and your bill will go up to $74.99 per month. By comparison, T-Mobile’s biggest advantage over cable ISPs is its flat-rate pricing.

You’ll pay the same price every year on T-Mobile with its price guarantees, and if your address gets fast speeds, T-Mobile’s value gets even better. (T-Mobile always reserves the right to increase its prices down the road, but it likely won’t be as drastic as a cable ISP’s price hikes.) If your home gets around 150 Mbps for $30 monthly on T-Mobile, that’s a far better deal than paying $70.00 (or more!) for similar speeds on providers like Spectrum or Cox.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet features

As a relatively new internet technology, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet has several key differences compared to typical cable ISPs. Let’s break down T-Mobile 5G’s biggest questions below.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet availability

T-Mobile has rolled out 5G internet service on a city-by-city basis, but the provider’s coverage isn’t coast-to-coast yet. For instance, we could get T-Mobile 5G service when we searched with an address on one end of Denver, but we had no luck after trying an address 15 miles from our first address.

T-Mobile isn’t alone in its home 5G coverage issues—Verizon has also rolled out its home 5G on a similar city-by-city basis—but its coverage gaps are an extra hurdle for potential customers. You’ll increase your chances of getting T-Mobile 5G Home Internet if you’re near a major or midsize city.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet bundles

T-Mobile’s best 5G Home Internet bundle option is a cell phone and internet bundle. If you add at least one phone line with T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX or Go5G Plus plan, you’ll pay only $30 per month for internet service instead of $50 monthly.

This discount is slightly more restrictive than Verizon since MAX ($85 monthly for one line, $40 monthly with five lines) is T-Mobile’s premium cell phone plan. By comparison, Verizon gives an internet discount if you add any non-budget 5G plan. But if you’re already getting T-Mobile service for your household, a T-Mobile bundle is a great overall deal.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet customer service

At T-Mobile’s retail stores, you can talk with T-Mobile’s customer service agents who’ll answer any home 5G questions in person. But If you decide to order service online, you’ll have to make a call to a T-Mobile agent during business hours.

Forcing potential subscribers to call another customer hotline isn’t the most convenient choice on T-Mobile’s part. With Verizon and virtually every other ISP, you can simply buy service and check out online without going through a phone menu and dealing with hold times.

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet good?

“It depends!” isn’t the strongest verdict, but it applies for an internet service as unpredictable as T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. For better or worse, your T-Mobile experience will come down to where you live.

If you’re interested in T-Mobile, use the service’s free 15-day trial period to see how it performs before signing up for the long haul. If you can get consistent speeds of at least 200 Mbps and value a lower bill over blazing gigabit speeds, consider signing up for T-Mobile Home 5G Internet.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet FAQ

Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet good?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet can be good if your address gets a reliable 5G signal with at least 200 Mbps download speeds. T-Mobile has listed download speeds between 72-245 Mbps, but your speeds will vary depending on your address. If you bundle home internet with a T-Mobile phone plan, you’ll get a better deal on T-Mobile versus a cable internet provider.

How fast is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet has minimum speeds of between 72-245 Mbps, but your actual download speed will depend on factors like the nearest T-Mobile 5G tower and network traffic in your area.

Is T-Mobile Home Internet really unlimited?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet comes with unlimited data. You can use up as much data as you want and won’t need to worry about data caps.

Why is my T-Mobile Home Internet so slow?

T-Mobile internet speeds can be affected by problems with your T-Mobile Gateway or high network traffic in your area. Try unplugging and replugging your gateway to refresh your internet connection.

Is T-Mobile Home Internet 4G or 5G?

T-Mobile Internet uses 5G and 4G. T-Mobile Home Internet will connect to T-Mobile’s 5G network for the fastest speeds, but it can also use T-Mobile’s 4G network as a backup option if your area’s 5G network is experiencing high traffic or slow speeds.

How many devices can I connect to my T-Mobile home internet?

T-Mobile’s internet gateway can connect up to 64 devices to your T-Mobile home internet connection.


To evaluate T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, we spent around a week analyzing T-Mobile’s pricing, availability, and reliability among online customers. We also compared T-Mobile 5G Home Internet to providers including Verizon, Cox, and Spectrum to see how the ISP stacked up versus the competition.

For more information on our methodology, check out our How We Rank page.

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