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DishLATINO Review 2023: Plans, Pricing, and More

We examined DishLATINO’s pricing, channels, policies, promotions, and equipment—and our research reveals that DishLATINO es muy bueno.

Price: $61.99–$102.99/mo.
Channels: 55–270+ (63 in Spanish)
DVR: 500 HD hrs.

Top plans Pricing Total channels Spanish channels DVR Details
Best for budgets
DishLATINO Clásico
$69.99/mo. 180+ 60 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH
Best overall
$102.99/mo. 270+ 63 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH

Data as of post date. Not all offers available in all areas.

Is DishLATINO any good?

DishLATINO is definitely good. It has the same high channel counts, inexpensive pricing, two-year price guarantee, powerful Hopper 3 DVR, excellent mobile app, and peerless parental controls as our best overall TV provider, DISH.

But what about the latino part of DishLATINO? Well, of its 55–270+ channels, 63+ broadcast en Español (that’s second only to DIRECTV, which has 80+ Spanish channels). And four of the five DishLATINO packages have nearly all of those channels, so you’ll only have to decide which English-language channels you want.

DishLATINO also has the same con as DISH: limited bundling options.


  • Hopper 3 DVR
  • Inexpensive packages
  • 2-year price guarantee
  • All local channels included


  • Limited internet/phone bundling options

DishLATINO deals and promotions

DishLATINO deals and promotions are the same as those of DISH Network.

  • Free installation: DISH is currently waiving the $199 installation fee on new orders.
  • DISH 55: DishLATINO customers aged 55 or older get free installation, one free movie rental, six free months of equipment protection, and upgraded identity theft protection.
  • DISH “Those Who Serve”: Active military, veterans, and first responders get one free movie rental plus the Stars & Stripes channel pack (regularly $10/mo.) at no additional cost. Healthcare workers and teachers get a movie rental plus the Heartland channel pack (regularly $6 a month) at no extra charge.
  • Free premium channels: New customers get 3 free months of SHOWTIME® and STARZ®. Remember to cancel before the promo period ends, or you’ll be charged.
  • eAutoPay discount: DISH gives you a $5/mo. discount for using paperless billing.

Some of these DishLATINO deals are applied automatically to online orders. Others require checking a box during checkout.

Compare DISH Network plans and pricing

Top plans Pricing Total channels Spanish channels DVR Details
DishLATINO Básico $61.99/mo. 55+ 33 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH
Best for budgets
DishLATINO Clásico
$69.99/mo. 180+ 60 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH
DishLATINO Plus $71.99/mo. 190+ 62 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH
DishLATINO Dos $90.99/mo. 225+ 63 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH
Best overall
$102.99/mo. 270+ 63 500 HD hrs. View Plans for DISH

Data as of post date. Not all offers available in all areas. Offer valid for new and qualifying former customers only.

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation so you can cross “order TV service” off your task list, we’ve crunched the numbers and come up with two DishLATINO plans we think you’ll like.

If money is your top concern, DishLATINO Clásico ($69.99 a month) has the best value with 180+ channels, including 60 out of 63 available Spanish-language channels. The English-language channels leave a lot to be desired, but you’ll have plenty of Spanish content to watch.

If your familia is bilingual, you’ll want the best and biggest package, DishLATINO Max. It has 270+ channels, including all 63 that broadcast en Español.

DishLATINO vs. the competition

Provider Price Total channels Spanish channels DVR Details
DishLATINO $61.99–$102.99/mo. 55–270+ 33–63 Up to 2,000 hrs. View Plans for DISH
DIRECTV Spanish $59.99–$139.99/mo. 120–350+ 55–105 200 hrs.
Spectrum Mi Plan Latino $34.99/mo. for 12 mos. 140+ 75+ varies View Plans for Spectrum

Data as of post date. Not all offers available in all areas.

DishLATINO is one of only three TV providers that has full packages geared toward Latino customers. The others are DIRECTV and Spectrum.

DIRECTV has more Spanish-language channels than DishLATINO, higher prices (even before the second-year rate hike), and a weaker DVR. Spectrum has an even weaker DVR—but it offers no contracts and much better prices.

Cox, Optimum, Astound Broadband powered by RCN, Verizon, and Xfinity at least have Latino add-on packs. Since these providers collectively serve a good-sized chunk of the US, we’ll examine their add-ons so you can compare them to DishLATINO.

Latino add-on packs from other providers

Provider Package prices Package channels Add-on prices Add-on (Spanish) channels Details
Latino Pack
$53.00–$132.00/mo. 75–250+ $10.00/mo. 39
Optimium en Español
$75.00–$115.00/mo. 220–420+ $12.95–$20.95/mo. 50+ View Plans for Optimum
Mi Visión Plus
Astound Broadband
$59.99–$82.12/mo. 55–304+ $13.00–$23.95/mo. Up to 40
Regional Latino Packs
$70.00–$110.00/mo. 125–425+ $10.00/mo. 49–53+ View Plans for Verizon
Xfinity Deportes, Xfinity Latino
$60.00–$89.99/mo. 125–260+ $5.00–$16.95/mo. 15–41+ View Plans for Xfinity

Data as of post date. Not all offers available in all areas.

As you can see, these Latino add-on packs don’t have quite as many channels as DishLATINO, DIRECTV, or Spectrum. Also, the monthly fee for each of them adds 6%–40% to your total monthly bill. And none of these providers have a two-year price guarantee like DishLATINO.

But some of these providers’ Latino offerings have some cool stuff that DishLATINO lacks.

  • Verizon has four different regional Latino plans (Región Mexicana, Región Caribeña, Región Sudamericana, and Región Española), so you can pick the best one for your Hispanic identity. And you can add additional regiónes for only $5/mo.
  • Xfinity has a bilingual version of its widely lauded XR15 voice remote and the feature-rich X1 DVR.

Verizon has the most channels of any service for $110 a month, and it’s only $10 more per month for up to 53 Spanish channels. And Xfinity has wider availability, but the Xfinity Latino add-on and the X1 DVR would add $42 to your payment.

But overall, we think DishLATINO is the way to go since it has full Latino packages, the more affordable—and most powerful—DVR, and a two-year price guarantee.

DishLATINO channels

Channels DishLATINO Básico DishLATINO Clásico DishLATINO Plus DishLATINO Dos DishLATINO Max
Alma Vision Hispanic Network (ALMA)
Antena Trés
AZ Cinema
Azteca America
beIN Sports CONNECT La Liga
beIN Sports en Español
Caracol TV Internacional
Centroamerica TV
Cine Latino
CNN en Español
Discovery en Español
Discovery Familia
DISH CD – La Música
DISH CD – Latin Jazz
DISH CD – Viva Mariachi
ESPN Deportes
Estrella TV
Fox Deportes
History en Español
Inglés para Todos
Milenio TV
MTV Tr3s
NatGeo Mundo
Nuestra Tele
SiriusXM – Aguila
Sirius XM – Caliente
Sirius XM – Viva
Sony Cine
Telemundo Oeste
TUDNxtra 1–11
TV Española International
Univision Este
Univision Foro TV
Univision Oeste
Univision Tlnovelas
Video Rola
Wapa America
Zona Fútbol

Data as of post date. Not all offers available in all areas.

Here’s a quick overview of the non-Spanish-language channels included in DishLATINO packages.

  • DishLATINO Básico: Baby First, CSPAN, MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, shopping and religious channels
  • DishLATINO Clásico: Baby TV, Disney XD, Free Speech TV, NASA, lots of music channels
  • DishLATINO Plus: AMC, Cartoon Network, Fuse, MotorTrend, Nick Jr., Syfy, TBS, USA, and more
  • DishLATINO Dos: A&E, Animal Planet, Bloomberg, Bravo, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, HGTV, IFC, Lifetime, MTV, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, OWN, Paramount Network, TLC, TNT, and more
  • DishLATINO Max: ESPN, FOX Movie Channel, FS1, Freeform, FX, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, HISTORY, MLB Network, NBA TV, THE MOVIE CHANNELTM, Travel Channel, VH1, and more

Now you can see why we call DishLATINO Max the best overall plan—it has a solid mix of popular English channels, plus every Spanish channel DISH carries. Now let’s check out the DishLATINO DVR situation so you know how many pelîculas y programas you can store.


DishLATINO plans come with the same gear as DISH plans: either the Hopper Duo, Hopper 3, or Wally—and as many Joeys as you have TVs (if you want ‘em).

  • Hopper 3 DVR/receiver ($10/mo.): The best DVR DishLATINO has to offer stores up to 2,000 hours of content and records up to 16 shows at once. It also has Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube built-in (you’ll need to subscribe to each service separately), plus Bluetooth, 4K support, and quad split-screen.
  • Hopper Duo DVR/receiver ($5/mo.): If you don’t need the Hopper 3’s incredible stats, you can save $5/mo. with this more modest Hopper, which records 2 shows at once and stores 125 hours of recordings. It also has Netflix, but no other streaming apps, and features Bluetooth connectivity—but it doesn’t support 4K.
  • Wally receiver ($5/mo.): If DVR features aren’t on your needs list, you can go receiver-only with the Wally.
  • Joey/4K Joey/Wireless Joey ($5/mo. each): You can add up to 7 TVs to your DISH service with these extenders that all do pretty much the same thing except the 4K Joey is required to watch 4K content on the additional TVs. Watch out for the activation fees on these. DISH charges a one-time fee of $50 at signup if you order more than three Joeys (plus one Hopper 3). And there’s a fee for every Wireless Joey ($25) and 4K Joey ($50).

All of the above devices come with the DISH voice remote, y se habla español.

DISH voice remote

Hoppers and Joeys come with the DISH voice remote, which features backlit keys (handy), a remote locator (even handier), and programmable shortcut keys (handiest of all). Remote models with built-in Google Assistant are also available.

DISH Anywhere app

The DISH Anywhere app for iOS and Android allows you to watch live, on-demand, and recorded content away from tu casa. It can also function as a remote for Hoppers and Joeys in case the niños lose the remote again. And if they did, you can use the app to set and manage parental controls to teach them a lesson.

Final take

DishLATINO is worth it—as long as you get the Plus, Dos, or Max plans. Básico and Clásico are way too basic, but the other three plans have reasonable prices and a decent amount of English channels as a bonus to the available Spanish channels (although Plus is missing Nuestra Tele). And it doesn’t hurt to have the Hopper 3—it’s big 2,000-hour belly to hold all of that TV.


How much does DishLATINO cost?

DishLATINO has five packages priced $61.99–$102.99 a month offering 55–270+ channels. The Plus, Dos, and Max plans all have the same Spanish-language channels—but not the same English ones. Básico and Clásico are missing a handful of Spanish-language channels.

Does DishLATINO have internet?

Neither DishLATINO nor DISH sells internet service but in some parts of the US you can bundle DISH with Frontier internet service.

What are the Latino channels for DISH?

  • Alma Vision Hispanic Network (ALMA)*
  • Antena Trés†
  • AZ Cinema
  • Azteca America
  • beIN Sports en Español
  • beIN Sports CONNECT La Liga†
  • Caracol TV Internacional†
  • Centroamerica TV*
  • Cine Latino*
  • Cine Sony
  • CLAN
  • CNN en Español*
  • CubaMax*
  • Discovery en Español*
  • Discovery Familia*
  • DISH CD – La Música
  • DISH CD – Latin Jazz*
  • DISH CD – Mojito
  • DISH CD – Viva Mariachi
  • Enlace
  • ESNE*
  • ESPN Deportes
  • Estrella TV*
  • FOX Deportes
  • Galavision
  • History en Español
  • HITN
  • Inglés para Todos
  • Mexicanal
  • Milenio TV
  • MTV Tr3s
  • NatGeo Mundo
  • Nuestra Tele‡
  • Pasiones
  • SiriusXM – Aguila
  • SiriusXM – Caliente
  • SiriusXM – Caricia
  • SiriusXM – Viva
  • Sony Cine*
  • TUDN*
  • TUDNxtra 1–11*
  • TV Española International(
  • UniMás
  • Universo*
  • Univision Este
  • Univision Foro TV*
  • Univision Oeste
  • Univision TL Novelas*
  • V-ME
  • Video Rola
  • Wapa America*
  • Zona Fútbol*

* Not included in DishLATINO Básico
† Not included in DishLATINO Clásico
‡ Not included in DishLATINO Plus

Does DishLATINO have Netflix?

You can’t subscribe to Netflix through DishLATINO—but you can watch a separate Netflix subscription on the DISH Hopper 3 DVR/receiver, which you can get with DishLATINO plans.


Our TV experts spend hundreds of hours watching and researching DishLATINO and other Spanish-language offerings from cable and satellite TV providers in order to tell you which ones have the best Spanish-language channels, packages, pricing, specs, and features. For more information on how we work, check out our How We Rank page.

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