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NFL SUNDAY TICKET Review 2021: Packages, Prices, and More

This football package gets you every single out-of-market game. We’ve researched it to help you decide if you can’t live without it before the first coin toss of the season.

Every out-of-market game

Price: $293.94/season

Contract length: 2 yrs.

Special offer: Free w/ DIRECTV CHOICETM plan and above for 1st yr.


If you’re obsessed with a football team far from home, or just football in general, then NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a dream come true and absolutely worth it. But if you’re a local NFL fan, you might consider passing it up.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET gets you every live, out-of-market game broadcast on FOX and CBS. That’s about 150 games. We think every NFL fan would love that kind of coverage, but the cost might scare a few away.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET will run you $293.94 a season. If it helps to break that into payments, the folks at DIRECTV will allow you to break that into six monthly payments of $48.99. So if your teams are local (not out of market), and you have a tight wallet, the service probably isn’t for you.

What’s an out-of-market game?

Wondering why we keep going on about out-of-market games? Out-of-market games are the games not covered by your local broadcasting system or the ones not considered important enough to be broadcast nationally on primetime.

Basically, neither team playing in an out-of-market game is from your local area.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET deals and promotions

If you sign up for DIRECTV CHOICETM or any higher package, DIRECTV will include NFL SUNDAY TICKET for the first year at no extra cost.

Right now, it’s even offering an upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX (which usually costs $102 more) for free.

MAX comes with delectable extras like NFL RedZone and DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE for even more chances at Sunday afternoon glory and Monday morning bragging rights. Overall, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

What’s the big deal about NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone will take you from red zone to red zone to show whichever team is inside the opponent’s 20-yard line with a chance to score. Basically, it’s the lazy football fan’s dream—you get all the best moments without scrambling to find the right channel.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET packages and prices

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NFL SUNDAY TICKET$293.94/season
DIRECTV (CHOICE package or above)$69.99–$110/mo.*
SUNDAY TICKET TV$293.96/season
SUNDAY TICKET TV U (university student) $99.96/season

*/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes and RSN fee.

Since NFL SUNDAY TICKET is available exclusively from DIRECTV, it makes sense that you need to have DIRECTV to get it (with one exception, but we’ll talk about that later). If you sign up for a basic DIRECTV package or already have a DIRECTV package, you can add NFL SUNDAY TICKET for $293.94 a season.

While this will get you all the awesomeness of the NFL, you should consider upgrading to a DIRECTV CHOICE package or higher. With these packages, you’ll get NFL SUNDAY TICKET included free for the first year.

Even with the package’s price increase the second year, that saves you money overall on the first season.

Just remember you’ll be paying full price for MAX during the second year of your contract, and NFL SUNDAY TICKET does not automatically renew. And if you want to cancel, you’ll have to pay $20 for every month left on your contract.

Wishing you could get NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV?

For most of us, getting NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV is a no-go. But for a select few, DIRECTV offers NFL SUNDAY TICKET as a stand-alone streaming service.

Unfortunately, it’s available only if you meet the list of super specific requirements. You must live in select zip codes, somewhere without access to DIRECTV, or be a registered college student at select schools. So be sure to check your NFL SUNDAY TICKET eligibility before you get too excited.

If you are eligible, then it’s $293.94 a season (or if you’re an eligible college student, $99.96 a season)—an absolute steal for mega football fans.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET specs and features

Game Mix

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is all about getting you as much football as possible, and with the Game Mix viewing feature, you can watch four to eight games simultaneously. Now try and tell us that’s not enough football!

Short Cuts

We also love the Short Cuts feature that shortens every game to as little as 30 minutes. Skipping the commercials and timeouts, you get all the big moments with none of the waiting. You’ll never miss a big story again.


Plus, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app lets you watch the game from a ton of devices. But be warned—you can still stream on only one device at a time, so this isn’t a service for sharing with old college buddies living across country.

Player Tracker

Finally, if fantasy football is your game, then you’ll love the Player Tracker feature. Keep up-to-date on your players’ performances and be ready with all the trash talk you need when your team claims victory.

Final take

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is pretty awesome at covering all your out-of-market-game needs, but the service will cost you a lot. Sign up or upgrade to the CHOICE package if you want to save yourself the first-year price tag of around 300 bucks.

We say, if you’re obsessed with the entire NFL, or if you live far away from your team, then go for it. Otherwise, you might try a streaming service, like Sling TV, that offers good NFL coverage for cheap.


Can you cancel NFL SUNDAY TICKET?

You can cancel NFL SUNDAY TICKET before the season starts, but as soon as Week 1 kicks off, you won’t be refunded anything. You can still upgrade at any point, moving from regular NFL SUNDAY TICKET to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX.

Can you get the NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV?

A rare few can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV service. If you’re a college student at certain schools or live in certain areas without access to DIRECTV, you can stream NFL SUNDAY TICKET at your house. Check your NFL SUNDAY TICKET eligibility to see if you can sign up.

Does NFL SUNDAY TICKET come with RedZone?

No, traditional NFL SUNDAY TICKET doesn’t include NFL RedZone, but if you upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you’ll get the channel. MAX will cost you another $100 a season.

What is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone takes you from red zone to red zone to show you every team inside the opponent’s 20-yard line with a chance to score.

Basically, it’s the lazy football fan’s dream—you get all the best moments without scrambling to find the right channel or being shutout because you’re out of market.


DIRECTV NOW became AT&T NOW, which became AT&T TV. NFL SUNDAY TICKET is not included in AT&T TV packages.

Is the first week of NFL SUNDAY TICKET free?

No, there is no free trial of NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You have to sign up for the whole season or not at all.

What is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass is a service that allows you to watch every single NFL game after it airs. To learn more, check out our expert review of Game Pass.

Is the first week of NFL SUNDAY TICKET free?

There is no free trial of NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You have to sign up for the whole season or not at all.