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9 Movies Just Axed by HBO Max

Warner Bros. Discovery is cutting costs (and content) at HBO Max.

The merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery into the imaginatively titled Warner Bros. Discovery should mean more content streaming our way, right? Nope: WBD has just axed nine upcoming and current films from its HBO Max roster, and even more cuts are said to be on the way.

Why? Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly doesn’t believe the projects in the works were worth the cost to complete, which makes some sense.

On the other hand, removing underperforming older original movies from HBO Max in order to make up money through other video-on-demand services is an odd move. No one was watching them on HBO Max, but they’ll pay to watch them elsewhere? Riiight.

HBO Max still has a lot of movies

Don’t worry—there are still plenty of movies and TV shows on HBO Max. Check out our What to Watch on HBO Max guide for all the stuff you can stream.

Here’s what Warner Bros. Discovery has jettisoned (so far):

HBO Max's Batgirl

Batgirl: The biggest headline, as Warner Bros. Discovery has already sunk over $90 million into the DC Universe superheroine flick starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton, and Brendan Fraser. Batgirl was meant to be an HBO Max streaming-only release, but WBD wants to get back into the theatrical-release-first game, and apparently, Batgirl wasn’t “epic” enough for the big screen.

House Party: The LeBron James–produced remake of the 1990 Kid N’ Play comedy was supposed to be released last month, but HBO Max has made it disappear faster than House Party 3.

Scoob! Holiday Haunt: The sequel to 2020’s CGI-animated Scoob! was 95% completed when WBD decided to put it down, according to one of the film’s writers. No Scooby snacks for Christmas.

HBO Max's The Witches
The Witches

The Witches: Roald Dahl’s dark fantasy comedy The Witches starring Anne Hathaway was released on HBO Max and in theaters in 2020 but has now been zapped from the catalog.

Locked Down: Filmed during and set in the COVID-19 pandemic, heist drama Locked Down was a minor hit in 2021 but is now locked out of HBO Max. What does WBD have against Anne Hathaway?

Superintelligence: Melissa McCarthy/Ben Falcone comedy Superintelligence, about sentient A.I. gone rogue, was a meh 2020 HBO Max release met with lackluster reviews. Nobody’s probably going to miss this one.

HBO Max's Moonshot

Moonshot: It only came out in March of this year, but HBO Max has already cut the Lana Condor/Cole Sprouse sci-fi rom-com Moonshot loose into space.

Charm City Kings: Sundance film Charm City Kings, the coming-of-age story of a teen (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) joining a Baltimore dirt bike gang, was a 2020 indie favorite. HBO Max hit the brakes on it.

An American Pickle: The out-there tale of a 1900s Jewish immigrant (Seth Rogan) accidentally being preserved in a pickle vat and waking up in modern-day New York City was the very first HBO Max original movie. Now, An American Pickle is no longer kosher at HBO Max.

With the exceptions of Batgirl, House Party, and Scoob! Holiday Haunt, the former HBO Max movies above are available to rent or buy through Prime Video, iTunes, and elsewhere.

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