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Is NFL Plus Worth It?

The NFL just launched NFL+, a streaming service featuring live in-market games for only $4.99 a month—but is it a good deal?

Following months of rumors and speculation, the NFL’s latest streaming service is finally here. NFL+ replaces NFL Game Pass for US-based subscribers, now offering two paid tiers and live regular season and postseason games. Its plans start at $4.99 a month, but there are a couple of key limitations to consider.

Is NFL+ worth it? We went more in-depth on this topic in our NFL+ review. But we don’t think NFL+ is worth your money unless you don’t mind watching live games on your phone or tablet. Allow us to explain. Sports logo featuring animated athlete with raised hands.

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The live NFL games available on NFL+ are the same games you can watch on your local channels. You can also watch national fixtures like every game on NFL Network and Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football matchups. The big catch—or fumble—is that live NFL+ games are only accessible on mobile phones and tablet devices. That means you can’t watch your favorite teams on your TV or desktop computer—so you’ll have to show off your 4K home entertainment setup another way.

Of course, you can already watch in-market NFL games if you have a cable, satellite, or live TV streaming subscription. Even a simple over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna will get you those same NFL matchups if you’re within range of your local ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC affiliates.

So our hot-take recommendation is to skip NFL+ if you already have TV service. But if you don’t have TV service, and you’re on a tight budget and starved for live football, go ahead and give NFL+ a try. There’s even a seven-day free trial you can take advantage of during the preseason.

For more information on the service, visit our full-length NFL+ review. Also, head over to our How to Watch NFL Games for a closer look at the many ways you can watch football this season.

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