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More Reality TV and Game Shows—Networks Prepare Strike-Proof Fall

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The Take

  • New episodes of popular broadcast hits will not air this fall. Instead, the schedule will primarily be comprised of unscripted and reality TV.
  • The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike paused production on numerous shows, and there will not be any new scripted TV until writers and actors achieve a fair contract.
  • Some networks will bring over streaming hits to broadcast cable while others continued filming during the off-cycle before the SAG-AFTRA strike.
  • The fall schedule disruption could be the death knell of broadcast TV with viewers moving to the endless options on streaming, but it could also bring studios back to the table as advertising revenue drops.
  • We have the daily schedules for the broadcast TV networks outlined below, so you know what to watch each day.

Screen actors officially joined writers on strike last week, which means any hope for a regular fall TV schedule went out the window. Without writers to write scripts and actors to appear on camera, broadcast hits like Abbott Elementary, NCIS, and Yellowstone are on an indefinite pause. (Check out our updating shutdown guide for more on shows that paused because of the strike.)

What does this strike mean for your fall viewing? Well, you’ll see many more unscripted shows like The Golden Bachelor, Survivor, and Hell’s Kitchen. Only NBC will air new U.S. scripted programming because it filmed off-cycle episodes of four shows before the strike hit.

The broadcast network schedule change began in May after the writers went on strike. With so many productions shut down due to writing challenges and picketing, networks had to pivot. Unscripted content does not need writers, and SAG-AFTRA actors can appear on those programs. So until the strike ends, we’ll see more reality TV and game shows on our screens.

Networks bring in streaming exclusives and international content

With two guilds on strike this summer, production on new scripted series is halted. But that’s not stopping the major networks from airing international scripted content and pushing reality and game shows on viewers this fall.

Three major networks are also connected to studios and streaming services, so they can bring in other scripted content to fill the gaps.

With the WGA and SAG-AFTRA on strike, the major broadcast networks have reworked their fall schedules to focus more on unscripted content—including reality and game shows—plus scripted content that hasn’t aired on their channel yet.

What’s airing on CBS this fall?

CBS will air the Paramount Network show Yellowstone every Sunday starting with episode one, and the former CBS show SEAL Team (currently airing on Paramount+) will return to CBS with season five. The network will also air the BBC Original Ghosts paired with CBS’s U.S. remake of the show.

On the unscripted side, Survivor and The Amazing Race return with Big Brother and The Price Is Right. CBS also joins ABC in reairing a popular show; this time, it will be fan-favorite episodes of Blue Bloods on Fridays.

What’s airing on ABC this fall?

Even ABC, with its strike-proof schedule focusing on unscripted content, will bring in a streaming original to mix it up. Over two weeks in August, ABC will air the Disney+ original Ms. Marvel on Saturday nights before college football kicks back in.

Continuing The Bachelor franchise this fall, The Golden Bachelor will debut with Bachelor in Paradise. ABC’s schedule is filled with unscripted content—including Celebrity Jeopardy!, which finished writing before the WGA strike—and re-airings of Emmy-nominated comedy hit Abbott Elementary.

What’s airing on NBC this fall?

NBC is not airing any Peacock or NBCUniversal originals but instead continued filming four series during the off-season. It will air those this fall in addition to the Canadian original Transplant, which has been airing on NBC for its previous three seasons.

The new scripted NBC originals include:

  • The back half of Magnum P.I.’s first season
  • The second season of Quantum Leap
  • New shows The Irrational and Found

What’s airing on FOX this fall?

Beyond its Sunday animation block (which remains intact with new episodes), FOX is going all in on unscripted content with news seasons of The Masked Singer, Kitchen Nightmare, and Lego Masters coming this fall.

The only series to premiere on the network is Snake Oil, a new game show. The FOX network no longer belongs to a studio, so it can’t call upon other scripted programs to fill the lineup.

What’s airing on The CW this fall?

After a strategy change this year, The CW is all in on unscripted with FBoy Island, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and World’s Funniest Animals. But come October, the network will bring five Canadian originals, one U.K. original, and one German original to fill out its lineup.

Regular CW Originals like Walker and All American won’t return until midseason—at which point we may see other broadcast originals return if the strike ends by the fall.

What’s on TV each day?

Wondering what to watch on TV each night this fall? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We created these cheat-sheet guides with each of the broadcast TV networks and their announced schedules. Even though you won’t see your favorite scripted shows returning this fall, due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, you may still find something new to watch each night—from The Golden Bachelor to NCIS: Sydney.

Monday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Monday

Tuesday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Tuesday Night Schedule

Wednesday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Wednesday Night Schedule

Thursday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Thursday Night Schedule

Friday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Friday Night Schedule

Saturday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Saturday Night Schedule

Sunday Night Broadcast TV Schedule

Fall Channel Lineup 2023 - Sunday Night Schedule

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