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AT&T TV Plans, Pricing & Packages

AT&T TV gives you plenty of channels—but it’ll cost you.

Channel count: 65–125+
Price: $49.99–$69.99/mo.

Is AT&T TV good?

AT&T TV is good enough if you like the convenience of bundling with AT&T Internet service, but not entirely “good” as a standalone TV plan.

AT&T TV is a live TV service that, like AT&T TV NOW and AT&T WatchTV, streams over the internet rather than cable or satellite. In channel lineups and package names, AT&T TV is practically twinsies with DIRECTV—except that it’s a bit cheaper, at least for the first year.

AT&T TV is different from other livestreaming TV services in that it gives you a lot of channels—65+ in the low-end packages, 125+ in the high—and includes its own streaming device. Unfortunately, it also comes with annual contracts and built-in price hikes, two of the biggest offenses that send cord-cutters running from cable and satellite in the first place.

With AT&T’s fast internet plans, there are plenty of better livestreaming TV choices out there, and we’ve reviewed all of them at—shop around.


  • Large channel counts
  • Included streaming device


  • Annual contracts
  • Price increase after first year

Best AT&T TV packages and pricing

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PlanPriceChannel count
Best budget plan

Best loaded plan

Data as of 6/8/2020 date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

AT&T TV offers only four TV packages. On the budget side, we prefer the CHOICE package over ENTERTAINMENT because it has 20 more channels (including regional sports networks) for only an additional $15 a month.

But, if you want to go for a luxury package, AT&T TV’s ULTIMATE lineup has an impressive 125+ channels and features a full suite of premium STARZ® channels. That’s the fattest channel count in all of livestreaming TV, though the price is closer to cable or satellite service to match.


AT&T TV packages and pricing

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PlanPriceChannel count

Data as of 6/8/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

As you can see, there are bigger jumps in channel counts than prices between AT&T TV’s packages; the prices are close, but you get more channels for your buck when leveling up.

But, after the first year of AT&T TV’s two-year contract, those prices almost double—how very DIRECTV.

AT&T TV price jumps after 12 months:

  • ENTERTAINMENT: $49.99/mo. for one year, afterwards its $93.00/mo.
  • CHOICE: $54.99/mo. for one year, afterwards its $110.00/mo.
  • XTRA: $64.99/mo. for one year, afterwards its $124.00 mo.
  • ULTIMATE: $69.99/mo. for one year, afterwards its $135.00/mo.

Feel that burn? You’re locked in for two years, and AT&T TV takes a significant contractual bite out of your wallet after the first year—again, this is the kind of bait-and-switch tactic that cord-cutters are trying to get away from.

See full AT&T channel lineups

AT&T TV and internet bundle packages and pricing

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PackagePriceChannel countDownload speeds
up to
ENTERTAINMENT + AT&T Internet$79.98/mo. 65+940 Mbps
CHOICE + AT&T Internet$84.98/mo.85+940 Mbps
XTRA + AT&T Internet$94.98/mo.105+940 Mbps
ULTIMATE + AT&T Internet$99.98/mo. 125+940 Mbps

Data as of 6/8/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Like the standalone TV plans, AT&T Internet by itself comes with a two-year contract—but there’s no price hike after the first year. Meanwhile, TV and internet bundles will go up in monthly cost after 12 months because of the TV service price jump; internet service will remain at the same price.

Depending on your area, AT&T Internet service could be either fiber-optic or DSL (digital subscriber line). Fiber is fast enough to hit download speeds of 940 Mbps or higher, but DSL tops out at 100 Mbps. Both internet types are fast enough to support AT&T TV and other streaming TV services, but you should be aware of which you’re getting (we prefer fiber, and recommend it wherever it’s available).

Bundle with AT&T

AT&T TV promotions and deals

New AT&T TV subscribers can get a full year of free HBO® upon signing up. Premium channels CINEMAX, SHOWTIME®, STARZ, and EPIX are also included with new AT&T TV subscriptions, but for only three months.

AT&T TV equipment

AT&T TV service comes with a plug-and-play streaming device that includes apps like Netflix and Pandora, as well as a Google Assistant voice remote. You don’t have to use the device, as there’s an AT&T TV app available on most major streaming devices (with the glaring exception of Roku at the moment), but you’ll get it anyway.

The best that can be said about AT&T TV’s device is that it’s unobtrusive and it works. Since AT&T TV uses a 500-hour cloud DVR rather than storing shows directly on the device, it’s a small piece of hardware that doesn’t take up much real estate on an entertainment center.

If you’re going to be streaming more than just AT&T TV, which you more than likely are, there are better streaming devices on the market. But, for convenience, it gets the job done.

Our final take on AT&T TV

For a streaming service, AT&T TV has one of the perks of traditional TV (loaded channel counts) and a few too many of the annoyances (annual contracts and price hikes). It’s like AT&T addressed cord-cutters’ mountain of complaints about traditional TV with “You want it on the internet instead of a satellite dish? Here you go—pay up.”

So, cord-cutters who want the freedom to switch services at will and save a few bucks (so, all cord-cutters) should probably look elsewhere. But if you value programming over pricing and want all of your favorite entertainment and sports channels in one place, AT&T TV is tough to beat.

Want an alternative to AT&T TV?

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What sports channels are on AT&T TV?

AT&T TV carries sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, MLB Network, NBA TV, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, NHL Network, Golf Channel, and Tennis Channel. Availability depends on the plan you choose (ENTERTAINMENT features the least amount of these).

CHOICE, XTRA, and ULTIMATE feature RSNs (regional sports networks) from FOX Sports, NBC Sports, NESN, MSG Network, and YES Network.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET isn’t available on AT&T TV—it’s exclusive to DIRECTV until 2021.

Is AT&T TV different than AT&T TV NOW?

AT&T TV is a streaming TV service that’s set up like traditional cable/satellite, with annual contracts and included equipment.

AT&T TV NOW (formerly DIRECTV NOW) is more like a regular streaming service that exists only as an app with month-to-month subscription plans.

Do I have to use AT&T TV’s streaming device?

While AT&T TV does include a set-it-up-yourself streaming device with its TV service, it’s not necessary—you can install the AT&T TV app on your current streaming device and login with your account info.

But you can only do that if your streaming device is an Amazon Fire TV (Cube, Stick, smart TV), Android phone or tablet, Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, a Google Chromecast, or a Samsung smart TV. On Roku devices, older downloads of AT&T streaming apps like AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW still function, but due to a dispute between the companies, no AT&T apps can currently be added to Rokus.

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