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Frontier TV Plans and Pricing

Frontier TV isn’t accepting new customers.

Price: $64.99–$127.99

Channels: 125–360+

Data is as of time of post. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

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Is Frontier TV good?

We wish we could tell you if Frontier TV is worth checking out, but honestly, it would be a waste of your time. Not necessarily because the service is terrible—it just isn’t accepting new customers right now. And since you’re looking at a Frontier TV review, we assume you don’t already have it.

It’s a real bummer for us to have to say this, but as far as your current TV needs are concerned, Frontier TV doesn’t exist.

Frontier TV pros and cons


  • Still available for current Frontier TV customers


  • Not available for new Frontier TV customers

Frontier TV FAQ

Why isn’t Frontier TV accepting new customers?

Frontier’s website isn’t forthcoming about why Frontier isn’t offering new customers TV packages.

But word on the street is that because Frontier TV’s installation process includes sending in technicians, COVID-19 has Frontier worried about the health implications this could have for its customers and employees.

How can I get TV service with my Frontier internet service?

Even though you can’t get a Frontier TV plan, you can still get DISH TV with your Frontier internet package. To learn more about DISH and see all the Frontier and DISH bundles, head over to our DISH bundles review.

What channels come with Frontier TV packages?

If you’re already a Frontier TV customer—or you’re just really curious about what Frontier has even though you can’t get it—check out our Frontier TV channel lineup. We’ve got all the major Frontier TV plans and their channels listed on that page.

When will Frontier TV be available for sign up?

There’s no word yet about when or if Frontier TV will return for new customers. We’ll keep you updated here whenever we hear something new.