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Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 5 Preview

Whodunit on Only Murders in the Building this season? breaks down the odds.

In last week’s episode, we met Charles’ former stepdaughter, and the trio discovered the secret tunnels hidden throughout the Arconia that gave them a behind–the–scenes peek into Nina and the Dimas’ personal lives.

Ahead of episode 5 of Only Murders in the Building, let’s pull out the very professional Only Murders Suspicion Power Rankings and see who’s worth keeping a close eye on. For this inaugural edition, we’re ranking characters from most to least suspicious by using two questions:

  1. Do we think they killed Bunny Folger?
  2. Did they have something to do with the murder?

Only Murders in the Building
“Hello, Darkness”

Only Murders In the Building (Hulu)

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How can I watch Only Murders in the Building?

You can watch the first two seasons of Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Check out our Hulu review to learn more about the streaming service.

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#1. Teddy Dimas

Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane) makes a memorable entrance this season in the elevator with Oliver, and it’s clear he’s not a fan of the trio after last season. Motive? Unclear as of yet. Eagerness to wring Oliver’s neck (lost mindfulness badges notwithstanding)? Sky high.

#2. Alice Banks

Alice (Cara Delevingne) has yet to meet Charles and Oliver, but let’s posit a motive. She’s involved in the art world, and we know that a mysterious voice wanted Bunny’s painting the day before her murder. And let’s not forget the most important rule of a murder mystery show: the Big Season Guest Star is always a little suspicious.

#3. Theo Dimas

Poor damn Theo Dimas (James Caverly). He’s also going through his own legal problems, and perhaps selling an expensive painting could cover a new lawyer’s retainer fees? Plus, only a long-time Arconia resident would know about those secret tunnels . . .

#4. Nina Lin

Nina’s (Christine Ko) pregnancy-induced wish to find Bunny’s real killer makes us think she didn’t kill Bunny, but we still think she could be involved with the murder somehow. Nina’s plans for the Arconia were ambitious, and we’d bet they’ll have something to do with Bunny’s murder.

Others receiving suspicious votes

  • Amy Schumer (*taps Big Guest Star In A Murder Mystery sign*)
  • Mysterious Phone Voice
  • The Actual Murderer (big person, tiny boots)
  • Lucy (secret tunnels have abysmal lighting for TikToks)

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