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We look at the future of NFL SUNDAY TICKET ahead of its impending departure from DIRECTV.

DIRECTV’s contract for NFL SUNDAY TICKET expires at the end of the 2022 NFL regular season. The satellite TV provider declined to bid on a new contract—meaning the out-of-market package will move to a different TV service.

In July, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told CNBC that NFL SUNDAY TICKET “is moving to a streaming service.”1 He also said the plan is to select the new NFL SUNDAY TICKET rights owner by this fall. So, we have just under two months until we know exactly where NFL SUNDAY TICKET is heading for the 2023 season.

Here we’ll break down possible NFL SUNDAY TICKET destinations and answer other questions surrounding the streaming deal. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

Where will NFL SUNDAY TICKET be in 2023?

The NFL hasn’t announced which service will carry NFL SUNDAY TICKET in 2023. But earlier this year, The New York Times reported that four major companies placed bids or expressed interest in the out-of-market streaming package—including Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Google.2


The frontrunner for NFL SUNDAY TICKET next year is Apple. Though, in mid-October, CNBC revealed that negotiations between the NFL and Apple were lagging because of Apple’s desire to have a stronger partnership with the league.3 This makes sense when you look at Apple’s Friday Night Baseball programming on Apple TV+, where each broadcast comes decked out with Apple tech. You can tell Apple has more up its sleeve than simply stocking its streaming platform with live sports.

Earlier this year, Apple struck a massive deal with Major League Soccer (MLS) that will see Apple become the exclusive streaming home to every MLS game through 2032. Will Apple bring that sort of ambition to the NFL? We think it’s just a matter of time.


If Apple cannot secure a deal with the NFL, Amazon could be next in line to strike a deal. Amazon Prime Video is already home to Thursday Night Football, and the league seems eager to expand the partnership. On October 18, the NFL and Amazon announced a new Black Friday game that will come to Prime Video in 2023. Perhaps the two companies want to go the extra yard and add out-of-market games to the mix.

Did you know? DIRECTV currently offers an NFL SUNDAY TICKET streaming option, but subscribers must meet strict eligibility requirements to sign up. We cover those requirements and more on our How to Get NFL SUNDAY TICKET Without DIRECTV page.


The Walt Disney Company expressed much interest in NFL SUNDAY TICKET late last year before submitting a bid in February. It’s logical for Disney to bid since it’s the majority owner of ESPN Inc. Adding NFL SUNDAY TICKET content alongside ESPN’s Monday Night Football slate would be a huge boost for the Mouse House. And between Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, the company has a large stake in the streaming landscape.

Should NFL SUNDAY TICKET end up at Disney, ESPN+ would likely sell the out-of-market package as an add-on—similar to how it offers MLB.TV. But of course, there would be a lot more cross-promotion with Disney’s other brands.


Apart from Apple, Google is the only other company on this list that doesn’t already have a broadcasting deal with the NFL. However, it’s not for lack of live sports interest, as Google already has several sports partnerships through YouTube and YouTube TV. Adding NFL SUNDAY TICKET to a roster that includes weekly MLB games and the UEFA Women’s Champions League would be a big win for the video-sharing platform.

Prepare for NFL SUNDAY TICKET’s streaming future

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How much will NFL SUNDAY TICKET cost in 2023?

No matter where NFL SUNDAY TICKET lands in 2023, its pricing should be similar to what it is now through DIRECTV. That’s because the NFL’s in-market broadcasting deals with CBS and FOX require that out-of-market access comes at a premium price.

Under DIRECTV, a basic NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscription costs $293.94 per season. The satellite TV provider also offers a higher-tiered NFL SUNDAY TICKET package—called NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX—for $395.94 per season. The premium plan comes equipped with DIRECTV’s RedZone channel and Fantasy Zone network.

What comes with NFL SUNDAY TICKET in the new deal?

Besides out-of-market games, the NFL usually packages NFL SUNDAY TICKET with a minority interest in NFL Media. Whichever company picks up NFL SUNDAY TICKET will also have a stake in NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and

Can bars and restaurants get NFL SUNDAY TICKET in 2023?

Bars and restaurants will likely get NFL SUNDAY TICKET when it moves to a streaming service in 2023. But not all venues are ready to cut the cord—especially since fast and reliable internet isn’t accessible nationwide.

Amazon acknowledged this concern when it became the exclusive home to Thursday Night Football at the start of the 2022 season. To alleviate the problem, Amazon partnered with DIRECTV so DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS customers would still get Thursday Night Football via satellite.

Based on a report from CNBC, DIRECTV is open to making a similar deal with the future NFL SUNDAY TICKET rights holder.4


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