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5 Sports Leagues To Watch This Spring

Some of the year’s biggest sports are happening this spring, and we have all the information on how to tune in.

Spring sports are in full bloom, and there are several major sporting events taking place across the globe this season. We’ve chosen five leagues in particular that are worth checking out—especially if you’re more of a neutral viewer.

As a bonus, don’t miss our guide to the best fantasy sports leagues to join this spring for extra seasonal enjoyment. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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How to watch the UFL

#5: United Football League (UFL)

Professional football isn’t taking a break this year, as the UFL begins its inaugural season on March 30.

Established from the XFL and USFL merger, the 2024 UFL season will feature a blend of rules seen in the previous two leagues. Eight teams will play ten games each, with the top two from both divisions competing for a spot in the final at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis.

We expect the competition quality to improve because the XFL and USFL are running the show together. But spring football is very unpredictable, which is why we love it.

Fortunately, as the UFL schedule outlines, there are several easy options for watching games on TV. We break it all down in our viewing guide below.

How to watch the NWSL

#4: National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL)

In case you didn’t know, women’s soccer is on the rise worldwide. Increased sponsorship and more substantial broadcast deals are helping the sport become more visible than ever before.

The NWSL is a perfect example of this growth. For the 2024 season, the league expanded to 14 teams by launching Bay FC and reintroducing the Utah Royals. Now, there’ll be no shortage of action during the league’s 12th season.

Things kick off on March 15 with the one-off NWSL Challenge Cup match a day before the NWSL regular season begins. It all builds up to the NWSL Playoffs—set to unfold this November.

If you’re just getting into women’s soccer, the NWSL is the perfect place to start. Games are easily accessible across channels like CBS, ESPN, and ION.

Ready for the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Check out our Men’s March Madness TV Schedule and Women’s March Madness TV Schedule guides for a closer look at each tournament’s broadcast details.

How to watch the Masters

#3: Masters Tournament

Teeing off this spring in Augusta, Georgia, is the 88th edition of the Masters Tournament. Taking place April 11–14, the marquee golf invitational is one of the more celebrated stops along the PGA Tour. It’s also one of the four annual competitions known as “the majors,” which is the epitome of prestige within the golfing world.

Only the best-proven golfers receive an invite to the Masters. With around 100 participants, it’s one of the more exclusive golfing tournaments out there. This makes winning the event an incredibly humbling achievement—especially when the victor can finally don the iconic green jacket.

This season, you can watch the tournament in a couple of different ways. The first way is the more traditional route of tuning in to ESPN for the first two rounds and CBS for the final two rounds. You can also stream the Masters on ESPN+, which offers four-day coverage and additional golf-centric programming.

MLB logo with MLB team logos in the background

#2: Major League Baseball (MLB)

Aside from shadowless groundhogs, nothing tells us spring is coming better than the cracking sound of a baseball bat. MLB Spring Training began in late February, a few weeks before the March equinox. But the 2024 regular season will officially commence on March 28. (Side note: Don’t miss the MLB World Tour: Seoul Series on March 20–21.)

Despite a 2023 season that saw the Atlanta Braves secure the year’s best win-loss record, the Texas Rangers came through and won its first World Series. That’s two years in a row that a team from Texas won the Commissioner’s Trophy. Perhaps smoked brisket is the dish of champions.

Trade your winter hat for a baseball cap and catch the most MLB games this season with the help of our How To Watch MLB Games guide. We also have a list of the 10 Best Baseball Movies to Stream to keep your baseball spirit alive when your favorite team isn’t playing.

UEFA Champions League logo with photographs of soccer players in the background.

#1: UEFA Champions League (UCL)

There’s perhaps no other league in the world with as much grandeur as the UEFA Champions League. The almost year-long tournament brings together the top soccer clubs from across Europe to determine the best of the best.

So, what does the Champions League have to do with spring sports? Well, the most entertaining part of the tournament takes place from February to May.

After several qualifying rounds and a massive group stage, the Champions League really ups the ante in its knockout phase. Paramount+ carries every game with English-language commentary, but you can hit the button below to see more TV options.

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