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Sparklight Customer Service: 1-877-692-2253

Call to talk to a human about your Sparklight service today.

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Contact Sparklight customer service

Sparklight customer service hours of operation

You can reach Sparklight’s tech support and billing support at 1-877-692-2253. Tech support is 24/7, while billing support is open weekdays from 8:00 AM–5:00 PM MST. You’ll need your account number or associated phone number to talk to a customer service representative.

We repeat: you will absolutely need one of the numbers mentioned earlier. Sparklight offers no other workaround for you to talk to a human being. Ugh.

Sparklight outages

If you’re not sure whether your internet problems are from a local outage or something else, give Sparklight a ring at 1-877-692-2253.

Should there be an outage in your area, you’ll hear an announcement after you enter your account number or phone number. And if you have more questions, you can stay on the line to talk to a service rep.

Sparklight customer service phone number

The number for Sparklight customer service is 1-877-692-2253. Make sure you have your account number or associated phone number ready to enter, or you won’t be able to get through to customer service.

We know—that’s not a helpful restriction when you’re already in crisis, but there’s no way around it.

Sparklight customer service online

Sparklight has a collection of videos and articles to answer FAQ. The articles are a little dense and wordy, so they may take a few passes to decipher.

If you want tech help online, Sparklight doesn’t have a chat box, but it does let you submit a ticket for someone to reach out to you. Log in to your online account, click on Support in the top bar, and then select Tickets. From there, you can fill out a message stating your technical problems.

Sparklight tech support

You can reach Sparklight’s tech support at 1-877-692-2253. Enter either your account number or the phone number associated with your account to talk to an agent.

If you prefer to have Sparklight call you, log in to your online account. In the Support section, under Tickets, you can send a message to Sparklight’s technical support. A technician will reach out to you to help—but Sparklight doesn’t indicate how long the wait will be.

Sparklight customer support for your business

If you have a Sparklight Business account, call 1-877-570-0500 for customer support. You’ll need to provide your account number or associated phone number to chat with a customer representative.

Sparklight local customer service options

Whether you want to talk out your Sparklight needs face-to-face or call someone who knows your area better, your local Sparklight office can probably help you out with that.

To find a nearby office, head over to Sparklight’s Contact Us page. Scroll down to the section that says “Not finding what you’re looking for?” and click that purple down arrow. From there, you can enter your ZIP code and get the address, office hours, and contact info for your local Sparklight location.

Before you call Sparklight

Your call with Sparklight will go much smoother if you prepare a few things beforehand:

  • Your account number or the phone number associated with your account: Sparklight’s phone system won’t connect you to a customer service representative unless you have one of these.
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number: You may need to provide information like this to confirm your identity.
  • Billing and service addresses: Especially if you’re setting up or moving your service, having the exact address ready to go can save you time on the phone.

Pay your Sparklight bill

Sparklight has five different ways you can pay your bill.

  • Easy Pay: Sign up for Easy Pay online to schedule automatic monthly payments.
  • Online payments: Even if you don’t want to make automatic payments, you can still pay online with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit/debit card. Heads up, American Express fans—your card’s no good with Sparklight.
  • In-person: Drop by your local Sparklight store to take care of that bill.
  • Mail: Send a check or money order with the bottom portion of your bill to Sparklight at PO BOX 78000, Phoenix, AZ 85062-8000.
  • Phone: Call 1-877-692-2253 and use the automated bill-pay service. You can also ask to speak with a representative, but you’ll have to pay an extra $10 convenience fee should you dare request a human ear regarding your payment.

Sign up for Sparklight service

You can sign up for Sparklight right now when you call. Not sure what plan you want? Check out our Sparklight review to see your options.

Cancel your Sparklight service

Canceling Sparklight service varies based on whether or not you’re leasing equipment.

  • Return the equipment yourself: If you’re renting a modem, set-top box, or DVR from Sparklight, pack it in the car and head on over to your local office. When you return it there, the local team can help you disconnect your Sparklight service.
  • Have the equipment picked up: Should you require it, a technician can usually pick up the equipment at your house instead, though that will cost you a $45 convenience fee.
  • Cancel without equipment returns: If you own the equipment, you don’t need to return anything. Just call Sparklight at 1-877-692-2253 to cancel your service. Make sure you have your account number handy.

Pros and cons of Sparklight customer service


  • Online technical support ticket filing
  • Online help articles and videos
  • Easy signup and cancellation


  • No Spanish-language customer service
  • Account number or phone number required for calls
  • Difficult-to-read help articles

In no way is Sparklight a perfect service, but it’s got a few things going for it. Since you can file technical support tickets online, you won’t have to wait on the phone if something goes down. And you can solve a lot of problems yourself with the online articles—even if they aren’t always the smoothest read.

Unfortunately, Sparklight isn’t accessible for Spanish-language speakers. And even English-language speakers will need to make sure they keep track of their account number or associated phone number since there’s no talking to a phone agent without one.

Keep these limitations in mind when you’re reaching out to Sparklight, and you can avoid some trouble while you get the help you need.

Sparklight customer service FAQ

Can I pay my Sparklight cable bill at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart offers money services to pay many of your bills, including your cable bill from Sparklight. However, Walmart charges a convenience fee starting at $1.50.

What is the phone number for Sparklight?

You can reach Sparklight at 1-877-692-2253.

How much is Sparklight internet a month?

Sparklight’s Internet 50 package starts at $40 per month for download speeds up to 50 Mbps. To see all of Sparklight’s internet plans, head on over to our Sparklight internet review.

Does Sparklight have a contract?

No, all of Sparklight’s plans are contract-free.


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