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Disney Plus R-Rated Originals

While Disney+ is adding R-rated movies to attract more subscribers, we sneak in some pitches for adult-oriented Disney+ originals.

In 2022, Disney+ added some R-rated films to its library in a bid to attract more adults. Here are the R-rated films on Disney+ that our experts have been able to verify so far.

  • Deadpool
  • Deadpool 2
  • Logan

Sorry, folks, but you won’t find a ton of Disney-owned R-rated properties on Disney+ just yet. That said, while Disney subsidiaries own plenty of R-rated titles, streaming services thrive on original content. We thought we’d get ahead of the game with some pitches for R-rated Disney+ original movies.

A meme featuring a crudely drawn, leering Goofy..

The Disney Bundle(s)

Did you know that you can get Disney+ in a bundle? The Disney Bundle includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for only $13.99 per month with ads or $19.99 per month without ads. And, if you want live TV, there’s also a Disney Bundle with Hulu + Live TV, which adds 70+ live TV channels for $72.99 per month or $78.99 per month without ads.

Donald of the Dead

After more than 80 years, Disney’s apoplectic duck has finally alienated everyone close to him. But, when a shufflin’ George A. Romero zombie bites him, Donald Duck calms way down.

Now, strangely, Donald is slow-moving and pensive. In death, he finds the peace and perspective that eluded him in life—but he can’t communicate his contrition. Donald can only monotonously quack, “Oh boy . . . Oh boy . . . Oh boy . . . ” as the gnawing hunger pangs of the undead make him munch on Huey’s, Dewey’s, and Louie’s gooey guts.

Rated R for fowl language.

Pro tip: While not advertised as a bundle, the AMC+ streaming service includes live and on-demand content from AMC, BBC America, IFC, SUNDANCE NOW, and Shudder for only $8.99 per month.


After the events of Bambi, a reclusive scientist captures Thumper and injects him with an experimental super-soldier serum. The dose turns Bambi’s bunny bud into a muscular, bipedal action rabbit with a mission: to return to his adopted litter of kittens.

True to action-film tropes and a bunny’s nature, Thumper has a way with the ladies. In short order, he sires an army of baby action rabbits. Throughout this unrepentant gorefest, the family thumps into bloody pulp anyone who gets between them and their kitties.

Rated R for wanton thumping.

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The Lion Queen

In this The Lion King spinoff, RuPaul plays the lion drag queen Rufasa, the oldest child of the terminally ill Mufasa. When Rufasa’s younger, intolerant brother Joeroganfasa challenges her for the throne, Ru must fight fiercely for her right to rule the pride.

With expertly thrown shade and a series of white-hot lip-sync performances (none of which are of Elton John and Tim Rice’s The Lion King soundtrack songs), Ru shows the pride a thing or two about pride. As Ru assumes the throne, Joeroganfasa slinks away to join the manosphere but winds up getting poached along the way.

Rated R for Rufasa.

Eyes Wide Hyuk!

Goofy isn’t much of a lover. His girlfriend, Sylvia Marpole, suggests they spice things up, starting with Goofy keeping his eyes open during the act. Faced with losing Sylvia just like he lost Mrs. Goof and Clarabelle Cow, Goofy agrees to try.

When he succeeds, Goofy’s appetite grows insatiable. He wants to try everything—but he’s still terribly unskilled. Though she knows it’s all her fault, Sylvia can’t live with the incompetent monster she’s created and leaves Goofy anyway. Fortunately, Goofy finds happiness on a dating app called Bungle.

Rated R for awkward sexual situations.

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