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Name-Brand TVs vs. Their Cheaper Rivals: What’s the Difference?

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Best Of, Equipment Guides, TV FAQs | 1 

Is a name brand the only way to get a quality TV, or should you take a chance on a lesser-known brand? Compare Sony, LG & Samsung vs. TLC, Vizio & Element

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Cox Contour Record 6 HD-DVR: A Strong Contender

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Equipment Guides | 0 

The Contour Record 6 HD-DVR is a well-rounded DVR option. Its features allow for control over your viewing experience without being overly complex. Overall, the Record 6 HD-DVR provides a helpful and enjoyable viewing experience that is bound to keep your household happy.

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The Definitive Review of the Whole House DVR from Time Warner Cable

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Equipment Guides, Reviews | 0 

The Enhanced Whole House DVR integrates all the TVs in your house that are connected to your legacy Time Warner service, giving you the power to watch shows recorded on your DVR from any TV in your house.

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The Ultimate Guide to the CenturyLink Prism Whole Home DVR

by | May 17, 2017 | Equipment Guides, Reviews | 0 

What Is the CenturyLink Prism Whole Home DVR? Prism TV is CenturyLink’s premium TV service. This is a fiber-optic service, so bandwidth and picture quality are excellent.

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The 5 Best TV Mounts on the Market

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Best Of, Equipment Guides | 0 

We looked at dozens of TV mounts designed to hold anything from computer screens to widescreen 4K smart TVs, and came up with a list of five TV mounts worth your consideration.

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Your Cable Equipment: Renting vs. Buying

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Equipment Guides, TV FAQs | 0 

UPDATE! This article is out of date - but we've got all the answers you need on our Cable Modem Buyer's Guide. Saving money on the cable bill is practically an American pastime. And one area where consumers can save — but usually don’t — is with their cable equipment. Because cable providers include rental [...]

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A Breakdown of the Best TV Package Deals

by | May 25, 2016 | Equipment Guides | 0 

Cutting the cord and switching to streaming services may seem like the trend, but 83 percent of households still rely on pay-TV plans for their fill of news, movies, and hit TV shows. With so many cable TV providers and packages available, most subscribers can find a perfect match that fits within their budget and […]

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6 Modems That Work With Xfinity

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Equipment Guides | 0 

Do I have to use an Xfinity modem with my Xfinity cable internet? There are many modems available that are compatible, easy to install, and affordable…

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Stop Paying the Cable Company Modem Rental Fees

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Equipment Guides | 0 

Wait! Before you dive too deep into this post, you should know that this article is out of date. Check out our updated Cable Modems Buyer's Guide. Cable customers are often surprised to find out they do not have to use their cable provider's set top boxes for programming or their modems for cable Internet. Most [...]

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How To Watch TV on Your Computer

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Equipment Guides | 0 

With ever-expanding technology, owning a television is becoming less and less of a necessity. For a single person, living on your own or with roommates, spending money and bedroom space on a television is something that a lot of people can easily go without. Using that valuable space for something else might be a much […]

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