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Paramount+ Deals March 2023

There are several ways to save a few bucks on a Paramount+ subscription—or even get one for free. Let help you pinch some P+ pennies.

Best streaming for less

Current deals and promotions:

  • Paramount+/SHOWTIME Bundle: $11.99–$14.99/mo. (Best bundle)
  • Paramount+ with annual payment: $119.99–$149.99/yr. (Savings of $10–$20)
  • Paramount+ with student discount: $3.74/mo. (Best for students

Paramount+ isn’t a pricey streaming service, but that’s no reason to pass up deals or discounts when you can get ’em. We’ve rounded up five ways to save on Paramount+ that’ll have you watching Tulsa King in no time (though we recommend turning on the captioning to understand whatever Sylvester Stallone is saying).

Paramount+ free trial

Paramount+ currently offers a 7-day free trial period, which is 23 days more generous than most on-demand streaming services. You have to pay up eventually, but you can squeeze a whole lot of Criminal Minds episodes into a month.

Paramount+/SHOWTIME bundle

When bundled together, subscribing to corporate siblings Paramount+ and SHOWTIME can save you a few bucks over subscribing to them separately. Depending on the Paramount+ plan (Essential with ads or Premium without ads), the Paramount+/SHOWTIME bundle can cut 25%–29% off of your combined bill. If you’re into movies, this bundle is a sweet deal.

Paramount+ with annual payment

If you pay for a full year of Paramount+ upfront, you basically get two months for free. The Paramount+ Essential plan (with ads) costs $4.99 a month, but it’s just $49.99 annually, saving you $10 a year. For the $9.99-a-month Premium plan (without ads), the annual cost is $99.99 a year for a savings of $20 over 12 months.

Paramount+ with student discount

Verified students can get Paramount+ (Essential plan only) for 25% off, a savings of $1.25 a month. Unfortunately, the Paramount+ student discount isn’t available for the ad-free Premium plan, and it’s only for college/university students (no high schoolers—sorry, kids).

Paramount+ with Samsung Your Choice Club

Qualifying members of Samsung’s Your Choice Club can get four months of free Paramount+ service (Essential plan only). This freebie is available for new and current customers.

Paramount+ deals FAQ

What’s the cheapest way to get Paramount+?

The cheapest way to get Paramount+ (at least for a month) is to take advantage of its 7-day free trial period. The Paramount+/SHOWTIME bundle or paying by the year are also good ways to save a few bucks on the streaming service.

Is Paramount+ free with Walmart+?

Paramount+ (Essential plan only) is included free with a $12.95 a month (or $98 a year) Walmart+ membership.

Is Paramount+ available as a channel on Prime Video?

Paramount+ is available as an Amazon Prime Video channel, but only the $9.99 Premium plan without ads. You can’t subscribe to the ad-supported Essentials plan through Prime Video.

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