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DISH Troubleshooting Guide: Solve Most DISH Issues Fast

Learn how to troubleshoot common DISH satellite TV problems—including signal loss, audio/video issues, and hard-drive failures—with our experts’ simplified guide.

How do I troubleshoot DISH problems?

The DISH customer support portal is easy to use and intuitive, providing clear step-by-step solutions to help you troubleshoot problems with your DISH TV service. This condensed DISH troubleshooting guide makes it even more convenient for you, with the quickest and easiest solutions to common DISH problems—checking cable connections and resetting your receiver—plus troubleshooting tips for the DISH Anywhere mobile app.

Why you should trust us: Our expert editors spend thousands of hours hands-on testing TV providers like DISH every year to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

Not only that, but our compliance specialists work directly with the brands featured on our site and review every page to triple-check the accuracy of all the information we publish.

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Troubleshooting your DISH satellite TV service

Cables come loose, and plugs get pulled out by various external forces, such as kids, pets, gremlins, etc. So, even if you swear everything’s connected, check every cable and cord on your DISH Hopper, Wally, or Joey to ensure they’re firmly connected. Also, have you tried turning it off and on again?

Check your cables and connections

  1. Disconnect, then reconnect, all coaxial (receiver-to-wall connection) and HDMI cables (device-to-TV connections).
  2. Make sure your TV and DISH receiver are on.
  3. Double-check that the receiver connects to your TV’s correct HDMI input/source.

Did that solve the problem? Congrats! You’ve saved yourself a call to DISH customer support. Also, you now know what to try first for most video, audio, and channel guide problems.

If your problem persists, there’s another simple thing we can try—and it solves many of the most common DISH receiver issues.

How to reset your DISH receiver

It’s not (always) snark when tech support asks if you’ve turned a device on and off again. Resetting your DISH Hopper, Wally, or Joey receiver can fix many issues—and it’s only slightly more involved than pressing and re-pressing the power button.

  1. Unplug the DISH Hopper or Wally receiver’s power cord (it may have a red tag for easy identification). Note: For Joeys, reset the main Hopper.
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Plug your DISH receiver in again.
  4. Wait five minutes for the reset process to complete.

That should solve your problem. If it didn’t, your issue is more serious and may require additional steps to correct. We’re about to explore some of these issues—after we show you one more trick: DISH Signal Protector.

DISH Signal Protector

If your satellite signal conks out but your home Wi-Fi network remains unaffected, internet-connected DISH Hopper receivers can stream 125+ channels with Signal Protector.

For error codes 015N and 015X, choose “Internet Setup” on the Complete Signal Loss pop-up and follow the prompts to connect your Hopper to your home Wi-Fi network.

For code 015Y, choose “Stream Channel” and follow the prompts. You can even check a box to automatically switch to streaming on future signal drops.

How to reset your DISH remote

Is your DISH voice remote on the fritz? We can help.

First, DISH remotes pair with specific receivers; you can’t mix and match. Ensure you have the correct remote by pressing “LOCATE REMOTE” on your Hopper, Wally, or Joey receiver. If the remote in your hand beeps, you’re good—skip to the steps below.

No beep? Press “LOCATE REMOTE” on your other receivers to find the clicker that works with the receiver you started with.

  1. Remove and reinstall the batteries to “reset” them. If this doesn’t work, try new batteries.
  2. If new batteries don’t work, press the “SAT” button once.
  3. Press “SYS INFO” on your receiver.
  4. Press “SAT” again. If your remote beeps, you’ve linked it to your receiver.
  5. If the remote still doesn’t work, reset your receiver, then repeat steps 2–4.
  6. Contact DISH (800-333-3474) if these steps don’t fix your problem.

Common DISH error codes and their solutions

Error codes—at first sight, these strings of digits and letters spell doom. Fortunately, they’re not always fatal to your DISH receiver. But, when they are, the DISH support site has solutions. And, if you rent your equipment from DISH, replacement Hoppers or other receivers are free.

DISH error code Problem Solution
005, 013, 014 Programming not authorized Your package may not include this programming. If you think it should, try resetting your receiver. If that fails, contact DISH support.
015, 015A, 015N, 015X, 015Y, 015Z, 002 Signal loss If a cable check and a reset don’t work, contact DISH support. You can also try streaming until the signal returns.
015, 002, 151 Portable DISH Signal loss If a cable check and a reset don’t work, contact DISH support.
311 Hard drive failure Try a reset. If it still doesn't work, contact DISH support for a replacement receiver/DVR.
981 Boot recovery error Allow up to four hours for the boot recovery process to complete. If the problem persists, try a reset. If that fails, contact DISH support.
1303, 1305 Looking for Hopper If checking your cables and resetting your receiver don't work, contact DISH support.

Troubleshooting your DISH Anywhere app

DISH Anywhere has impressively high ratings: 4.6 (out of 5) on Google Play and 4.5 on the Apple App Store—from a combined 320,000+ reviews. So don’t expect many problems with the app.

That said, stuff happens—ask the thousands of DISH Anywhere users who encountered issues, which is why the app doesn’t have a perfect 5.0 rating. So here are possible fixes if you run into problems with DISH Anywhere.

Update your DISH Anywhere app

It’s a good idea to regularly update DISH Anywhere so it has all the latest features and runs as the developers intended.

If you haven’t enabled automatic app updates on your device, check that box in your settings—or remember to perform frequent manual updates.

Uninstall and reinstall your DISH Anywhere app

If the update doesn’t do the trick, uninstall and reinstall DISH Anywhere. It’s like returning the faulty app to the store for a fresh one—but you’ll lose some settings and data.

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Double-check your parental controls

Are you unable to watch some channels, movies, or shows on DISH Anywhere? They may not be licensed to stream via the app. But there’s another thing to consider, especially if you use DISH Anywhere’s top-shelf parental controls.

Perhaps you accidentally blocked yourself from watching mature content due to clumsy fingers, haste, or distractions. (That, or one of your kids dosed you with your own medicine as sweet revenge.) Follow these steps to return to your regularly scheduled programming:

Method 1

  1. Log in to DISH Anywhere.
  2. Click the user icon (top-right)
  3. Select “Manage Profiles.”
  4. Click the pencil icon for the account you want to restrict (or approve).
  5. Change the account type to “Kid” or select “Add Profile” to create a kids profile.

Method 2

  1. Click “Change Parental Controls.”
  2. Choose or change the movie and TV show ratings that you want to allow on the profile.
  3. When prompted, create a passcode. Write it down or add it to a password manager app. You’ll need it to watch blocked content or make further changes.
  4. Save your changes.

Still having issues? Contact DISH customer service

DISH troubleshooting guide FAQ

How do you fix a DISH TV when it says no signal?

When your DISH TV service has no signal, try resetting your receiver. Unplug the DISH Hopper or Wally receiver (for Joeys, reset the main Hopper). Wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. The reset process should complete within five minutes.

How do I reboot my DISH receiver?

To reboot your DISH receiver, unplug it, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. You should be back in business within five minutes. If not, contact DISH customer support (800-333-3474).

Where is the reset button on my DISH remote?

There is no reset button on your DISH remote, but you can reset it by pressing the “SAT” button on the remote, then the “SYS INFO” button on your receiver, and then “SAT” again. If you hear a beep, you’re done. If not, try pulling and reinstalling—or even replacing—the batteries. If none of this works, try resetting your receiver.

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