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Top 5 What We Do in the Shadows Vacation Destinations

Here are some ideas on how to spend your summer days like a bloodsucking creature of the night.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first three seasons of FX’s What We Do in the Shadows. Abandon all hope (of remaining unspoiled), all ye who enter!

What We Do in the Shadows returns for season 4 on Tuesday, July 12 at 10 p.m. eastern on FX. Summer isn’t traditionally the time of year we associate with vampires, but the main characters on WWDITS aren’t your traditional living dead.

Laszlo, Nadja, and the rest of the squad are often bumping up against human society, and that involves name-dropping a lot of real-world locations.

So if you’re looking for some creative vacation destinations this summer, maybe for a journey around the world that ends with you finally giving your loyal familiar the gift of eternal life, try these five locations ripped from the silver screen.

(Just remember to social distance and wear your masks. That’s not a WWDITS reference—that’s just a reminder about the world we live in.)

Not a night owl?

If you don’t feel like staying up late to watch the season premiere of WWDITS, catch both episodes the next morning on Hulu.

Staten Island, New York

When they came over to the States from the “Old World,” Nadja, Laszlo, and Nandor elected to make their new home in Staten Island. Some of their friends chose to settle in Manhattan instead, but it’s hard to imagine our vampires living anywhere else.

Staten Island is home to many wonderful attractions. Ride the Staten Island Ferry and stop by all of the borough’s most famous landmarks, including Greenridge Animal Welfare Services, the Post-Chiropteran Wellness Center, and the Temple of Blood-Devourers.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

You might have a human or two in your travel party, so try to pick some human attractions to cater to them. If you’re anything like the vampires of WWDITS, your first stop will be New Jersey.

This place really has it all—boxing matches, Rat Pack cover bands, and Big Bang Theory–themed slot machines. Bazinga!

Clairton, Pennsylvania

Listen, we’ve all been there. Sometimes an old rival (who just so happens to look like Mark Hamill in a Spirit Halloween wig) reappears in your life to collect on an unpaid debt, and you need to skip town.

When that happens, why not give Clairton, Pennsylvania a try? They’ve got a very successful women’s volleyball team, and we’ve also heard good things about Lucky Brew’s Bar and Grill. Hopefully, it’s been rebuilt after it burned down a few years ago—whatever happened to its human owner, Jackie Daytona, anyway?

Maybe he went back home to Tucson, Arizon-ia.

Tucson, Arizon-ia

Not just a trending Tiktok sound! If you see Jackie Daytona there, let us know.

London, England

When we last checked in with the gang, they were moving up in the world. After our heroes’ political successes in Staten Island, Executive Producer Taika Waititi made his return as Viago to promote Nadja to the Vampiric Council in London.

It’s more than just a seat of vampiric power: it’s also a great city to visit this summer if you’re looking to leave the country (and are willing to sacrifice air conditioning).

We wish you more luck than our favorite bloodsucking roommates in your travel plans, though. Remember: communication is key. Make sure your travel companion is with you before you lock yourself in your coffin for the journey, and let them know if you’ve been kidnapped. There’s nothing worse than getting stood up at a train station with nothing but a jar of your ancestral soil.

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