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What to Watch This Week | January 16–22’s fantabulous viewing recommendations for shows, movies, sports, and more on TV this week.

Did you catch the Critics Choice Awards over the weekend? Seth Rogan doubts it since the event aired on The CW. “I’m not saying The CW is bad,” Rogan said onstage at the Sunday event. “What I will say is it is the one network to receive zero Critics Choice nominations. You’re saying it’s bad. We’re on your least favorite network. How did that happen?” Ouch.

This week’s What to Watch picks include a new Night Court, NBA on MLK Day basketball action, the debuts of That ’90s Show and The Price of Glee, the last rounds for Your Honor and Miracle Workers, and the foodie nightmare of The Menu. Dig in!

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What’s premiering this week

Night Court | NBC, Peacock | Comedy

Series premiere, Tuesday, January 17: The original Night Court ran for nine seasons, 1984–1992, on NBC (you can stream the whole series on Freevee, BTW). The new Night Court picks up 30 years later, with judge Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch, The Big Bang Theory), daughter of the late Harry Stone, picking up the gavel. Original star John Larroquette also returns to the courtroom night shift, which is as weird and wacky as ever. Comedy is scarce on NBC in 2023; check it out.

Night Court (NBC)

NBA on MLK Day | TNT | Sports, basketball

Coverage begins Monday, January 16, 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT: The Martin Luther King Day lineup: Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets (NBA TV), Indiana Pacers at Milwaukee Bucks (NBA League Pass), New Orleans Pelicans at Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA League Pass), Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks (NBA League Pass), Golden State Warriors at Washington Wizards (NBA League Pass), Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks (TNT), Utah Jazz at Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA League Pass), Phoenix Suns at Memphis Grizzlies (TNT), and Houston Rockets at L.A. Lakers (NBA League Pass).

NBA Basketball

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What to watch on Netflix this week

That ’90s Show | Netflix | Comedy

Series premiere, Thursday, January 19: Remember the first sequel to FOX’s That ’70s Show, That ‘80s Show? Of course not; no one does. The more credible That ’90s Show brings back Red and Kitty Forman (Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp), now grandparents to a teen girl (Callie Haverda) in 1995. That ’70s Show stars Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Laura Prepon, Mila Kunis, and Wilmer Valderrama will also drop by occasionally, as will correct apostrophe placement.

That 90s Show (Netflix)

The Walking Dead | Netflix | Drama, horror

Season 11, now streaming: Sure, you gave up on The Walking Dead years ago—but don’t you want to see how it all ends? The 11th and final season of TWD wrapped things as best as could be expected, and it’s not a spoiler to say the zombie apocalypse isn’t over. Why? There are spinoffs to produce, like The Walking Dead: Dead City (Maggie and Negan in New York), The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Daryl in . . . France?), and The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne (who knows?).

The Walking Dead (Netflix)

What to watch on HBO Max this week

The Menu | HBO Max | Comedy, thriller

Movie, now streaming: Insufferable foodie Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) and hired escort Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) travel to an exotic island to dine at master Chef Slowik’s (Ralph Fiennes) exclusive restaurant. It soon becomes clear that Chef Slowik has nefarious plans beyond serving a $1,200-a-plate dinner to a group of entitled louts (including Janet McTeer, John Leguizamo, and Judith Light). The Menu is uneven in tone and message but never dull (and you’ll get no food puns here).

The Menu (HBO Max)

The Big Brunch | HBO Max | Reality, cooking

New series, now streaming: On the non-terrifying side of the menu, HBO Max series The Big Brunch (which premiered around the same time as The Menu in November 2022) is a cooking competition show with a twist: the chefs are judged not only on their brunch creations but also their plans for applying the winning $300,000 prize toward bettering their community. The eight-episode series is hosted by Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek), which should be all the incentive you need.

The Big Brunch (HBO Max)

What to watch on SHOWTIME this week

Your Honor | SHOWTIME | Drama

Season 2, now streaming: In the first season of Your Honor, New Orleans judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) went to extremes to protect his son after the kid accidentally killed the son of a local mob kingpin. The story wrapped neatly with Season 1, so the appearance of a second (and allegedly final) season is a head-scratcher. But we’ll play along with Desiato’s quest to bring down that vexing mob, if not his wild new hipster beard and hair.

Your Honor (Showtime)

American Rust | SHOWTIME | Drama

Season 1, now streaming: In more rural familial crime, a Rust Belt police chief (Jeff Daniels) has a suspicious death to investigate, and the main suspect turns out to be the son of his girlfriend (Maura Tierney). American Rust—which has been canceled by SHOWTIME but picked up by Freevee for Season 2—is a dreary snapshot of post-industrial America, but it should satisfy murder show fans on the edges of their couches waiting for a second season of Mare of Easttown.

American Rust (Showtime)

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W2W wildcards of the week

The Price of Glee | ID, Discovery+ | Documentary

Series premiere, Monday, January 16: “In May 2009, 10 young actors made their TV debut on Glee. By 2020, all of them would be famous. And three of them would be dead.” Damn, the intro for The Price of Glee comes in hot. The three-part series looks at the groundbreaking FOX musical comedy Glee, whose shiny, harmonious surface belied a dark underbelly and intense pressure on its young stars. Tellingly, Glee stars like Lea Michelle want nothing to do with the docuseries.

The Price of Glee (ID)

Miracle Workers: End Times | TBS | Comedy

Season 4 premiere, Monday, January 16: The last remaining scripted series on TBS (you’re still missed, The Last O.G. and Chad), anthology comedy Miracle Workers, makes its probable last stand in the End Times. Series regulars Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Steve Buscemi are back, this time in the post-apocalyptic, Mad Maxesque villa of Boomtown, where everyone is just trying to make the best of the worst. It was a great run, Miracle Workers.

Miracle Workers End Times (TBS)

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