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The Hidden Costs of AT&T TV and Internet

It’s fun to watch Sherlock on TV, but you probably don’t want to be him just to figure out your AT&T TV and internet bill. No worries—we’ve pulled out our magnifying glass, sorted through the fine print, and figured it all out for you.

AT&T Plans and Promotional Prices

AT&T TV’s prices are competitive to cable TV and satellite TV services. However, uses streaming TV technology, and compared to top streaming services Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV, AT&T TV comes with a restrictive contract and a price bump in the second year.

Still, during your first year of bundling AT&T TV and AT&T Internet, you’ll save about $20 per month. That’s not too shabby.

But if AT&T’s initial prices don’t sound as tempting after that first-year price hike, just enter your zip code below and you’ll be able to compare the TV and internet services available in your area:

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Stand-Alone Pricing

AT&T TV Plans Summary

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Package NameChannel Count12-Month Introductory Price*Ongoing Price
ENTERTAINMENT65+ channels$59.99/mo.$93.00/mo.
CHOICE90+ channels$64.99/mo.$110.00/mo.
XTRA120+ channels$74.99/mo.$124.00/mo.
ULTIMATE130+ channels$79.99/mo.$135.00/mo.
PREMIER140+ channels$129.99/mo.$183.00/mo.
OPTIMO MAS90+ channels$64.99/mo.$86.00/mo.

Data effective 8/18/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*w/24-mo. agmt. Prices higher in 2nd year.

AT&T no longer offers cable TV—AT&T TV is a live-TV streaming service.

You can still get some of your favorite channels—ESPN, HGTV, and Disney Channel are all available on the basic ENTERTAINMENT package. But AT&T TV has fewer filler channels than most cable TV packages (bye bye, Stingray music channels, we won’t miss you).

However, your TV experience will be dictated by your internet connection. Streaming TV can clog up your bandwidth. And if your internet is acting up, you’ll have problems watching TV too. We think that’s the pits.

When you bundle TV with internet, you can get a great deal. AT&T offers two internet services—a broadband product called AT&T Internet and a fiber-based option called AT&T Fiber. If it’s available in your area, we recommend you bundle AT&T TV with AT&T Fiber because of its high speeds and fair pricing.


AT&T Internet Plans Summary

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Package NameDownload Speeds Up To12-Month Introductory Price*Ongoing Price
AT&T Internet768 Kbps to 100 Mbps$49.99/mo.$59.99/mo.
AT&T Fiber1,000 Mbps$49.99/mo.$69.99/mo.

Data effective 8/1/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*For 12 months with a 1-yr agreement plus taxes and equipment fee

Available speeds for AT&T internet vary widely by area, but it prices every plan at a promotional price of $49.99 per month. That certainly makes things less complicated, but if you can only get AT&T Internet with 10 Mbps in your area, it’s kind of a bummer to think about someone in a neighborhood far, far away getting AT&T Fiber with 1,000 Mbps for the same price.

After the first year, your price will increase. Currently, AT&T Internet plans outside of the promotional period are $59.99 per month, and their much faster cousins—AT&T Fiber plans—raise to $69.99 per month.

TV + Internet

Bundling with AT&T

AT&T TV and Internet Bundles Summary

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Package NameChannel CountDownload Speed12-Month Introductory PriceOngoing Price
AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT + AT&T Internet65+Up to 100 Mbps$89.98/mo.$132.99/mo.
AT&T TV CHOICE™ + AT&T Internet90+Up to 100 Mbps$94.98/mo.$149.99/mo.
AT&T TV XTRA + AT&T Internet120+Up to 100 Mbps$104.98/mo.$163.99/mo.
AT&T TV ULTIMATE + AT&T Internet130+Up to 100 Mbps$109.98/mo.$174.99/mo.
AT&T TV PREMIER + AT&T Internet140+Up to 100 Mbps$159.98/mo.$222.99/mo.
OPTIMO MAS + AT&T Internet100+Up to 100 Mbps$94.98/mo.$125.99/mo.

Data effective 8/18/20. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
*For 12 months with a 1-yr agreement, paperless billing, and Autopay

All of AT&T’s TV and internet bundles will save you $20 per month in the first year.

After the promotional period, the AT&T TV plans jump to the higher ongoing rate, but your AT&T internet plan will be only $39.99 per month. So your bundle will be more expensive—but it will still save you some cash.

Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges

You know what they say about death and taxes. Your AT&T plan will come with tax surcharges on services and equipment based on the requirements of where you live. You may also need to pay a broadcast fee of up to $5.99 per month. This covers what your local stations charge AT&T to broadcast their channels.

There’s also an optional fee you should be aware of—unlimited data allowance on internet. That’s $30.00 per month, and you really shouldn’t bother with it. AT&T has 1 TB data caps on most stand-alone packs, which is industry standard and more than most people will use. And if you’re getting Internet 1000 or bundling with TV, you’ll get unlimited data at no extra charge anyway.

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TaxesVaries by area
Broadcasting Fee$5.99/mo.
Unlimited Internet Data$30.00/mo.


Most U-verse packages come with free installation but require a one-time $19.95 activation fee.

When it comes to internet, AT&T Internet packages come with a $99.99 installation fee. AT&T Fiber includes installation with purchase, but there’s another weird charge that you might find on your bill as well.

It’s a bizarre AT&T Fiber add-on that AT&T calls “home network installation.” Basically, the tech installing your internet will help you connect three additional devices to your Wi-Fi. Unless going without this assistance is entirely overwhelming for you (or you are very, very lazy), skip it. It’s not worth the $50.00 charge.

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Service PlanOne-Time Fees
AT&T TV$19.95 activation fee
AT&T Internet Plans$99.99 installation fee
AT&T Fiber PlansOptional $50.00 home network installation fee

Data effective 10/2/18.

AT&T Equipment Fees

On the whole, AT&T rocks equipment. U-verse’s Total Home DVR gets the job done with its six simultaneous recordings and 300 hours of HD storage, and it comes included in most U-verse packages—except for U-Basic.

With U-Basic, the DVR will run you $15.00 per month.

Let’s do some quick math: $15.00 for a DVR plus $19.00 for monthly services . . . you’re already at the $35.00 per month that the U-Family plan costs for the first year—and that’s not including all the other fees that come with U-Basic. If you’re looking for the best value, it’s worth stepping up from U-Basic into a higher-tier package.

If you’re connecting your whole house with U-verse, be aware that you’ll pay $10.00 per month for the wired receivers to hook up to each additional TV. If you want to skip the wires, you can upgrade to wireless on up to two receivers for a one-time fee of $49.00 per receiver.

Finally, AT&T’s internet equipment is also a big win. Your plan will come with an included Wi-Fi Gateway, which is a space-saving modem/router. Once you get it, that’s it! You won’t be slowly drained of funds like you will with other providers that charge around $10.00 per month to lease similar equipment.


AT&T Equipment Fees Summary

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Total Home DVRIncluded with most U-verse plans, $15.00/mo. with U-Basic
Additional Wired Receivers$10.00/mo. per receiver
Wireless Receiver Upgrade$49.00 one-time fee
Wi-Fi GatewayIncluded with internet plans

Data effective 10/2/18.

AT&T Premium Channels

U-Family, U200, and U300 all come with three free months of HBO® and Cinemax®. This can be very good or very bad. It all depends on how invested you are in premium channels and how good you are at remembering to cancel the subscription before the fourth month, which is when you’ll start getting charged for them.

If you’re all about premium channels, consider going for U450. You’ll get HBO, Cinemax, and The Movie Package included (a $46.00-per-month value), and one free month of EPIX.


AT&T Premium Channels Summary

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Channel Add-On PackageSample ChannelsMonthly Cost
HBO/CinemaxHBO, Cinemax, 5StarMAX, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and ThrillerMAX$26.00/mo.
HBOHBO, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Signature, and HBO Zone$16.00/mo.
Cinemax5StarMAX, ActionMAX, Cinemax, MAX Latino, OuterMAX, and ThrillerMAX$14.00/mo.
The Movie PackageFLIX, IndiePlex, SHOWTIME®, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and The Movie Channel (TMC)$20.00/mo.
SHOWTIME UNLIMITED®FLIX, SHOWTIME®, Showtime 2, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Next, and The Movie Channel (TMC)$14.00/mo.
EPIXEPIX, EPIX2, EPIX Drive-In, EPIX HITS, and EPIX West$8.00/mo.
HD Premium TierNFL RedZone, MGM HD, Smithsonian Channel HD, and FUNimation HD$7.00/mo.

Data effective 10/2/18.

Note that The Movie Package includes SHOWTIME UNLIMITED®, or you can choose to get SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® by itself.

Add-On Channel Packs

In addition to premium channels, AT&T offers add-on packs that can beef up your channel selection. If you go for U450, The Sports Package comes included.


AT&T Add-On Channel Pack Summary

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Channel Add-On PackageWhat It IncludesMonthly Cost
Disney Channel On DemandOn-demand Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney series and original movies $7.00/mo.
Disney Family MoviesTen Disney feature-length movies and two classic shorts, with two movies and both shorts changing every week$4.99/mo.
Paquete EspañolAZCorazon, Bandamax, Cinelatino, CNN en Español, FOX Deportes, UNIVERSO, and Univision Deportes$15.00/mo.
Anime Network On DemandBrand-new shows and old-school classics with dubbed and subtitled programming$7.00/mo.
here! On DemandOn-demand LGBTQ+ programming$7.00/mo.
Stingray KaraokeKaraoke with favorite songs from all genres$7.00/mo.
FITFUSION TV Featuring Jillian Michaels100+ fitness videos$6.99/mo.
Too Much for TV On Demand40 uncensored series available on demand$15.00/mo.
U-verse Games ChannelPlay games like sudoku, jump peg, and hangman on TV$5.00/mo.
NBA League PassFeatures all out-of-market and non-nationally televised National Basketball Association games$66.65/mo. for 3 months or $199.95/season in one payment
The Sports PackageEleven Sports Network, FOX Deportes, Pac-12 Network, Sportsman Channel, and TVG Network$10.00/mo.
Fox Soccer Plus HDLive, exclusive soccer matches$15.00/mo.
TumblebooksAn app featuring animated picture books with narrated voiceover$5.00/mo.

Data effective 10/2/18.

Language Note: AT&T offers optional packs in thirteen additional languages.

AT&T Late Fees

Out of all AT&T’s hidden fees, this one is the most straightforward. Miss a payment and you’ll be charged a late fee of up to $10.00 per bill.

AT&T Cancellation Costs

AT&T’s contracts last one year. If you need to bow out before then, AT&T will slap you with some hefty early termination fees. You’ll have to pay $20.00 for TV service and $15.00 for internet service for each month remaining on your agreement.

Another word of caution: be sure to return your equipment on time or else you’ll receive fines on that too.

Our Recommended AT&T Package

U-Family + Internet 100

  • $75.00/mo. for 12 months
  • $121.00/mo. after introductory period
  • 180+ channels
  • 100 Mbps download speed

For an affordable entertainment package, the AT&T Double Play with U-Family and Internet 100 is an excellent choice.

U-Family’s channel lineup includes popular channels like Disney Channel, HGTV, Nickelodeon, and Discovery Family. HD programming and the Total Home DVR come included.

Internet 100 has high speeds for streaming online videos and supporting smart home devices. Your Wi-Fi Gateway also comes included, which means more savings for you.

If you need a different channel lineup or more internet speed, AT&T has plenty of options, but U-Family + Internet 100 does a lot for such an affordable package.

Final Take: AT&T’s included perks make up for its hidden fees.

If you’re someone who just wants things for free without being bogged down with buckets of fees, AT&T is here for you. By including equipment and HD programming at no extra cost, AT&T gives its packages great value. Sure, things can get pricey if you choose to get a bunch of channel packs or cancel before your contract ends, but AT&T shoots pretty darn straight for the territory.

And trust us, it’s worth upgrading from the U-Basic package. You’ll get a way better value. And let’s be honest, you deserve it.

If you’re not sure AT&T offers service in your area or want to compare it to other providers, we can help with that. Enter your zip code below to get all your TV and internet options.

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