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The Emmys vs. The Golden Globes: The 2023–2024 Season’s Biggest Winners

With the Primetime Emmys just around the corner, let’s take stock of the current nominees.

2024 is already shaping up to be a weird year for awards shows. On January 7, the Golden Globes held its first ceremony since its governing body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) sold the rights to Dick Clark Productions.

Meanwhile, the Television Academy held the Creative Arts Emmys on the same night as the Golden Globes. And the Primetime Emmys (you know, the one you think of when you hear about “The Emmys”) are right around the corner, airing January 15 on FOX. The Golden Globes always happen in January, but the Emmys usually happen in September. So why the late start this year?

A lot of live events, including many awards shows, were postponed in 2023 due to the Hollywood strikes. So if it seems like a lot of events are suddenly happening all at once, it’s because they are.

But this unique schedule allows us the opportunity to closely compare two consecutive television awards. Let’s review this year’s Golden Globes winners, and how they stack up to this year’s Emmy nominees.

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Which shows have the most nominations?

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SeriesGolden Globe NominationsEmmy Nominations*
The White Lotus412
Ted Lasso38
The Bear56
The Last of Us35
Only Murders in the Building53

*Primetime Emmys only; not counting other ceremonies like the Creative Arts Emmys

This season’s frontrunners are Succession and The Bear. Both won their respective categories for Best TV Series in the Golden Globes, and both are nominated a considerable amount of times for the upcoming Emmys. Ted Lasso is another name to watch out for, and you can think of it as the comedic Succession. Both shows have large casts and ended in 2023, making this their final awards season.

Why is The Bear considered a comedy?

The Bear, like Barry, is technically more of a dramedy—a dramatic show with the occasional comedic moment—but there’s no dramedy category in most awards shows. At least, not yet. But they had to fit them in somewhere, and since both shows tend to have shorter episodes (~30 minutes), they get judged against the sitcoms. Which feels weird, right?

Only Murders in the Building bears similarity to Ted Lasso and Succession in that its actors are often in competition against each other; the Globes pitted co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short against each other for Best Actor (although neither won), and the large cast of Succession has been dominating the acting categories for years. The Emmys, however, have been less favorable to Only Murders this year, only nominating Martin Short.

Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong, and Sarah Snook were all nominated for both Golden Globes and Emmys this season, and Culkin and Snook both took the top spots for Best Actor and Actress, respectively, at the Globes. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this year’s acting races at the Emmys to see if Succession can go for a full sweep.

The White Lotus is a bit of a weird case, since the Globes technically consider it a Limited Series, while the Emmys lump it in with the other dramas. But it might give Succession a run for its money—either way, HBO wins.

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Golden Globe Nominees vs. Emmy Nominees

It’s easy to guess that the Emmys might award its top honors to the same shows and actors as the Golden Globes, but both ceremonies are working with different lists of nominees. Let’s take a look at how each major category stacks up.

Best Television Series (Comedy)

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
Abbott ElementaryAbbott Elementary
The Bear*The Bear
Jury DutyJury Duty
Only Murders in the BuildingThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Ted LassoOnly Murders in the Building
Ted Lasso


Two men in aprons test a dish in The Bear's kitchen.
The Bear (Hulu)

Best Television Series (Drama)

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
The Last of UsBetter Call Saul
The CrownThe Crown
The Morning ShowHouse of the Dragon
The DiplomatThe Last of Us
The White Lotus


The Roy family, seven business people in suits, walking tensely in two rows down a hallway.
Succession (HBO)

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
Bill Hader (Barry)Bill Hader (Barry)
Steve Martin (Only Murders in the Building)Jason Segel (Shrinking)
Jason Segel (Shrinking)Martin Short (Only Murders in the Building)
Martin Short (Only Murders in the Building)Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso)
Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso)Jeremy Allen White (The Bear)
Jeremy Allen White (The Bear)*


Best Actress in a Comedy Series

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)Christina Applegate (Dead to Me)
Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary)Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)
Ayo Edebiri (The Bear)*Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary)
Elle Fanning (The Great)Natasha Lyonne (Poker Face)
Selena Gomez (Only Murders in the Building)Jenna Ortega (Wednesday)
Natasha Lyonne (Poker Face)


Best Actor in a Drama Series

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
Brian Cox (Succession)Jeff Bridges (The Old Man)
Kieran Culkin (Succession)*Brian Cox (Succession)
Gary Oldman (Slow Horses)Kieran Culkin (Succession)
Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us)Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Jeremy Strong (Succession)Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us)
Dominic West (The Crown)Jeremy Strong (Succession)


Best Actress in a Drama Series

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Golden Globe NomineesEmmy Nominees
Helen Mirren (1923)Sharon Horgan (Bad Sisters)
Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us)Melanie Lynskey (Yellowjackets)
Keri Russel (The Diplomat)Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale)
Sarah Snook (Succession)*Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us)
Imelda Staunton (The Crown)Keri Russel (The Diplomat)
Emma Stone (The Curse)Sarah Snook (Succession)


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