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Data Highlights from Our Reality TV Google Trends Analysis

When life gets overwhelming, some viewers turn to reality TV. Whether it’s to experience things vicariously or to find comfort in a family more dysfunctional than our own, we find ourselves tuning in like veritable Peeping Toms. The CableTV team wondered if there was insight to be gleaned about the appeal of reality TV by analyzing Google Trends, so we dug into the data to ascertain favorite reality shows state by state. The results are in and we’ve got a breakdown that packs plenty of surprises. You won’t need big brother to get a bird’s eye view of the unscripted programming landscape. Which heavily Democratic states obsess over The Apprentice? Are obese people getting motivated by watching The Biggest Loser? Do viewers of The Bachelor get married more often? These are the crucial answers we need to truly keep up with the Kardashians. Before you check out our full findings, let’s look at some of the state rankings you’ll see. In instances when we refer to a state’s rating on the Gallup well-being index, we’re using the official yearly ratings released by the nonprofit polling agency. You can check out a full explanation of how the ratings are compiled here.   The well-educated like to strut their stuff on Project Runway while those without degrees practiced their mating calls with Duck Dynasty. States that love Project Runway: District of Columbia, Massachusetts and Maryland States that love Duck Dynasty: Arkansas North Dakota and West Virginia   Older viewers could be found communing with Long Island Medium while younger folks practiced their steps on So You Think You Can Dance. States that love Long Island Medium: Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire States that love So You Think You Can Dance: District of Columbia, Alaska, Utah   Republicans peep into polygamy with Sister Wives while Democrats model the latest fashions on Project Runway. States that love Sister Wives: Utah, Wyoming & Idaho States that love Project Runway: District of Columbia, Vermont, Hawaii   People with positive well-being derived happiness from the latest fashions on Project Runway while those with the lowest rates consoled themselves with Duck Dynasty. States that love Project Runway: Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota States that love Duck Dynasty: West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana   Couples enjoying wedded bliss loved to binge on Sister Wives while singles were down with Love & Hip Hop. States that love Sister Wives: Utah, Idaho and New Hampshire States that love Love & Hip Hop: Louisiana, New York and District of Columbia   Parents binged on Biggest Loser after bedtime, while those without kids parented vicariously by watching Dance Moms. States that love Biggest Loser: Utah, Alaska, Idaho States that love Dance Moms: District of Columbia, Florida, and West Virginia   Church goers tended to worship Duck Dynasty while those who skipped church on Sundays made time for Survivor. States that love Duck Dynasty: Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana States that love Survivor: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont   Those leading a life of crime did time with Love & Hip Hop while model citizens studied Survivor. States that love Love & Hip Hop: Alaska, New Mexico and New York States that love Survivor: District of Columbia, Maine, Vermont   People who tipped the scales toward obesity ate up Duck Dynasty while the slimmer crowd satisfied themselves with America’s Next Top Model. States that love Duck Dynasty: Mississippi, West Virginia, District of Columbia’ States that love America’s Next Top Model: Montana, Colorado, Hawaii   Interested in each state’s favorite reality TV shows? Check out our full reality TV findings and map here.