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About satellite TV and internet service

When you’re looking for home entertainment service, you can bet that satellite television and internet will be available in your area.

These services work with a provider’s operation center on Earth, a satellite stationed in space, and a satellite dish on your house. Information is relayed between these three locations to bring you all the channels or web pages you desire.

Since launching satellites is an expensive endeavor, there’s only a small selection of satellite providers on the market today:

  • DIRECTV—Great for sports
  • DISH—Straightforward pricing
  • Viasat—Fastest rural internet speeds
  • HughesNet—Affordable internet packages
  • Starlink—Unlimited data

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Are satellite television and internet worth it?

Satellite is best for rural areas that lack land-based connections. No other service beats satellite in availability—all you need to get it is a place to put up a satellite dish pointed at the southern sky where satellites orbit the equator.

DIRECTV and DISH offer a wide variety of plans for whatever you’re looking for, and they easily compete with cable and fiber TV options.

While satellite internet has more restrictions than cable, fiber, or DSL when it comes to speed and data capacity, it comes in handy for remote areas since its download speeds are way faster than what you get with dial-up.

On top of all that, satellite is the only service type you can take on the go in an RV. A self-positioning dish is a must for this—and quite spendy—but it’s worth it if you want to stay connected to TV and internet on the road.

Satellite TV and internet providers

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Satellite providerChannel countDownload speedLearn more
ViasatN/AUp to 100 MbpsVIEW PLANS
HughesNetN/AUp to 25 MbpsView plans
StarlinkN/AUp to 150 MbpsLearn More

While we can almost guarantee there’s satellite service in your area, don’t be afraid to check out all your options so you can compare them to find your best fit. Enter your zip code below to get started.

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Pros and cons of satellite


  • Availability: Satellite is available almost everywhere in the US. Some of the biggest rural TV providers and rural internet providers use satellite service.
  • Flexible TV options: If you’re a sports fan, you’ll be impressed with the robust lineups satellite providers offer.


  • Weather outages: Satellite technology has improved a lot over time, so this isn’t as big a deal as it used to be. But a big storm can still interfere with your signal and make it difficult to use your service.
  • Data caps: Although satellite internet comes with high speeds, it also has restrictions on how much data you can use at full speed each month. Once you hit that limit, you can count on your provider throttling your speeds.


Even in areas with cable and fiber TV, satellite TV is still a popular choice. DISH and DIRECTV are well-known satellite TV providers with a lot to offer.

DISH brings its two-year price lock and Hopper 3 DVR to the table. It’s hard to say no to transparent pricing and the best DVR on the market that makes it easy to watch shows on your timetable.

On the other hand, DIRECTV offers the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET. It has a solid lineup of sports channels, and its Genie DVR comes included at no extra cost.

For more help deciding on the best provider for you, check out “DISH vs. DIRECTV.”

Satellite vs. DSL vs. cable vs. fiber internet

Each service type has its strengths and weaknesses. And since those affect the service you experience, service type should play a factor in which provider you choose.


Because of satellite’s total coverage, it’s a boon for out-of-the-way rural areas. You don’t need wires running to your house to set it up, so it’s accessible virtually anywhere. But since the service depends on clear reception, you may experience some trouble in bad weather.


Next to satellite, DSL is available to the most people in the US because it relies on phone lines to deliver your connection. This internet-only service is known for its slow but affordable packages, though some providers have speeds up to 100 Mbps that come with a big price tag.


With cable, you can get both internet and TV from the same provider. Cable providers bundle these services to give you deep discounts. Cable’s internet speeds are good but fall behind fiber’s maximum speeds.


Fiber’s superior technology leads the way in TV and internet. With fast download and upload speeds and clear HD channels, fiber has it all—as long as it’s available in your area and you can afford it.

Wherever you are, there’s satellite

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