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Crunchyroll Review 2024: Cost, Plans, and More

Crunchyroll has the largest anime selection of any streaming service we’ve seen—read on for details, pricing, and recommendations.

Editor's choice


Price: $7.99–$14.99/mo.

Free trial: 14 days

Simultaneous streams: 1–6

Simulcasts: Yes

Plan Price Offline viewing? Streams Details
Fan $7.99/mo. 1 View plan
Mega Fan $9.99/mo. 4 View plan
Ultimate Fan $14.99/mo. 6 View plan

Is Crunchyroll good?

Crunchyroll is a pretty good anime streaming service—we’ve even named it our favorite place to stream anime in 2024. Anime is so much more accessible here in the US than it was even 15 years ago, and Crunchyroll has a huge anime library.

Unfortunately, it’s also your only option for a lot of anime—Crunchyroll’s bought up a lot of its competitors. So if you don’t like its user experience, you might be out of luck. Hulu carries a lot of the most popular shows, but no one can beat Crunchyroll’s seemingly endless supply of new anime.


  • Customizable watchlists
  • Comment sections
  • Huge library
  • Simulcasts one hour after airing in Japan
  • ~Fun vibes~


  • No captions on English dubs
  • Content overlap with Hulu

Can your internet handle the power of anime?

We recommend an internet speed of at least 25 Mbps for the optimal anime streaming experience. Enter your zip code to see what internet plans are available in your area.

Please enter a valid zip code.

Crunchyroll deals

Crunchyroll free trial

When you sign up for a Crunchyroll account, you’ll have the option to sign up for a free plan, which gives you access to a limited amount of ad-supported content. But if you want a taste of the premium life, with access to the entire ad-free catalog, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of any premium subscription tier.

It does require credit card information, though, so make sure to cancel before the trial is over if you don’t want to be charged.

Crunchyroll billing discount

Currently, the only way to save money on a Crunchyroll premium subscription is to sign up for a longer billing cycle. For example, with the lowest-tier Fan plan, a monthly billing cycle is $7.99/mo. But if you sign up for quarterly billing (every three months), you’ll pay $22.99 per cycle, which turns out to be $7.66 per month (a 4% discount).

The best deal is to sign up for the yearly cycle, which is $79.99 every 12 months. That turns out to be $6.66 per month, a roughly 16% discount from the regular price.

Crunchyroll premium perks

Crunchyroll throws in extra perks for subscribers at the mid- and highest-tier plans. The $9.99 Mega Fan plan gives subscribers first access to Crunchyroll Expo events and lotteries, as well as a $15 discount off a $100 purchase in the Crunchyroll store every three months.

For the $14.99 Ultimate Fan plan, that $15 quarterly discount bumps up to $25 off of $100. That’s not enough to fully cancel out the extra money you’ll be paying for the highest-tier plan in the long run, but maybe you’re splitting subscription costs with a few other people anyway.

Exclusive Crunchyroll merch

The Ultimate Fan plan also comes with an annual swag bag and the opportunity to purchase an exclusive members-only Nendoroid figure of Hime, Crunchyroll’s mascot and best girl.

We couldn’t find details about this swag bag or exclusive figure online, but we can verify that Ultimate Fan subscribers will get 43% off of this Hime Nendoroid with the code HIMENENDO at checkout. You’ll end up paying about $37 before tax and shipping, if you don’t want to pull out your calculator.

Crunchyroll 15% off store coupon

It won’t save you money on a Crunchyroll subscription, but you’ll get a 15% off coupon on your first Crunchyroll store purchase when you sign up for its newsletter and use the code CRNEW at checkout.

Crunchyroll also offers free shipping on orders over $100, which isn’t great compared to Entertainment Earth ($39 with code FREESHIP39), Hot Topic ($60), or Amazon ($35), but that might not matter if you’re buying one of those high-end $300+ figures.

Crunchyroll plans and prices

Plan Price Offline viewing Crunchyroll Game Vault? Full anime catalog? Streams Details
Free Free 1 View plan
Fan $7.99/mo. 1 View plan
Mega Fan $9.99/mo. 4 View plan
Ultimate Fan $14.99/mo. 6 View plan

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

The easiest way to tell if Crunchyroll is for you is to sign up for a free plan. This gives you access to a small sliver of the platform’s content without any sort of commitment.

But if you want to watch those new episodes of your favorite simulcast, you’ll need a premium subscription. For most subscribers who aren’t sharing their account with others, we recommend the lowest-tier Fan package. You’ll get ad-free access to Crunchyroll’s entire anime for just $7.99 a month.

In comparison, a $7.99 Hulu plan has tons of ads. Crunchyroll definitely gives anime fans the most bang for their buck.

But if you’re sharing an account with multiple people, you might want to upgrade to Mega Fan. Although Crunchyroll doesn’t allow multiple profiles, it does allow multiple users to stream anime simultaneously from different devices, and the Mega Fan plan pays for four simultaneous streams. It also allows offline viewing, if you’re often traveling or without Wi-Fi, and access to the Crunchyroll Game Vault, including titles like River City Girls and Behind the Frame.

If you’re sharing your account with more than three other people—unlike Netflix, Crunchyroll doesn’t care if you share your password with people outside of your home—it might be worth it to splurge for the Ultimate Fan package. The $14.99 per month price is pretty steep, seeing as it doesn’t unlock any additional content, but at least you’ll get some exclusive savings in the Crunchyroll Store to offset the cost.

Crunchyroll vs. the competition

Service Price Simulcasts? Streams Details
Editor's choice
$7.99–$14.99/mo. 1–6 View plans
Hulu $7.99–$14.99/mo. 2 View plans

Read Hulu review
Netflix $6.99–$19.99/mo. 2–4 View plans

Read Netflix review
Max $9.99–$15.99/mo. 2–4 View plans

Read Max review
Tubi Free N/A View plans

Read Tubi review
HIDIVE $4.99/mo. 2 View plans
RetroCrush Free–$4.99/mo. N/A View plans

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

For casual anime fans, you’re probably going to be choosing between Crunchyroll and Hulu. They have similar price points, and both carry popular simulcasts, like SPY x FAMILY, My Hero Academia, and TRIGUN STAMPEDE.

However, each service has its advantages. Crunchyroll’s $7.99 plan is ad-free, while you’ll have to shell out the full $17.99 to escape ads on Hulu. (Or $24.99, if you’re bundling with Disney+). That is, in our opinion, just too much money for too few anime titles. Crunchyroll has a much larger anime library than Hulu, thanks to some strategic corporate acquisitions.

But Hulu puts captions on English dubs, and that’s a big deal to us. If you’re someone who only watches subbed anime or don’t need captions while watching TV, you’ll probably be fine with Crunchyroll. But if you’re like this writer and need captions on your dubbed anime, you might want to check if the shows you want are available on Hulu first.

Alas, such is the fate of the anime fan: stuck between Hulu’s annoying ads and Crunchyroll’s lack of accessibility.

For those few anime that the Crunchyroll/Hulu sphere don’t cover, check out Netflix. It has a lot of really great original content, and it only ever cancels half of it!

Compare anime services head to head

Want more information about HIDIVE, RetroCrush, Tubi, and more? Check out our anime streaming guide for a full comparison and helpful hints to get the most out of your anime-watching experience.

Crunchyroll anime

Crunchyroll’s enormous library of anime can’t be beat. If streaming services were Pokémon trainers, Crunchyroll would be the Champion, because it’s caught them all.

That’s our cute way of saying that Crunchyroll’s been buying up all of its competitors and absorbing their content, like some kind of gluttonous cosmic horror. Funimation and VRV lie bloodied and lifeless on the battlefield behind it. HIDIVE and Netflix are the last ones standing between Crunchyroll and world domination (a total monopoly on anime here in America).

Anime on Crunchyroll

  • My Hero Academia
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss
  • The World Ends With You
  • Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
  • Ace Attorney
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School
  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Chainsaw Man
  • One Piece
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • Attack on Titan
  • Food War! Shokugeki no Soma
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing
  • . . . .and more

This season’s simulcasts on Crunchyroll

  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
  • After-school Hanako-kun
  • Dead Mount Death Play
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
  • I’m in Love with the Villainess
  • I Shall Survive Using Potions
  • Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2
  • Dr. STONE New World Cour 2
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2
  • SPY x FAMILY Season 2
  • . . . .and more

Catch this season’s hottest simulcasts

From Crunchyroll to HIDIVE, find all your new favorite shows with our seasonal simulcast guide.

Crunchyroll Manga

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll discontinued its manga service in late 2023. You can no longer longer read manga on Crunchyroll.

If you’re looking to read manga online, try using the Libby app and seeing if your local library offers any. (The Brooklyn Public Library, for example, carries Spy x Family, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Chainsaw Man in ebook form, and is available to all New York State residents).

Crunchyroll games

Following Netflix‘s lead, Crunchyroll began offering free mobile games to subscribers in 2023. Some titles are available to all subscribers, while those locked in the Crunchyroll Games Vault are only available to Mega and Ultimate Fan tiers. Added to Crunchyroll’s already massive library of content, they make that monthly price tag look a little more seasonable.

Free games with Crunchyroll

  • One Punch Man: World
  • Street Fighter: Duel
  • Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden
  • Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire
  • My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Premium games with Crunchyroll*

  • Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump Dimensions
  • River City Girls
  • Wolfstride
  • Behind the Frame
  • Inbento

*only available to Mega and Ultimate Fan tier subscribers.

Crunchyroll specs and features

Crunchyroll’s most unique feature is its “Crunchylist” system. In addition to a traditional watchlist, you can add anime to custom lists too. So if you want to make a list for yourself of only currently airing simulcasts or entirely isekai fantasy, you totally can. It’s a lot better than the unorganized overstimulation of a traditional watchlist.

The Crunchylist selection screen showing two list titles: “Isekai” and “Simulcasts Jan 2023.”
You can make up to ten Crunchylists per account.
A Crunchylist with several titles already added. There are controls to move titles around and add new ones to the list.

Pro tip: Trying to keep up with new simulcasts? Add currently running shows to your watchlist and sort it by “Recent Activity.” This will let you catch new episodes of all your favorite series. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Crunchylists.

Or you can browse Crunchyroll’s hand-curated watchlists, with cheeky titles like “Not saying it was aliens… but it was ALIENS” and “HELP! I’m surrounded by beautiful men!” There’s even a fun easter egg if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the homescreen.

The only downside here is you can’t browse through just these curated lists—you’re subject to the whims of the algorithm and whatever elements Crunchyroll thinks you’ll like most, including “Top Picks For You” and “Crunchyroll News.”

Multiple streams and offline downloads

Plans Streams Offline downloads?
Fan 1
Mega Fan 4
Ultimate Fan 6

Crunchyroll doesn’t mind if you share your Crunchyroll account with friends; that is, as long as you pay for it. If you’re a solo viewer, you’ll be fine with the Fan plan, which allows you to watch one show at a time. You can still log into as many devices as you want, though.

If you have a big household with multiple anime fans who want to watch different shows at the same time, you’ll want the Mega Fan tier. It’s two dollars more per month, which adds up, but you’ll also get offline viewing.

The highest level is Ultimate Fan. If your group wants to watch six different anime at the same time (or maybe six people want to watch the same anime, simultaneously from different locations across the globe), you’ll need this tier. But hopefully with six people, you’ll be able to split that $14.99 monthly price tag.

Crunchyroll devices

Device Can you watch Crunchyroll?
Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
Android phones, tablets
Android TV
Apple TV (4th gen.)
Apple TV 4K
Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
Facebook Portal
Echo Show
iPhone, iPad
Nintendo Switch
PC, Mac web browsers
PlayStation 4, 5
Roku Ultra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
Samsung TVs
TiVo Stream
Vizio TVs (select models)
Wii Discontinued in 2019
Xbox One
Xfinity X1

Crunchyroll is available on most devices—it’s even one of the few streaming services available on the elusive Nintendo Switch. The main way you’ll miss out is if you rely on native apps from smart TVs, like those from LG and Samsung. You’ll have to connect with a gaming console or streaming stick, like the Amazon Fire TV or Roku, instead.

Pro tip: When logging in on a new device, you’ll be given a six-digit code. All you have to do is type that code into on any already logged-in browser and you’ll be on your way to another world of anime delights.

Crunchyroll video and audio quality

None of Crunchyroll’s current plans offer 4K streaming, and the highest resolution it offers is 1080p. That’s still pretty good, though. Crunchyroll will probably auto-select 1080p or 720p, both of which count as HD, and viewers can manually pick what resolution is best for their setup.

You can even choose to bump your resolution all the way down to 240p, if you’re worried about data usage or want to relive those 2000s bootleg anime days when everything was, ahem, crunchy.

Crunchyroll’s video player. The actual video is blacked out due to copyright, but the menu shows settings for Autoplay, Audio, Subtitles, and Quality.
You still can’t take screenshots of how crisp your video looks, though.

Is Crunchyroll worth it?

So is Crunchyroll worth it? If you’re a big anime fan, yeah, absolutely. It’s got a huge catalog of shows and it’s relatively cheap to go ad-free compared to a lot of other streaming services in 2023.

If you’re a casual anime fan only looking for the hottest titles, Hulu is a fine pick, especially because it’s better at captioning dubbed anime than Crunchyroll. But the best bang for your buck is gonna be Crunchyroll.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some simulcasts to catch up on.

Crunchyroll FAQ

Is Crunchyroll completely free?

No, Crunchyroll doesn’t offer its whole catalog for free. A lot of dubs and simulcasts are locked behind a paywall. However, you can still watch a decent amount of anime with a free Crunchyroll plan, no credit card required—as long as you’re okay with ads.

How much will Crunchyroll cost?

Crunchyroll has four subscription tiers. The lowest one is completely free, but a premium subscription will cost between $7.99 and $14.99 a month.

Is Crunchyroll or Funimation better?

If you’re a new subscriber or looking for currently airing shows, you should just subscribe to Crunchyroll. After buying Funimation, Crunchyroll is in the process of absorbing its library. Unfortunately, Funimation no longer carries new simulcasts, only continuing ones. This is all part of a (very slow) process that will end in Funimation no longer existing. Drop an F in the chat.

Is Crunchyroll worth paying for?

If you really love anime, it’s definitely worth paying for a Crunchyroll subscription. More casual fans might want Hulu instead—it’s got a lot of the most popular anime and simulcasts, and handles dubs better—but no one can beat Crunchyroll’s massive library.

The premium version of Crunchyroll is also far better than the free version. A ton of its library is locked behind the paywall, so the free plan is more of a trial experience than a full streaming service.

Is VRV going to Crunchyroll?

Yes: as of May 8, VRV has been officially folded back into Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll won’t be hosting any Mondo or VRV Select exclusives, but existing VRV members will be able to enjoy their same watchlists and watch history on their new Crunchyroll accounts.


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