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Best Xfinity-Compatible Modems 2020

Save some bucks by purchasing—instead of renting—one of these Xfinity-ready modems.

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Data effective 12/17/19. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Bottom line

If you like scrolling for hours, Xfinity lists all its compatible modems on its website. But let’s be real, you only want one modem—the best one.

Whether you need a modem for gigabit speeds, Xfinity voice, or just a bargain buy that works like a dream, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even link you to a well-matched router so you can go wireless.

Best modems for Xfinity

Specs and features comparison

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Model Best ForDOCSIS TechnologyMax Recommended SpeedChannel BondingGet It Now
NETGEAR CM500-1AZNASMost PlansDOCSIS 3.0300 Mbps16×8
NETGEAR C700-1AZNASExtreme Pro PlanDOCSIS 3.0500 Mbps32×8
NETGEAR CM1000Gigabit PlanDOCSIS 3.11,000 Mbps32×8
ARRIS SVG2482ACAll-In-One OptionDOCSIS 3.0600 Mbps24×8
ARRIS/Motorola SB6121BargainDOCSIS 3.050 Mbps4×4

Breakdown of the best modems for Xfinity

There you have the headlines on these Xfinity-compatible modems. Now let’s take a deeper dive into each unit.

NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS – Best for most plans

Amazon Price: $61.15

The Specs:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max Recommended Speed: 250 Mbps
  • Channel Bonding: 16×8

Compatible Xfinity Internet Plans

  • Blast! Pro
  • Blast!
  • Extreme 150
  • Performance Pro
  • Performance Plus
  • Performance
  • Performance Starter

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This NETGEAR model is Amazon’s best-selling modem for good reason. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to install. For an affordable modem you can set and forget, it doesn’t get better than this.

Although this modem doesn’t have the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology, it uses DOCSIS 3.0 technology at speeds most Xfinity households will appreciate. And if that techy talk has you baffled, don’t worry. We’re just saying the NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS will take good care of you and your Xfinity plan.

Matching Router: The NETGEAR R6230 is an AC1200 model—that’s at the cusp of the high speed you’ll need to get the most out of our “Best for Most Plans” modem—and it’s affordable to boot!

NETGEAR C700-1AZNAS – Best for Extreme Pro plan

Amazon price: $96.66

The Specs:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max Recommended Speed: 500 Mbps
  • Channel Bonding: 32×8

Compatible Xfinity Internet Plans

  • Extreme Pro
  • Blast! Pro
  • Blast!
  • Extreme 150
  • Performance Pro
  • Performance Plus
  • Performance
  • Performance Starter

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As you can guess from the name, this NETGEAR model is like the previous one—just a lot better. It can handle Xfinity’s Extreme Pro and other high-speed plans without breaking a sweat. But it also costs nearly twice as much, so we recommend it only if you’re already paying for those fast Extreme Pro speeds.

If you’re living in the fast lane, you’ll appreciate how smoothly this modem streams 4K Ultra HD content and handles high-speed online gaming. And it’s durable, too, so you can expect it to keep you up to speed for years to come.

Matching Router: The NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk’s 1GHz Dual Core Processor gives it the processing power you’ll need to keep up with the Extreme Pro plan.

NETGEAR CM1000 – Best for Gigabit plan

Amazon Price: $164.99

The Specs:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.1
  • Max Recommended Speed: 1,000 Mbps
  • Channel Bonding: 32×8

Compatible Xfinity Internet Plans

  • Gigabit
  • Extreme Pro
  • Blast! Pro
  • Blast!
  • Extreme 150
  • Performance Pro
  • Performance Plus
  • Performance
  • Performance Starter

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We know, we know, another NETGEAR router. What can we say? Other modem companies like ARRIS and Motorola make strong products too. But NETGEAR has a reputation for reliability that you want when you’re cruising at 1,000 Mbps.

 This modem is our only recommendation that uses DOCSIS 3.1. The new technology is spendy, but that’s what you need to support gigabit speeds. And to be fair, if you’ve already signed up for Xfinity’s Gigabit plan, you can probably afford to shell out the cash now to save over the long run.

Matching Router: Yes, the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 is likely an alien invader, but its Tri-Band Wi-Fi will help you take full advantage of gigabit speeds and support all your smart home devices.

ARRIS SVG2482AC – Best all-in-one option (modem/router/telephony)

Amazon Price: $162.47

The Specs:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max Recommended Speed: 600 Mbps
  • Channel Bonding: 24×8
  • Wi-Fi Performance: AC1750

Compatible Xfinity Plans

  • All Xfinity Voice Plans
  • Signature Triple Play
  • Select Triple Play
  • Standard Triple Play
  • Premier XF Triple Play
  • Preferred XF Triple Play
  • Starter XF Triple Play
  • X1 Premier Triple Play
  • X1 Preferred Plus Triple Play
  • X1 Preferred Triple Play
  • X1 Starter Triple Play

This modem is extra special—it has a modem, router, and Xfinity telephony built in. Choose this ARRIS model if you’re bundling Xfinity Voice with an internet plan. It’s good for Triple Play bundles (which include TV too). And with the built-in router, you don’t have to worry about using another device to connect your home with Wi-Fi.

While buying your modem is all about saving in the long run, all the combined parts make this device our most expensive recommendation. And be aware this model won’t work with Gigabit bundles. For those, you’ll need the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S.

Matching Router: You don’t need one! The ARRIS SVG2482AC has a built-in AC1750 Wi-Fi router. Now that’s a good match.

ARRIS/Motorola SB6121 – Best bargain

Amazon Price: $84.95

The Specs:

  • DOCSIS Technology: 3.0
  • Max Recommended Speed: 50 Mbps
  • Channel Bonding: 4×4

Compatible Xfinity Internet Plan

  • Performance Starter

While all of the modems we’ve listed are available at reasonable rates, this is the modem to get if you want something reliable but dirt cheap.

This ARRIS/Motorola modem is something of a relic. Since 2015, ARRIS stopped using Motorola’s name in its products, and these days Motorola is a separate company. So why does this modem still have both names? Because it’s from 2011.

We know, that’s ancient for a piece of hardware, but if you need to support only 15 Mbps from Xfinity’s Performance Starter plan, this is the perfect fit. And it’s been around so long for a reason—it’s a solid modem for low speeds.

Total disclaimer: the NETGEAR CM500-1AZNAS is about $23 cheaper—not to mention a damn good unit. It’s still compatible with the Performance Starter plan, and it’s ready to go for any speeds up to 300 Mbps in case you switch to a faster plan.

Matching Router: For a super affordable router that meets your low-speed needs, go for the TP-Link N300.

What to look for in a modem

Modems are pretty simple as far as computer devices go. We’ve covered them in depth in our cable modem buyers guide, but here are the basics.

DOCSIS Technology

DOCSIS stands for “Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.” It’s the standard for sending a lot of data by coaxial cable at once. The latest version is DOCSIS 3.1, which Xfinity has set up in some cities, but DOCSIS 3.0 is still common.

Max Recommended Speed

Every internet plan comes with a promise of the highest speeds you can access. When you sign up for Xfinity, check the speed that your plan comes with before purchasing a modem. If you don’t get a strong enough modem, you won’t get all the speed you’re paying for!

Got more questions on internet speeds? Our pals at developed a tool to help you find the internet speed you need, and it’ll give you a lot of other helpful information too.

Channel Bonding

Think of modem channels as lanes on a freeway. Just like more lanes can move more vehicles through at once, more channels allow more data per second, which means faster internet for you. But more channels usually cost more money, so try to get a modem with channels that match your plan speeds if you’re trying to save.

Our final take

While plenty of Xfinity-supported modems out there, these five are well-suited to specific plans. Find the one that matches your package for a fantastic Xfinity experience without the monthly modem lease fees.

Xfinity-compatible modems FAQ

Can I use my own modem with Xfinity?

Yes, you can use your own modem as long as it’s compatible with Xfinity internet service.

Does Xfinity (Comcast) sell modems? 

You can rent a modem/router combo from Xfinity for $13 a month—but it’s cheaper over time to purchase your own.

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