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Frontier Customer Service and Phone Number

Talk to a real-life person about your Frontier internet and TV service today.

How do I contact Frontier customer service?

On the whole, Frontier’s detailed help center, live chat, and call scheduling features are the stuff most people dream of finding in a cable TV and internet service provider. We love that their customer service is available 24/7, and that they have assistance available in over seven different languages.

There are a few barriers, like service fees for over-the-phone bill payments and help answers that require you to log in to your account. But as long as those don’t bother you, Frontier’s vast array of resources should do you right.

Why you should trust us: Our expert editors tirelessly research internet and TV providers to bring you only the most up-to-date and accurate information available about everything from customer service to equipment to hidden fees.

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Sign up for Frontier service

Looking to sign up for Frontier internet service? Just head over to Frontier’s website, enter your address, and find the best Frontier internet plan for you.

Keep in mind that Frontier plans vary by area, with some cities supported by Frontier’s fiber network and more rural locations run on Frontier’s DSL network. Our Frontier internet review examines the difference between the two networks in depth.

What you need to call Frontier customer service

1. Have your account number handy. This number is on the top part of your Fronter bills, along with your pin.
2. If you can’t find your account number, you can still get help as long as you remember the associated phone number.
3. Prepare your social security number’s last four digits in case your customer service representative asks for verification.
4. Write down your service address, especially if you’re moving to a new location.
5. Grab a pen and paper to jot down confirmation numbers and other notes.

Frontier customer service phone number

You can reach Frontier customer service at 1-800-921-8101. For Spanish, call this number and then press 9.

Frontier also offers customer service in a range of other languages. Spanish-language help even has a unique number, if you’d prefer to jump straight into español when you dial.

If you want to sign up for Frontier internet service, call 855-533-3954.

Frontier customer service hours of operation

Frontier offers 24/7 customer service so that you can reach out at any time. Or you can make an appointment for Frontier to call you by heading over to Frontier’s contact page and selecting Schedule a Call Back.

Frontier outages

To learn about Frontier outages in your area, visit their website and enter the address of your service. Frontier will show you if there is an outage at your location and, if there’s not a notable outage, can help you troubleshoot what other issues may be causing your internet interruption.

We’re impressed by how Frontier has streamlined this process, though it lacks the catharsis of having a customer service representative as a captive audience to our annoyances. On second thought—we’re probably better off without that.

Frontier customer service online

You can get immediate assistance online with Frontier’s live chat tool. Head over to Frontier’s contact page and click on the Chat Live button.

The chat tool will have you answer some questions about the type of help you need, and then you’ll need to give your Frontier account information or log in to your Frontier online account.

If you prefer Frontier troubleshooting on your own, head over to Frontier’s online help center. You can find lots of FAQ and articles to help you.

You could even take Frontier’s automated troubleshooting tool for a spin. When you log in to your account, the tool checks that all your services are running smoothly and automatically fixes many problems on its own.

Frontier tech support

You can contact Frontier tech support through their mobile application, or by checking out their online help center.

Frontier customer support for your business

If you have a Frontier business account, just like residential Frontier customers, you can live chat online or schedule a call for customer service from the Frontier contact page.

Frontier local customer service options

You can find a local Frontier storefront with Frontier’s retail store locator. First, select your state, and then press Next. From there, you’ll see the addresses of all Frontier stores in your area, along with operation hours and in-person services.

Pay your Frontier bill

  • To pay online or set up automatic payments, log in to your account on Frontier’s website or through your MyFrontier app, available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • To pay without logging in online, use Frontier Express Pay.
  • To pay by mail, send your payment and payment stub to Frontier Communications, PO Box 740407, Cincinnati, OH 45274-0407.

Canceling or suspending your Frontier service

  • If you’re moving, check to see if Frontier provides service at your new address. Transferring your service with you can help you avoid cancellation fees.
  • If you’re traveling for one to nine months, you can suspend your Frontier service at a discounted rate. Visit Frontier’s Vacation Service page to view instructions on how to put your services on hold.
  • To cancel your Frontier service, visit their Cancelling Service page. Keep in mind that you may have to pay an early termination fee based on the time remaining in your contract. Make a plan to return any equipment you’ve leased from Frontier to avoid additional fees.

Why you should trust us

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