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Why Do Channels Stick Their Logo On the Screen?

by | Jul 11, 2011 | Industry News | 0 

What's the deal with network channels sticking their logo in the corner of the screen during a show? When blog reader Samia wrote in to ask us about that little logo, we figured it was interesting enough to post about here for everyone to read. Samia writes: "Is there a particular corner of television [...]

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Does TV Matter Anymore?

by | Jun 24, 2011 | Entertainment | 0 

Before you read ahead, ask yourself silently if you think TV really matters anymore. Through the 1940s and up until the early 90s television played an incredibly important role in daily life. Families could sit together and watch celebrities and entertaining skits play out on The Ed Sullivan Show. The only way to get sports […]

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Where Do Our Old TVs Go? (Graphic)

by | Jun 10, 2011 | Industry News | 0 

What happens to old TVs when we’re done with them? If your TV screen breaks or something internally goes wrong, you’re likely to simply throw the whole thing away. Despite the fact that TVs should be recycled, most Americans tend to throw their old and broken TVs straight into the garbage. Reportedly, more than 100,000 […]

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Can TV Help Improve Your Life?

by | May 31, 2011 | Entertainment | 0 

On any of the Saturday or Sunday mornings of my youth, you could find me sitting directly in front of the large screen television in my family’s living room for hours on end. You probably weren’t much different though; back then most of us were like that. For many children of the 80s and 90s […]

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What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like

by | May 26, 2011 | Entertainment, Industry News | 1 

There are thousands upon thousands of TV channels available to watch worldwide. Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the absolutely massive number of television channels out there today because we only ever see them on our TV guides or randomly around the internet. For each channel, there’s a logo design that is easily recognizable […]

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What does the world watch on TV?

by | May 18, 2011 | Industry News | 0 

If you had to guess what television shows have been watched more than any other, what would you guess? Sports games, movies, parade broadcasts, breaking news? As it turns out: we really love watching sporting events, season finales, and controversial episodes of already popular shows. From 1983 until 2010 the season finale of the cult […]

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Doctor Who by the Numbers

by | Jun 14, 2010 | Entertainment | 0 

What are the most watched Doctor Who episodes of all time? Which Doctor Who episodes are the most popular? Which Doctor appeared in the most episodes? Check out this infographic that covers nearly 50 years of Doctor Who history to answer all those questions and more!

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