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Disney+ Cancels Completed ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ and ‘Nautilus.’ Could They Air Elsewhere?

Disney+ cancels completed shows

The Take

In a surprising move, Disney canceled The Spiderwick Chronicles and Nautilus after they had finished filming but before they had aired on Disney+. The main reason? A cost-saving measure similar to what Warner Bros. Discovery did earlier this year with Batgirl. But, unlike Batgirl, Disney is committed to helping these shows find a new home.

While we don’t know where the shows could air next, it’s possible they could find a home on Paramount+ or even Max because of production companies associated with the shows. But these may have been some of the last non-franchise Disney+ Originals—next for the streamer is Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and then almost exclusively Marvel and Star Wars content.

Where could ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ and ‘Nautilus’ go?

Honestly, anywhere! The good news is that neither show was produced solely in-house at Disney (through Disney Branded Television, ABC Signature, 20th Television, or any other Disney TV units), so it could move anywhere.

The Spiderwick Chronicles was co-produced by 20th Television and Paramount Television, so it could move to Paramount+.

On the other hand, Nautilus comes from Seven Sisters, which is part of the larger company All3Media. Interestingly, All3Media is a joint venture with Warner Bros. Discovery, so Nautilus could find a home on Max.

According to media reports, Disney+ is also working with the Nautilus production team to find a new home for the show, so they’re not letting it go that easily.

Why is Disney+ canceling shows mid-production?

The big reason is money. In February, Disney announced a plan to cut $3 billion across the company. Since then, there have been layoffs and cancelations. However, this is the first time it has shelved and canceled already-completed productions.

The cost-saving measures also mean we’ll likely see fewer new productions from Disney.

What other shows has Disney+ canceled recently?

Unfortunately, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Nautilus aren’t the only canceled Disney+ shows.
Disney also canceled Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., after two seasons on Disney+. The show was a Disney Branded Television series produced by 20th Television for Disney+. It follows the cancellations of other non-Marvel and non-Star Wars shows on the streamer:

  • National Treasure: Edge of History (one season)
  • Big Shot (two seasons)
  • The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (two seasons)
  • The Mysterious Benedict Society (two seasons)
  • Diary of a Future President (two seasons)
  • Turner & Hooch (one season)

Is Disney+ done with original programming?

Nope! In fact, they have an adaptation of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series set to debut on December 20, 2023, and a miniseries based on the Marvel character Echo set to stream in its entirety on November 29, 2023.

On the film side, five upcoming scripted movies are in post-production and set to debut in 2023, along with three documentaries and two Lego specials.

Could Disney+ cancel other shows?

That’s a great question, and we don’t know. Seven of the upcoming Disney+ shows are set in the Marvel or Star Wars universe, so those are unlikely to get canceled before they air. The one show to look out for is Goosebumps, which is in post-production. Goosebumps is based on a popular book series—like Percy Jackson and the Olympians—which seems like an easy win. However, Spiderwick Chronicles was also a popular book series, and Disney canceled it.

Besides those eight shows, Disney+ only has two upcoming releases: Echo, based on the Marvel character, and Percy Jackson. Both of those seem safe.

What about ‘The Great’?

Yep, The Great was canceled at Hulu, which is not the same as Disney+ but operates under the same umbrella company. Luckily, The Great got three great seasons in before its cancelation, and there is always the potential for the show to be shopped elsewhere.

While the show aired on Hulu, it was not produced in-house at Disney or 20th Television, so it is free to move. The Great was produced by MRC, which has shows currently airing on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock.

Even if the show isn’t shopped elsewhere, all three seasons of The Great are still available to watch on Hulu whenever you want.

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