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2020’s Best TV and Internet Deals

Best TV Deal for Sports


Best TV Deal for a Budget


Update 3/18/2020: AT&T, DIRECTV, and CenturyLink address COVID-19 concerns

For subscribers worried about losing internet service during the COVID-19 (commonly known as “coronavirus”) situation, AT&T and CenturyLink have signed the Federal Communications Commission’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will “not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic,” says the pledge.

The companies will also “waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic” and “open its Wi-Fi hotspots to any American who needs them.” This pledge currently applies to the 60 days following March 13.

Additional steps being taken by AT&T, DIRECTV, and CenturyLink:

  • AT&T and CenturyLink are lifting data caps on all plans for 60 days.
  • DIRECTV is considering offering partial refunds on its NBA League Pass package since the current basketball season’s been cut short by COVID-19.

It’s no secret that cable and internet service can be pretty expensive. Many people feel they overpay for these services. There are some great deals to be had, though, if you know where to look.

We’ve done the digging and rounded up some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere on cable and internet service, so you can kick back and enjoy your reasonably priced entertainment without worrying about whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

The best TV and internet deals

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Best deal forPackagePriceChannels/speedCost per channel/megabit
Sports fansDIRECTV® XTRA + SPORTS PACK$83.98/mo.*270+ channels$0.30 per channel
Budget shoppersAT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT$59.99/mo.65+ channels$0.92 per channel
Channel surfersAT&T TV ULTIMATE$74.99/mo. 250+ channels$0.29 per channel
StreamersHulu + Live TV$54.99-$60.99/mo.60+ channels$0.01 per channel
Internet-only shoppersCenturyLink Fiber Internet$65.00/mo. Up to 1,000 Mbps$0.06 per megabit

*Data effective 03/18/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. For 12 months with a 2-yr contract, paperless bill, & autopay. Price increases for months 13–24.
† For 12 months with a 1-yr. agreement & Autopay.

Top TV and internet packages


Best TV deal for sports fans

What it offers

  • $69.99 per month (for 12 months) for base package
  • 235+ channels
  • 35 additional sports channels with Sports Pack for $13.99 per month
  • 270 channels at $83.98 per month is about $0.30 per channel



  • Requires a 2-year contract
  • Needs a mounted satellite dish

DIRECTV is one of the best providers in the business for sports programming, with tons of channel variety. Based on cost per channel, DIRECTV XTRA® is a slightly better value than other high-end packages like DIRECTV ULTIMATE. Add in the Sports Pack and you’ll pay about 30 cents per channel, which is great.

The Sports Pack adds essential channels for sports fans, including regional sports channels and ESPN Classic. And there’s plenty of content in DIRECTV XTRA® for the less sports-obsessed folks in your life—check out the complete lineup here.


Best TV deal for a budget

What it offers

  • $59.99 per month for 12 months*
  • 65+ Channels
  • Comes in at about $0.19 per channel

/mo. for 12 mos plus taxes. w/24-mo. agmt. Prices higher in 2nd year. Only available in select markets.


  • Very low price for a TV package
  • Low cost per channel
  • Great channel variety
  • Solid DVR


  • Required 1-year contract
  • Limited availability

if you’re looking for a great TV package on a budge, look no further than the AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT package. This package has two things going for it that make it one of the best TV deals around: the low monthly cost and a very low price per channel.

Most providers have entry-level packages that start around $60.00 per month. U-Family is just $35.00 per month for the first 12 months, which is a fantastic price. Even better, the price per channel is only $0.19—that’s less than the entry-level packages from other providers. DIRECTV, AT&T’s other TV service, has a similarly priced entry-level package, but it offers fewer channels, so it can’t quite compete on pure cost.

AT&T TV offers more than just a low price too. The company has had a reputation for good customer service for several years. AT&T also ranks highest in customer satisfaction for channel lineup in our annual survey. In all, it’s hard to go wrong here—if you can get it, that is. Limited availability is the biggest downside for AT&T TV.


Best TV deal for channel surfers

What It Offers

  • $60.00 per month
  • 470+ channels
  • About $0.12 per channel


  • Tons of channels to choose from
  • Excellent price per channel
  • Shorter contract terms than other providers


  • Still requires a contract, even if it’s just 1 year
  • Only available in limited areas

AT&T TV ULTIMATE also gets the title of “Best TV Deal for Channel Surfers” with the AT&T TV ULTIMATE package. If you like a little variety in your TV package, you’ll find it here.

For $74.99 per month*, the AT&T TV ULTIMATE package gets you a whopping 250+ Channels. That works out to about $0.29 per channel, easily making it one of the best cable TV deals you’ll find. While some other providers offer similar channel counts, none do it at this price.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to this plan: there’s a contract involved (although it’s only one year rather than the usual two), and availability of the AT&T TV service is unfortunately limited. But if you can get it, we highly recommended it.

/mo. for 12 mos plus taxes. w/24-mo. agmt. Prices higher in 2nd year. Regional Sports Fee up to $8.49/mo. is extra & applies. Only available in select markets.

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Hulu + Live TV

Best TV deal on streaming

What it offers

  • $54.99-$60.99 per month
  • 60+ channels
  • $0.1 per channel


  • Stream live TV anywhere, anytime
  • Offers a good variety of channel options
  • Access to Hulu on-demand content and originals


  • Requires an internet connection
  • Some local channels not available

These days, cutting the cord doesn’t have to mean cutting out live TV. Several streaming providers offer live TV, including Sling TV and YouTube TV. We think Hulu + Live TV is the best bang for the buck, though, with a lower price per channel, as well as popular cable networks and access to Hulu’s library of on-demand shows and originals.

Hulu’s plans come in ad and no-ad tiers, apply to Hulu + Live TV: $54.99 a month for livestreaming TV services with the ad-supported version of Hulu, or $60.99 a month for livestreaming with ad-free Hulu. Hulu + Live TV also allows for premium TV add-ons, including HBO ($14.99/mo.), SHOWTIME ($10.99/mo.), CINEMAX ($9.99/mo.), and STARZ ($8.99/mo.).

CenturyLink Fiber Internet

Best deal on internet

What It Offers

  • $65.00 per month
  • Up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig)
  • $0.065 per megabit


  • Blazing fast speeds
  • No contracts
  • Guaranteed price for life of service


  • Limited availability
  • So-so customer satisfaction

We’ve covered great TV deals, but what if you’re looking for a great deal on high-speed internet service? Look no further than CenturyLink Fiber Internet. One gig plans in general tend to offer the best deals on internet service simply because the speed goes up so much in proportion to the price.

CenturyLink offers a couple things that set it apart from the competition: first, there’s no contract involved—just pay every month and enjoy the service as long as you want; second, the price is guaranteed to never go up as long as you maintain service. The downside is that this plan is still available only in select markets. However, if you can get it, we highly recommend it.

What makes a TV or internet package a great deal?

To determine whether or not a package is a great deal, we first looked at cost per channel (TV) and cost per megabit (internet). The math is pretty easy: just divide the number of channels (or number of megabits) by the package price.

For example:

Obviously, when it comes to this comparison, you want the lowest number possible—because that generally means you’re getting the most for your money.

We also looked at other additional perks the service offered—CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee, for example, protects your rate from increasing as long as you keep you plan. Spectrum’s TV Gold plan includes tons of extras, like free HBO®, CINEMAX®, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and STARZ ENCORE (among other features).

Feel free to use our magic methods in your own shopping and let us know what screamin’ deals you dig up.

TV and internet deals FAQ 

Which TV provider has the best deals?

If it’s available in your area, AT&T TV offers the best deals, with huge channel counts and affordable prices. If you don’t have access to AT&T TV, DIRECTV offers the same pricing scheme, and even though the channel counts are lower, it’s available in all 50 states.

See if AT&T TV is available in your area:

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What does 1 gig mean?

One gig refers to an internet speed of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), which is equal to about 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). These plans are fast—you can download an entire HD movie in less than two minutes.

How can I lower my cable and internet bill?

If you spend a few more bucks on a faster internet service, you can lower your cable bill by cutting cable altogether with a livestreaming TV service.’s favorite livestreamer, Hulu + Live TV, gives you over 60 popular channels, including sports and locals, for $54.99-$60.99, which is a lot less than cable and satellite providers.

Other livestreaming services, like Sling TV and YouTube TV, offer even cheaper plans—but they don’t include Hulu’s on-demand and original content, a big selling point.

All you need to start livestreaming your TV is an internet connection and a streaming device, and you’ll just pay the internet bill and a subscription fee (renewed on a monthly basis with no contracts).

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