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How Much Does Fubo Cost?

Fubo is one of the priciest live TV streaming services on the market at $32.99–$99.99/mo., but it also includes the most channels.

Best free trial

Price: $32.99–$99.99/mo.

Channels: 65–260+

DVR: 1,000 hrs.

Fubo offers three plans: Pro for $79.99 per month, Elite for $89.99, and Premier for $99.99. You’ll receive 180–260 channels, which is the most among all live TV streaming services. Fubo also offers a Latino package for $32.99 per month for 65+ Spanish-language channels.

We’ll compare Fubo’s price to its competitors and layout which Fubo package might fit your household best. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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What are Fubo’s plans and prices?

Fubo has four plans to choose from depending on your sports fandom, entertainment wants, budget, and primary home language.

Fubo’s English-language plans are Pro, Elite, and Premier, which range from $80–$100 per month. The starter package boasts 180+ channels. Fubo’s Latino plan takes the trophy for the best Spanish-language live TV plan on the market, and it only costs $33 per month.

Plan Price Live channels Cloud DVR storage Details
Pro $79.99/mo. 180+ 1,000 hrs. View plan
Elite $89.99/mo. 250+ 1,000 hrs. View plan
Premier $99.99/mo. 260+ 1,000 hrs. View plan
Latino $32.99/mo. 65+ 250 hrs. View plan

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Budget for Fubo’s regional sports fee

Fubo is one of the few services that includes RSN coverage based on your location—and unfortunately, there’s no way to opt out of the accompanying fee. The price of your fee will depend on how many RSNs are available in your location.

  • One RSN: $11.99/mo.
  • Two or more RSNs: $14.99/mo.

How does Fubo’s price compare to other live TV streaming services?

Fubo is the second priciest live TV streaming service, right behind DIRECTV STREAM, but its dollar-to-channel ratio is one of the best. We’re talking 39 cents per channel.

Frndly TV and Philo have better dollar-to-channel ratios, but you won’t find sports or many kids channels with these services. But it’s worth mentioning that we rate YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV higher than Fubo because they have a lower price tag and include channels TNT and TBS (which are necessary for the NBA and MLB season).

P.S. For even ground of the available live TV streaming packages, we left out the Latino plans in the table below.

Fubo vs. the competition

Plan Price Live channels Cloud DVR storage Details
DIRECTV STREAM $69.99–$159.99/mo. 75–150+ Unlimited (9 mos.) View plan
Frndly TV $6.99–$10.99/mo.. 40+ Unlimited (3 mos.) View plan
Fubo $32.99–$99.99/mo. 65–260+ 1,000 hrs. View plan
Hulu + Live TV $76.99–$89.99/mo. 85+ Unlimited (9 mos.) View plan
Philo $25.00/mo. 70+ Unlimited (1 yr.) View plan
Sling TV $40.00–$55.00/mo. 30–45+ 50–200 hrs. View plan
Vidgo $69.99–$99.99/mo. 110–250+ 20 hrs. View plan
YouTube TV $72.99/mo. 100+ Unlimited (9 mos.) View plan

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Which Fubo plan should I get?

Fubo has four plans: A starter plan with most of the popular channels, a plan for diehard sports fans, one for sports and SHOWTIME watchers, and one for Spanish-speaking families.

Check out our Fubo Channel Lineup page to make sure you order the right package with your favorite channels.

  • Pro ($79.99/mo.): Fubo’s starter package comes with 180 channels most families can get behind. You’ll receive channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, ESPN, The Weather Channel, MSNBC, and Fox News in addition to local channels.
  • Elite ($89.99/mo.): We recommend upgrading to Fubo’s Elite plan because, for $10 more, you’ll get 80 more channels to watch. These channels are especially great for avid sports fans and entertainment lovers, such as NBA TV, MLB Network, INSP, Game Show Network, Nat Geo Wild, and Science Channel.
  • Premier ($99.99/mo.): Like Elite, Premier’s channel lineup has all of the sports channels Fubo has to offer. Not only is this plan for sports-watchers, but also for Yellowjackets followers. Nine SHOWTIME channels will be in your lineup, such as SHOWTIME Showcase, SHOWTIME Family, and SHOxBET.
  • Latino ($32.99): Para las familias que hablan español, esto es para ustedes. Fubo’s Latino plan es uno de los mejores porque ningún otro servicio ofrece 65 Spanish-language canales para $33 por mes. También, este es uno de los pocos planes que incluye Telemundo, Univision, Únimas, Estrella TV, Pasiones, y ESPN Deportes.


Our TV experts have tested and reviewed live TV streaming services, including Fubo, for many years. We also rank each streaming service not only based off price for the channels it offers, but also consumer satisfaction surveys, user experience, and features.

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