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Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Guide

Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown is in full effect for some countries—and coming soon to the US. Here’s what you need to know.

One Netflix password-sharing crackdown measure is active in the US—and we expect the full monty soon. Based on what’s happening in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, we have an idea of what to expect. We’ve condensed those countries’ extra-member benefits and rules into a handy bullet guide. But, first, some background:

In 2022, Netflix tested ways to monetize password sharing in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru—namely, charging a small fee ($2–$3 a month) to create sub-accounts for family members living outside the primary account holder’s home. It didn’t go over very well, but Netflix kept the policy.1

A combination lock spelling the word password.

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How will Netflix stop password sharing?

The crackdown measure now active for US members is device verification. When someone accesses Netflix from outside the primary account holder’s home via an unrecognized device, they must enter a four-digit code before they can use the streaming service.

US Netflix members don’t have to worry about an extra fee—yet. Consider the charges imminent, though, given Netflix’s crackdown goal of boosting revenue after losing subscribers and market value last year.

Here’s that handy reference guide we promised.2

Netflix extra member benefits

  • Content: Ad-free access to all Netflix movies and shows.
  • Video quality: Same as the primary account.
  • Login credentials: A separate account and password.
  • Devices: Watch on one supported device at a time
  • Downloads: On one phone or tablet at a time.
  • Profiles: One adult profile with maturity ratings enabled—no kid’s profiles allowed.
  • Profile transfers: The ability to transfer an existing profile and keep My List, recommendations, saved games, settings, viewing history, and more.

Netflix extra member rules

  • Eligibility:
      • Any non-Netflix member living in the same country as the primary account holder.
      • Current or former Netflix members may not become extra members unless they were previously an extra member.
      • Netflix-inclusive packages or third-party billed accounts are ineligible. A primary account holder with an extra member can cancel the extra member to join a Netflix-inclusive package.
  • Available plans: Standard ($15.49/mo., 1080p resolution, two streams) or Premium ($19.99/mo., up to 4K UHD resolution, four streams).
  • Changing extra members:
      • Can happen up to twice in a billing period.
      • The former extra member immediately loses access to Netflix.
      • Restart a former extra member by clicking “Restart” in account settings under “Manage extra members.”
  • Canceling extra members:
      • Can happen at any time.
      • Extra member retains access to Netflix until the billing period ends.
      • You can restart canceled extra members until the end of the billing period. After that, you’ll have to restart the addition process.
      • Canceling the primary account cancels the active extra member account. After that, no other extra members can be added, even if the billing period hasn’t ended.
      • Extra members can cancel their extra membership independently.


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