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Inside the NFL Comes to the CW, Moving from Paramount+

Inside the NFL moving from Paramount+ to the CW

The Take

In a significant scheduling coup for broadcast channel The CW, the NFL’s Inside the NFL program will move to the network this fall. This is the first time Inside the NFL has aired on a broadcast network—it previously aired on Paramount+, Showtime, and HBO.

The change is a big deal for viewers who need a cable package or subscription to the CW’s streaming service to watch the weekly show.

The move from Paramount+ to The CW also marks the first time since 2008 that a broadcaster not airing NFL games will broadcast Inside the NFL. Last year, for example, Paramount+ aired the weekly program and numerous in-market games through CBS.

“This is a special opportunity to reimagine and reboot Inside the NFL for a wider audience and a new generation of fans,” NFL Films senior executive Ross Ketover said. “We can’t wait to get started.”

How can I watch Inside the NFL?

Inside the NFL will air each week on The CW. There are two ways to watch The CW:

  1. Find your local channel through your cable provider. The CW is also available via satellite and live TV streaming.
  2. Use The CW’s free streaming service to watch the latest episodes for free (with ads) the day after the broadcast.

Adding Inside the NFL will alter The CW’s previously announced fall schedule, with the program replacing Son of a Critch and Rub the Burbs. There may be other scheduling changes announced to accommodate the program as well.

Inside the NFL will debut at 8:00 p.m. ET on September 5, 2023, and run through the NFL season.

How do I watch the NFL this fall?

NFL games air on multiple networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, and Amazon Prime Video. With over 272 games across 18 weeks in the NFL season, you’ll need a package of channels depending on the teams you’re following and the games you want to watch.

Most in-market games air on CBS and FOX, while Thursday Night Football is on Amazon Prime Video, Sunday Night Football is on NBC, and Monday Night Football is on ABC.

Check out’s complete NFL guide for more information.

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