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How Much Should I Be Paying for Cable TV?

TV plans run between $55 and $250 monthly, with the average cable TV plan costing around $83 a month.

The average cable TV plan costs around $83. How do we know? Our TV experts looked at hundreds of TV plans, internet plans, and bundles from 15 top cable providers in the US, comparing them on price, channel counts, and download speeds to inform your buying decisions. Keep reading for more details.

It’s all “cable” (kinda)

Many people use “cable” as a catch-all term for all TV or internet types (cable, satellite, DSL, fiber optic). It’s like that friend or relative that calls all soft drinks “Cokes.”

In this article, we refer to all of the above service types as “cable.” But we differentiate between service types when it really matters.

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How much is cable per month?

Monthly cable prices will depend on whether you’re looking for standalone TV plans or bundles. In the table below, we break down average pricing, channel counts, and internet speeds for 46 standalone TV plans, 206 standalone internet plans, 107 TV and internet bundles, and 75 TV, internet, and phone bundles.

TV only Internet only TV + internet bundles TV + internet + phone bundles
Plans/bundles 46 206 107 75
Price range $54.99–$250.00/mo. $14.99–$500.00/mo. $29.99–$252.99/mo. $43.79–$259.98/mo.
Avg. price $83.35/mo. $66.66/mo. $142.82/mo. $134.40/mo.
Avg. channel count 189 N/A 195 208
Avg. download speed N/A Up to 629 Mbps Up to 670 Mbps Up to 570 Mbps

Data as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Our calculations are based on data from 15 cable, satellite, and fiber TV providers throughout the United States, and the data can vary greatly by region. So consider these figures a starting point.

We also left out basic cable plans because they tend to have high prices for exceptionally low channel counts. This way, we can focus on the TV plans with the best value. For more information on basic cable plans, see our Basic Cable and Channel Packages Guide.

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A word about hidden fees

The figures above—and below—are derived from introductory plan prices only. They don’t include fees for activation, equipment rental, DVR service, installation, local channels, premium channels, regional sports networks (RSN), and more. To learn more about TV providers’ hidden fees, check out these guides:

How much should I pay for standalone cable TV plans?

We compared 46 different standalone TV service plans and found that the average package costs $83.35 a month for 189 channels. That comes to $0.44 per channel.

But keep in mind we used introductory rates to get that figure—and these prices are generally good for only 12 months. After that period, you should expect a (potentially) hefty price increase. That said, DISH guarantees your price for three years, and DIRECTV promises no rate hikes for two years.

Average price for a standalone TV plan

$83.35/mo. ($0.44 per channel)
189 channels

If you find a package that’s cheaper than $83.35 a month and has more than 189 channels, you’ve found a good one. But don’t forget to mind the hidden fees.

To start shopping for a cable TV provider, see our Best TV Providers guide.

Pro tip: DISH is the only TV provider guaranteeing your payment won’t change for three years. But, new for 2023, DIRECTV offers a two-year price guarantee.

How much should I pay for cable internet plans?

For standalone internet plans, you can expect to pay around $66.66 a month for up to 629 Mbps download speeds (based on 206 internet plans). But those figures combine the three most common internet types: cable, DSL, and fiber optic.

If you’re an average internet user, a 629 Mbps cable (or DSL) connection is more than enough. You could probably even drop down to 300 Mbps and still be sitting pretty—while also saving money.

Average price for a standalone internet plan

Up to 629 Mbps download speeds

But fiber optic internet is the fastest and most reliable internet connection. It’s what you want if you have a large household with a lot of devices on the same network, and they’re being used for streaming, online gaming, and working at home.

Fiber internet also has symmetrical upload speeds, meaning you can upload data as fast as you download it. That’s especially nice if you’re working at home and doing a lot of video calls.

What are the best cable TV deals and packages?

It’s smart to look into TV providers’ current deals and promotions before you sign up. Check these articles out for great deals on TV and internet service:

How much should I pay for cable TV bundles?

Bundle discounts are increasingly rare—but we looked at 107 TV and internet bundles and found that the average bundle costs $142.82 a month ($0.75 per channel) for around 195 channels and 670 Mbps download speeds.

Again, try to get fiber internet plans if you can. Good places to look for bundles with fiber internet and tons of channels include Verizon Fios and Optimum.

Average price for a TV and internet bundle:

$129.05/mo. ($0.71 per channel)
182 channels
Up to 500 Mbps download speeds

The average triple-play bundle—TV, internet, and a home phone line with unlimited calling (service areas vary)—costs $134.40 a month (based on 75 bundles).

The absolute best triple-play bundle deal we’ve found is from Optimum. Check out our Optimum bundles guide for more information.

Average price for a TV, internet, and phone bundle:

$134.40/mo. ($0.65 per channel)
208 channels
Up to 570 Mbps download speeds

What about when the introductory price expires?

To protect yourself from price hikes after your introductory price ends, you can do one of two things:

  • Find a cable provider that doesn’t have contracts. Then you’re free to switch providers whenever you want.
  • Call your provider at the end of the promotional period and try to negotiate a lower monthly payment.

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Final take

We’ve determined how much you should pay for cable TV plans and bundles, so you’re ready to start shopping. As a recap:

  • Standalone TV plans: $83.35 a month is a good price for around 189 channels.
  • Standalone internet plans: $66.66 a month is a good price for around 629 Mbps.
  • Double-play bundles: A TV-and-internet bundle should cost $142.82 monthly for about 195 channels and 670 Mbps.
  • Triple-play bundles: A TV, internet, and phone bundle should cost $134.40 per month for around 208 channels and 570 Mbps.

Now just enter your zip code below to find TV and internet providers in your area. Good luck!

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To answer your questions about cable TV pricing, our TV experts looked at 434 TV plans, internet plans, TV-and-internet bundles, and bundles with TV, internet, and phone service. We then crunched the numbers to find average prices, channel counts, and download speeds to support our readers as they search for TV service. For more on our process, see our How We Rank page.

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