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T-Mobile Customer Service

We break down every way to find help with your T-Mobile account.

Frustrated with your T-Mobile service?

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Do you need help with your T-Mobile internet or phone service? No one loves troubleshooting technical issues, but the best companies help you quickly get back online. If you’re having problems with your T-Mobile 5G Home Internet or smartphone connections, we’ll show you the best ways to reach T-Mobile customer service.

T-Mobile customer service number

T-Mobile has two main phone numbers for new or current T-Mobile customers. New customers who want T-Mobile phone service can call +1-800-T-MOBILE. If you’re shopping for T-Mobile Home Internet, you’ll want to call +1-866-557-4402.

How to call T-Mobile customer service

T-Mobile subscribers who need technical support have a few more phone number options:

T-Mobile phone support is available daily from 4 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. PST.

T-Mobile mobile app

The T-Mobile app allows customers to view data usage, manage accounts, and pay bills. Customers can download the T-Mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

T-Mobile stores

At T-Mobile’s nationwide network of retail stores, you can browse the latest smartphones, purchase hotspots, and update your account. Visit T-Mobile’s website to find stores in your area.

T-Mobile customer service FAQ

What is T-Mobile’s customer service number?

T-Mobile’s main customer service number is +1-800-937-8997. Internet customers can also call +1-866-581-4771 for T-Mobile’s internet customer service team.

What time does T-Mobile customer service open?

T-Mobile’s customer service phone line opens at 4 a.m. PST. T-Mobile’s retail stores also open in the morning, but their opening hours vary by location.

Is T-Mobile customer service open 24 hours?

T-Mobile’s customer service is not open 24 hours.

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