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T-Mobile Hotspots

From costs to speeds, we’ve researched everything you need to know about T-Mobile hotspots.

Interested in internet access on the go? Whether you’re on a road trip or need to get your kid’s tablet online, T-Mobile has a lot of great mobile hotspot options. Let’s break down some of the easiest ways to get a T-Mobile hotspot.

Want to get T-Mobile internet?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet offers affordable home internet service using T-Mobile’s 5G mobile data network. Read our T-Mobile 5G Home Internet review to learn more about the service, and enter your zip code below to see if it’s available in your area.

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T-Mobile hotspot plans

Unlike traditional cable internet providers, T-Mobile doesn’t have a public hotspot network you can use if you’re at a coffee shop or a park. Instead, you connect to T-Mobile’s 5G data network with a mobile hotspot.

You want a dedicated hotspot if you regularly connect multiple people and devices to the internet. Standalone hotspots are small, phone-sized hub devices that work similarly to a Wi-Fi router. To use a hotspot, you simply connect a device (like a tablet or laptop) to the hub device using the hotspot’s Wi-Fi password.


T-Mobile hotspots also require a standalone data plan. As with cell phone plans, you get a set amount of premium 5G and 4G LTE monthly data, but you don’t have to deal with overage fees if you exceed this cap. Instead, you temporarily have slower internet speeds for the rest of the month.

You also need to purchase a hotspot from T-Mobile. Check out our best mobile hotspots guide to learn more about T-Mobile’s best hotspot options.

T-Mobile hotspot plans

Plan name Price Data cap
2GB Mobile Internet $10.00/mo. 2GB
5GB Mobile Internet $20.00/mo. 5GB
10GB Mobile Internet $30.00/mo. 10GB
50GB Mobile Internet $50.00/mo. 50GB
100GB Mobile Internet $50.00/mo. 100GB

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Free T-Mobile hotspot options

Are you a T-Mobile phone customer? You might have a free T-Mobile hotspot in your pocket.

All T-Mobile’s Unlimited phone plans include the ability to use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. We don’t recommend having your entire family connect to your phone hotspot, but it works if you’re on the go and need to connect one or two devices to the internet.

Every T-Mobile Unlimited plan technically includes unlimited hotspot data, but hotspot speeds depend on your exact plan. T-Mobile’s lower-tier plans cap your hotspot speeds at 3G levels, while the carrier’s fancier plans include up to 40GB of full-speed 5G hotspot data.

T-Mobile phone hotspot options

Plan name Price (One line)* Hotspot details
Bare Essentials $45.00/mo. Unlimited at 3G speeds (Up to 7Mbps)
Essentials $60.00/mo. Unlimited at 3G speeds (Up to 7Mbps)
Magenta $70.00/mo. 5GB full-speed data
Magenta Max $85.00/mo. 40GB full-speed data

*With AutoPay.
Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Pro tip: Do you live out in the country? Mobile hotspots aren’t an ideal internet option, but they can be a fit depending on your home’s budget and internet needs. Check out our rural internet guide to learn more about alternative internet options.

Final take

Whether you need to take a Zoom call on the road or download TV shows for the family tablet, a mobile hotspot is a great tool for when you’re out and about. T-Mobile’s standalone and mobile hotspot options give customers many great mobile internet options.

T-Mobile hotspot FAQ

Is T-Mobile’s hotspot free?

T-Mobile offers free hotspot support on its smartphone plans. But if you’re looking for a standalone hotspot, you need to buy a unit and pay for a hotspot plan.

How do I use a T-Mobile hotspot?

A T-Mobile hotspot works similarly to a Wi-Fi router. To get your device online, you connect to the hotspot’s wireless network and enter the hotspot’s wireless password.

How much is T-Mobile’s hotspot?

Hotspot access comes with your smartphone if you have a T-Mobile cell phone plan, but prices vary for standalone T-Mobile hotspots. Hotspot units typically cost between $100 and $300, and you also need to pay for a hotspot monthly data plan.

Does T-Mobile have unlimited hotspot data?

Technically, every T-Mobile hotspot plan has unlimited data, but the amount of included full-speed 5G data varies by plan. With T-Mobile’s lower-tier plans, you get unlimited data at 3G speeds (around 7Mbps). But on T-Mobile’s higher-end plans, you have up to 40GB of 5G hotspot data.

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