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“Female” Discovery+ Meets “Male” HBO Max

Warner Bros. Discovery execs believe HBO Max and Discovery+ have specific gender “skews.” A new poll conducted by says otherwise.

Lost in last week’s surprise shelving of the $90 million Batgirl and other movies at HBO Max was this: celebrating the summer 2023 merger of HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single app platform, Warner Bros. Discovery has thrown an internal gender reveal party.

The result? HBO Max is for men; Discovery+ is for women. Seems like a combo name for the merged service would be the more pressing issue (may we suggest HBODiscoMax+?), but the WBD executives have other priorities.

A slide deck presentation bullet-pointed that HBO Max programming is mostly “scripted,” while Discovery+ goes “unscripted.” Also, HBO Max deals in “appointment viewing,” whereas Discovery+ is all about “comfort viewing.” These make sense, but we’re not sure what to make of HBO Max’s “fandoms” versus Discovery+’s “genredoms.”

At the top of each list were “male skew” (HBO Max) and “female skew” (Discovery+). So, no men are into the Discovery+ 90 Day Fiancé universe? Women are averse to women-led HBO Max hits like The Flight Attendant and Hacks?

We don’t buy it, so we polled over 500 people about the “gender biases” of HBO Max and Discovery+. The survey results confirmed our suspicions: the male/female preference lines are blurrier than Warner Bros. Discovery thinks. And also hard-line binary, which is a whole other issue.

Do you agree that HBO Max has a male skew? %
Yes, I agree that HBO Max has a male skew 44%
No, I don’t agree that HBO Max has a male skew 56%
Do you agree that Discovery+ has a female skew? %
Yes, I agree that Discovery+ has a female skew 36%
No, I don’t agree that Discovery+ has a female skew 64%


We asked 550 (261 male and 289 female) Americans if they agreed with Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent statement that HBO Max skews towards men and Discovery+ skews towards women. The results were then weighted to represent census data for gender and age.

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